Working Animals Into Your Practice Responsibly.

Working Animals Into Your Practice Responsibly

By Jess Ellis

“But in fact we do not come from dust, nor do we return to dust. We come from life, and we are a conduit for other life. We come from and return to incomparably amazing plants and animals. Even while we are alive, our wastes are recycled directly into beetles, grass, and trees, which are recycled further into bees and butterflies and on to flycatchers, finches, and hawks, and back into grass and on into deer, cows, goats, and us.” -Bernd Heinrich from Life Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death

In magic and witchcraft, animals and nature are often a very important part of our practice. We work with certain animals to harness specific energies in our process or, in a broader sense, as a way to relate to and better understand the land we live on and the beings we share it with.

Many of us wish to collect physical remnants of animals to incorporate into our altars or spellwork, but would like to do so as ethically as possible, retaining a respect and reverence for the life of that creature. “Ethically sourced” is a tricky term, in my opinion, with ethics by definition being very subjective. Each practitioner and tradition holds their own unique set of ethics and values by which they practice, often informed by society and culture. I prefer to use the term “sustainably sourced”, keeping in mind that these materials should be obtained in a way that does not harm another living being for the purpose of using it in my work, while also honoring its life by not letting anything go to waste. We must also be aware of certain laws and regulations which prohibit the collection of certain species. These laws may seem arbitrary or overly strict (“I found it already dead!”) but are put in place for good reason to protect vulnerable populations. Since there is virtually no way to prove that one did not harm or kill the animal, the authorities enforce these regulations very strictly and possessing certain animal parts can lead to hefty legal repercussions.

If you do choose to collect your own bones, etc. from natural-death items you may find on your property or in the landscape, I have a few thoughts. I think this can be a lovely and sustainable way to find these pieces, and often a specific spirit may find you in this way, allowing you to have a more personal connection. One of the biggest factors (ecologically) that I consider when deciding if a natural item is ok to remove from a landscape, is the community of other living things that thrive off of an animal carcass that remains after death. Though many of the smaller organisms that congregate around this feast may seem distasteful to the casual observer, they all play a crucial role in the delicate balance of the ecosystem through the recycling of nutrients, and the continuation of the cycle of life and death. Without beings like bacteria, flies, burying beetles, dung beetles, fungi – and even crows, vultures, and many rodents – the dead remain as they are, and the cycle of life cannot go on.

Some species, such as the American Burying Beetle which is critically endangered in the United States, rely primarily on carrion as their food source. Due to many factors, including human destruction of natural habitats, carrion is a precious and often scarce resource. If you notice a bustling community on the animal you wish to remove from the habitat, consider the fact that you may be taking a precious meal from hundreds, if not thousands, of other organisms. I would opt to collect when an animal has reached a later stage of decomposition, when there is little nourishment left for others. I also highly recommend exploring and educating yourself about death as a part of any spiritual practice. It is the inevitable fate we all face, and I believe life becomes a much more precious experience when we consider that it all ends one day. Honor the creatures, large and small, who play a role in this process, and allow us to continually use and reuse the many nutrients that exist on this planet, without which we would starve. If you wish to really get down to the microbial level and learn to connect with the tiniest microbes with respect and understanding, I would encourage you to check out Siv Watkins’ brilliant work on Microanimism.

Another important factor in your decision to remove from the landscape includes ensuring that the species you are collecting is not protected from such activities by law (Migratory bird act etc.) Also carefully consider the legality of location. If you are on private property, you should have the permission of the land owner to collect. Also, other areas such as National Parks restrict collection of any natural resource. Violating such laws may result in heavy penalties and are a federal offense. I would encourage you to research the laws pertaining to the region you live in. In the United States, the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s website is a great place to start. Although these laws may seem overly strict, particularly if you did not harm an animal and they were already dead when you found them, they are there to protect species and ecosystems that are facing steep population decline, or extinction, and may exist in a very precarious balance. There may often be no way to prove whether or not you killed the animal, and these laws are there to protect many species against those who harm these animals intentionally.

If you prefer to forgo scavenging for your own parts, and wish to collect animal items that have already been cleaned and preserved by a skilled taxidermist or other practitioner, there are several ways to go about sourcing responsibly (and will ultimately depend on your own set of ethical standards). You can purchase from someone who works with animal bones, furs, etc. in a way that does not harm an individual animal or population and honors the life of that animal. My personal go-to is Oracle Natural Science in Kansas City (their items are also sold at Ritualcravt). Independently owned businesses like this may either find natural-death animals, or source from other industries which view resources like bones, fur, teeth, and claws, essentially as “waste”. Skilled practitioners will collect these items, clean, and preserve them, giving them a whole second life in a way that holds space and honor for that animal.

There are also many practitioners who wish to refrain from using any real animal products at all. In this case, there are several creators who make animal bone and skull replicas which are a lovely substitute and still can embody that animal spirit you wish to work with or use as an offering on your altar. (Lantern Labs creates lovely, hand painted replicas which you can find at Ritualcravt). You may also choose to represent the animal by carving their form out of a candle. The burning of such a candle can represent the offering of that animal to a deity or for a working. The creative options here are really endless. Write a poem or short essay that represents what that animal means to you, draw or paint a portrait of the animal, or create a small sculpture. You can even perform a dance in which you move in a similar way to that animal. I think creative offerings, into which you have poured your energy, are a beautiful and potent way to connect with and honor a spirit, deity, or your ancestors. It is an offering of your own labor, hand, and creative spirit. Many may say “I’m not an artist”, or “I’m not a creative person” but a spiritual practice is in its own right an act of creativity and self expression. Magic is an art and as magical practitioners, we are all capable of creating and alchemizing one energy form into another.

Another way to connect with animals in your practice is to simply visit them out in nature and just sit with them. Observe at a distance that is safe and does not disturb them. Rest, listen, and quietly watch as they exist in the world. Take notes, draw sketches, and just note any feelings, thoughts, and images that come up for you. Our memories of these experiences remain with us and help to inform our practice, and how we move about in this world. It is humbling to be immersed in a natural environment and remember, that these animals do not need us for their existence. We all cohabitate in this environment and it is important to remember how our actions affect the world around us. If you have the ability, donate your time or give monetary donations to wildlife preservation or rehabilitation programs. Do what you can to give back in some way, because humans as a species have taken so much. Always remember that our time and acts of service are powerful offerings as well.

To speak a bit on my own personal set of standards, I commit to never harming another living being to benefit my practice. I do prefer to use actual bone, fur, etc. when possible because I find that these parts of the body retain a lot of energy from the life once lived. However, one deity that I have begun working with in my practice is often associated with vultures, an animal that is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. I choose to represent that animal on my altar with the use of a 3-d printed resin replica skull. As I dive back into writing poetry, a practice I haven’t worked with in many years, I am also working toward writing a piece of poetry about the Vulture and what it means to me and to this deity.

I hope that, beyond giving ideas and thoughts regarding incorporating animals into your practice, that these words also remind all who read them that a spiritual or magical practice is a personal experience. It is easy to search for a book or website that gives us a guide to what a certain animal or plant represents energetically, but you will find as many opinions on these correspondences as there are people in this world. When I work with an animal, I pay attention to their biology, behavior, and their social structures. Do your own work to learn about the spirit you wish to work with. This is a time consuming process, but there is no better way to open yourself up to the messages out there that are waiting for you. As another example, consider the process of working with plants magically. You will develop a much closer relationship to a plant if you grow it yourself, from seed if you can. There is such a rewarding experience in working with a plant to transform it from a tiny seed into a fully grown and fruiting beautiful being. The process of feeding that plant, paying attention to its growing cycle, what it needs throughout the seasons, giving it offerings, speaking to it, and listening to what it has to say in return, will bring you much closer to it than simply picking the plant and using it based on someone else’s experience.

As the warm weather begins to return to this region, there will be many opportunities to immerse oneself in the natural landscape. Walk this path with respect, reverence, and a humble desire to learn from the creatures that have inhabited this planet for ages. Even in busy urban areas, there are opportunities to sit and watch. See the insects landing on dandelions in the cracks of a sidewalk. Watch the crows fly overhead and call to each other to gather at a dumpster for some sustenance. Observe the squirrels hopping from tree to tree, finding small morsels to stash away. These are learning opportunities to better understand what the animals can show us about our own existence. Stillness and observation can be some of the greatest of teachers.


Tarotscopes | February 2023

It’s February and we are finally at a cosmic neutral. A slow start to the month until Sunday, February 5th when we have a full moon in Leo. Full moons tend to amplify drama effortlessly, and in the sign of Leo this will be guaranteed. Pay close attention to your actions at this time. Try your best not to fall prey to gossip or petty fights.

In the middle of the month we have Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This transit taking place on the 10th, will be one to look out for. Mercury and Pluto together in Capricorn is indicative of intense realizations and harsh truths coming to light. Use this best by having deeper conversations with partners and loved ones.

The Tarot card for the collective this month is the Four of Pentacles. When this card appears it’s a message to prioritize security,  or just lighten up. Traditionally, it was a card meaning you are holding onto something tightly. Ask yourself what it is you are afraid to let go of, or leave up to fate. Take this month to trust that things will work out the way they are meant to be, and trust yourself to navigate it if they don’t.


Six of Wands

After a series of challenges or struggles you’ve made it out triumphantly. This card is the signature that success is guaranteed. If you are in the process of working toward a certain goal you will certainly achieve it. Congratulations!


Two of Wands

Taking risks and leaving behind old comforts could be themes this February, Taurus. Naturally a fan of routine, you’re pushing yourself into new ventures that will broaden your worldview. If you’ve been hesitant to make changes, look at this as a push to just go do it.


Knight of Pentacles

Focusing on work and daily tasks are at the forefront for February. Just like the cosmos this month, there’s nothing too wild to concern yourself with Gemini. Usually associated with drama, enjoy a chill month just prioritizing getting paid.


King of Wands

Optimism! Energy! Making it happen! It’s showtime Cancer. After a period of fatigue and contemplation you’re feeling a spark again. The ideas and plans you’ve been mulling over are finally forming into some actionable steps. Take this as a motivator, to be risky and bold. The King of Wands wins by taking action.


Four of Cups

A reflection and a focus on past events may leave you feeling a little blue. This is natural and acceptable, but not your true nature. As a Leo, you are ruled by the Sun. This means optimism and the ability to provide light to dark times is innate. Things will be bright again before you know it.


Ten of Pentacles

It might be tax season, a raise at work or any sort of investment; but abundance is certain. The Ten of Pentacles is symbolic of material success. If it does not materialize financially, it’ll materialize on some level. It could be a new job or even a progression in a romantic relationship.


Knight of Cups

Developments in relationships are happening quite quickly. If you are single this is a great omen that something new is coming your way; and existing relationships are going to the next level.


The Moon

When the Moon appears it’s a sign not to act, but to wait and listen. The full story isn’t available to you at this time. If you are about to make any new changes or agreements do your best to stay the course cautiously.


The Magician

Luck and fortune always follow you Sagittarius, and now these gifts will be put to use as you begin anew. Create magic from anywhere! This February test your luck and see the magical things that follow.


Nine of Pentacles

Independent from birth you are taking strides to be even more so. Opportunities for financial freedom are going to become apparent. If feeling stifled or controlled this month this will show you how to get out and set your own path.


The Star

Oddly enough, the Star is the card for your sign Aquarius. Take note of what is currently taking place around you. If pursuing a new direction in life make way for inspiration. A sense of renewal and positive life changes are underway.


Page of Swords

The plan for this February is cutting through old thought patterns and trying something new. Whatever stuckness you’re currently entangled in will be no match for your willingness to break through. Seek support from loved ones at this time to help aid you in the journey.

Tarotscopes | January 2023

Happy New Year! It is officially 2023, and this January starts off with a series of interesting transits. Mercury will be retrograde for almost the entirety of the month, not stationing direct until the 18th. After this, we will notice a resurgence of our cerebral capacity and our
willingness to plan ahead.

On the third of the month we have Venus entering Aquarius. This will be interesting for the collective as it will bring about a more open minded perspective. There is no sign more “free love” than Aquarius. If single or casual dating, you might notice some interesting or shocking behavior.

The 6th of the month we have a full moon in Cancer, meaning it’ll be time to grab all the tissues babes. This lunation is emotionally more intense as cancer rules deep feelings, and is pulled by the moon itself. Look forward to a very healthy emotional release around this time, or heartfelt moment shared with loved ones.

As the month progresses things begin to reach some normalcy. Mars, after spending the past few months in retrograde, will finally station direct on the 12th. This transit will spring us forward, and will help things manifest more effortlessly.
The ending of this month is very impactful as well with a new moon in Aquarius on the 21st. This new moon symbolizes the start of Aquarius season and ushers in a wave of brain power. If traditional manifestation is your thing, this is the moon cycle for you. Naturally free spirited, your feelings to do more and be more will be amplified.
The Tarot card for the collective this month is the Four of Wands. Celebration, openness and the possibilities for something new to begin. In the deck I primarily read with (the Pagan Otherworlds) this card is symbolized by an archway, entering onto a castle. New beginnings, a beautiful liminal space where anything can happen. The perfect card to start a new year.


Page of Wands

There is a sense of adventure and excitement this year, Aries. A new task or ambition might be igniting within you, urging you to start something. Start thinking of what it is you wish to accomplish next, and know the Page is an omen that you will achieve it in record time.


Three of Wands

This January is all about looking toward the future with optimism, and collaborating to make your goals a reality. This month compile a list of what it is you are truly wanting, and think about anyone who would be able to assist. You will notice how many people are truly waiting in the wings to help you succeed.


Two of Cups

Focus on close relationships at this time. The Two of Cups is about what it means to freely give and receive love. If you have had a recent rough patch with someone close, the is a great indication things will mend. If single, you might meet someone worth while.


Ten of Cups

Happiness, fulfillment and emotional success are in the works, Cancer. After what has seemed like a series of unfortunate events, a big win is in store. Moving into your ideal home, taking the next step with a partner, getting recognized in an important way. Something truly special is making its way.


The Fool

Starting over, beginning something new, expanding into something unseen. These are the energetics around you this month Leo. When the fool appears, take it as a happy ending to what has come before. Look at your life and take inventory of what you can let go, and move forward accordingly.


Five of Wands

As Mercury is in retrograde for a majority of this month, this card seems very on brand. The Five of Wands is a sign of conflict and infighting. Being ruled by Mercury, the hang-ups of this retrograde might feel more intense for you. Try your best to stay out of petty fights, and resolve any resentments as soon as possible.


Queen of Pentacles

Do less this January, Libra. The Queen of Pentacles is your reminder to do things that nourish you. As a material being on a material plane, do not feel any guilt over treating yourself to some luxury. Whatever luxury or pleasure means to you, invest in it.



If any issues arise for you at the beginning of this year, know you are strong enough to overcome them. Strength is a symbol that we have the power to change our current circumstances. There also might be a way to release or heal by using your creativity.


The Lovers

The Lovers rules relationships and duality on all levels. At this time take note of how you are showing up for those who are close to you. Are there any negative qualities you are unconsciously displaying? If so, they might become mirrored back to you. In all partnerships it takes two to tango.


Nine of Swords

With a plethora of transits and retrogrades in your sign it makes sense your anxieties may be heightened. The Nine of Swords is a troubling card; an indicator of negative thought patterns, anxiety and pessimism. Remember that every problem has a solution, and that you are capable
of changing what troubles you.


The Chariot

You are at the beginning of a major upgrade Aquarius! The Chariot is taking you on a ride to all things bigger and better. If wanting to move into a new job, living situation or circumstance now is the time. The Chariot is built to handle the shakiest of paths, if you feel called to make a change do so.


Three of Cups

Time to celebrate Pisces! There is most likely a positive social gathering entering your life at some point in this month. If this is not the case, create one! Spending time with people who love you is always a good idea.

Tarotscopes | October 2022

TAROTSCOPES | October 2022

By Justin Taylor

The hellmouth which was September is officially over, and October is now upon us. After what was one gnarly retrograde season for most of us, there is much healing and rejuvenation to take place this month. On October 2nd, Mercury retrograde finally ends and restores our sense of communication and connection. Part of what made last month so intense was the large amount of Virgos unbending, earthly energy. Now that we’re in Libra season, compromise and peace are at the forefront. Smoothing over past grievances or leftover retrograde mishaps will most probably take up a majority of this month.
In the middle of the month, we are presented with a mass amount of air energy. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun, will all be in the sign of Libra. This allows for more lighthearted and people-oriented discourse. On the 9th of October, we face a full moon in Aries. Passive aggrieve at best, this full moon is a release of something we weren’t very attached to in the first place. A day all of us should be looking forward to is October 22nd, when both the Sun and Venus are in perfect conjunction. This would be an amazing day to attend or throw a party, as the spotlight will be on pleasure and value.
After this glorious and somewhat overindulgent day we are back in the trenches on the 23rd, when both the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio. The end of this month is tumultuous and intense. Emotions will be at an all time high the week of the 25th with a Solar eclipse in Scorpio. Eclipses are historically associated with a malefic signature, as they are about loss and release. This one, in the sign of scorpio, rules death and rebirth and is going to be a heavy hitter to say the least.
Shortly thereafter, on the 28th, Jupiter retrogrades back into the sign of Pisces. Jupiter is exhaled in Pisces and brings back themes from the very beginning of the year. A sense of optimism, spirituality and creativity will embrace the collective. However, this cosmic event tips the scales from air to water dominance in the sky, placating emotions as our driving force.
During this time we will be assessing the deep emotional ties we have to things from our pasts, are where they are finally due to die. This will not be the most pleasant time, but as this event is happening on the south node, it’ll be the step we all need to further our own growth. In essence, we can look forward to both reconciliation and release this October.

The Tarot card for the collective this month is the Queen of Cups. The Queen sits on the edge of the sea, but her feet are firmly on the ground. This is symbolic for observing ones emotions from the outside, and having discernment when engaging with others. When this card appears it is an invitation to tend to ourselves and our feelings before we can extend any help. Themes of intuition, healing and charity may become paramount. As previously mentioned, heavy emotions and endings are to be expected. The Queen of cups is here to remind us of the strength that comes with honoring your emotions and listening to your heart.



Aries - The Fool

A craving to start anew is all encompassing for you Aries. The fool is the omen of new beginnings. On the 9th of this month you have a full moon in your sign which all about releasing an old identity and forging a new one. You may find yourself leaving a job, a relationship or something that doesn’t align with your new code. This card is somewhat playful but ultimately optimistic for the journey that is to come.

Taurus - Seven of Wands

Standing your ground is very important for you this October. Naturally stubborn, you will no doubt stand firmly in our beliefs Taurus. The Seven of wands speaks to protection, and an unbending will to let in compromise. Depending on the nature of the situations you find yourself in some flexibility may be required of you. When engaging in any tensions ask yourself if it better to be right or just to be happy?

Gemini - Queen of Wands

A newfound sense of confidence and optimism is with you now Gemini. No matter in what area of life, you find yourself self assured. You may notice the people around you looking for your skills or leadership as you are embody someone of know-how. Take advantage of this month to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life to get what it is you desire.

Cancer- The Hierophant

As previously stated, this month will be one of emotional peaks and valleys Cancer. As a sign who is so in tune with the realm of feelings, the Hierophant is here to remind you of the spiritual ramifications. Classically a nurturer, those around you may be in emotional distresses you may not be fully equipped to handle. Finding a spiritual practice to balance it all could be useful. The Hierophant is also connected to discipline and structure. Taking elements of both spirit and structure to stay above water will ease your heart so you can fully help others.

Leo - Seven of Pentacles

This month you are reaping the rewards of past work Leo. The Seven of Pentacles is the card of harvest. So look forward to whatever rewards are in store for your past efforts. The duality to this card is a fear of failing or an unsureness that a reward will be there. I say this to remind you that sometimes its the little things that will have a a big payout in the future. Ultimately, there will be worthwhile surprises for you.

Virgo - The Moon

This is one of, if not the most complex tarot card Virgo. The Moon appears when we are truly uncertain of what’s next. This month may be a period where seeking guidance is essential. The Moon card rules illusions, and things not being what they seem. Having a trust worthy friend give you a second opinion could spare you from taking any wrong turns.

Libra - The Empress

A perfect card for your season. The Empress card is all about beauty and the divine feminine. This October treat yourself to something luxurious, nurture yourself and those you love. This could also be a sign to connect with any of the mother figures in your life. Remember the beauty you see in others is an extension of the beauty that is in yourself.

Scorpio - Three of Pentacles

Teamwork makes the dream work! Scorpio, this month you’ll accomplish things much quicker by pooling energy. Whatever the task at hand, looking around and realizing that it is too much for one person will be a time saver. Along with team work, this card represents coworkers as well. You may find that work related dramas are at a high or, there is some issue at work you may have to leave behind.

Sagittarius -Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles rules over earthly comforts. This month, simply reconnect to that which ignites a sense of comfort Sag. Treat yourself to enriching meals, new decor, and cozy environments. As the suit of pentacles also rules over finances and business you might find you are more finically secure to indulge.

Capricorn - Ace of Wands

You are at a heightened level of energy Capricorn. The Ace appears when there is a burst of literal or creative energy. In what framework can you use this boost to further or create your dreams? Apply this time to taking aligned actions towards your goals and watch all you will accomplish.

Aquarius -The Emperor

You are restructuring your life for the better. The Emperor is here to aid you in your self government. Being naturally rebellious, you prefer your own authority to others and now its time to put it to the test. Trust yourself. In what areas of your life would like to gain more control? Now is the time to ask and see what miracles occur once you gain it.

Pisces - Six of Cups

Traditionally, the Six of Cups is associated with nostalgia and the joys of familiarity, but its also the card of pleasure. October will reconnect you with what brings you pleasure and delight Pisces. Create space to fully give yourself over to the things that bring you joy. Lose all shade around the things that grant you pleasure, and feel your heart soar.


Tarotscopes | September 2022

TAROTSCOPES | September 2022

By Justin Taylor

Hello everyone! Summer is ending and fall is dawning upon us. This September, the stars are a little convoluted at best. With retrogrades, harsh lunations and Mars still in Gemini, it will be an interesting month for sure. We start off with Venus entering Virgo on the second of the month. Venus in Virgo isn’t the best collectively, as it highlights flaws and our own limitations around love.  There may be a tendency in ourselves and others to nit pick and fix our loved ones in a way that is not necessary, so be mindful. 

On September 10th we have a full moon in Pisces, an ending around emotional attachments which have not played out as desired. This full moon is transiting Mars the planet of aggression making for what could be a harsh reality of how things are not desirable at this time. On the same day we have mercury going retrograde in the sign of Libra. Rethinking, redoing and renewing our interpersonal relationships. This might be an intense day. 

The theme of interpersonal friction does not end there.  On the 16th we have Venus in Virgo squaring Mars in Gemini. Ultimately, this makes for a semi flirtatious yet serious nagging or annoyed perception of those close to us.

Toward the end of the month we have a beautiful new moon in Libra on September 26th. This new moon will help clear up all of the infighting that has taken place up until this point. Resolution will be found, and hopefully, will look to correct any and all misunderstandings in our personal and collective lives.

The card for the collective this month is the Eight of Cups. This card is a bit of a heavy one as it asks us to to face all the ways we are emotionally unfulfilled. Especially after taking a look at the astrology for this September you can see a theme of ourself and the other. In what ways do we not feel loved back? In what areas are we even scared to be loved? Taking a look at this could be freeing as it shows us our own limitations around the ways we engage with other people. 



Aries – Seven of Pentacles

Investing in yourself is key this month. The Seven of Pentacles is all about planting the seeds now so your rewards are there in the future. Take this literally if you’ve been thinking about financial investments, or abstractly if you know there’s something you want to purchase now that may be helpful later. This card could also be speaking about education, if there is any courses or learning opportunities apply for them!

Taurus – Ten of Cups

This September your dreams become reality Taurus. There is few happier cards than the Ten of Cups. After a long, emotional journey you finally achieve what you’ve been longing for. If single, this could be an indicator of a new partnership. If partnered you may deepen your connection or take things to the next level. Ultimately, you are surrounded by joy and have so much to look forward to.

Gemini – King of Swords

A very austere September awaits Gemini. When the King of Swords appears it is time to take things seriously. What have you been putting off? What have you been thinking but not taking action around? This Card literally screams that it is time to get real. Even though it may be challenging you have to make strict choices in order to benefit yourself.

Cancer- Seven of Cups

Your head may have been in the clouds these past months Cancer. It is time now to look at the reality. Ask yourself what disappointments there are currently in your life, and stop avoiding them. Avoiding your pain is only making it worse. It’s through acceptance that these issues have no more power over you.

Leo – Temperance

Finding balance is hard to do, but is necessary. This September working on balancing your life may be a theme Leo. In some esoteric circles this card is entitled Art. One could say that the art of temperance is the alchemy that comes along with it. It is not about getting it right, but more so leveling things in a way where it is harmonious. Whether you are balancing work and life, social circles and personal time it is all the same. Perfection isn’t the goal, peace is.

Virgo -Justice

The law of cause and effect will never be as clear as it is now. Virgo, this September you will see that there is little to no need to stress. Use this as a reminder that things will naturally resolve and reconcile themselves. Justice appears when things have been off centered and is here to restore order. In essence, step back and let the cards fall as they lay.

Libra – Queen of Pentacles

Getting back in touch with the pleasures of life is a wonderful outlet for you Libra. The Queen of Pentacles is about self care and taking it easy. If things have been challenging as of late, use this as an omen to step back. As you are ruled by Venus, this should come very easy for you.

Scorpio – Queen of Cups

Already highly emotional and intuitive, you might be more tapped into this energy in September. Scorpio, this month take time to process things as they show up for you, but do your best to not become maudlin over the past. Instead find an outlet to use your feelings as tools. Creativity, counseling loved ones, and shared healing are great alternatives to self isolation.

Sagittarius –Two of Cups

Love is on your mind this month Sag! Romantic or platonic the Two of Cups is about deep partnership, shared experiences and love in its purest form. This September chase the things that give you the feeling of love. Be open to sharing your heart with those who give you theirs, and embrace this time. If single, you may not be for long.

Capricorn –Six of Pentacles

What a perfect card for you Capricorn. Success is associated with the Six of Cups. At this moment ask yourself what success means to you. Something this month will spark this feeling, leading you to understand your capability for success. Reminder: success is about a lot more than monetary achievement.

Aquarius -Three of Cups

Your social life is about to take off Aquarius! The Three of Cups is about social circles, parties and celebrations. This September you might find yourself more socially obligated than normal, enjoy it! Surround yourself with the people that bring you joy and soak up all the fun you can. This could also be an indictor of something very monumental to celebrate as well.

Pisces – Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is a solider of love. Led by emotions you will be willing to mediate and always put love first this month. Themes of emotional strength and a loving heart are nothing new to you Pisces. If you are confronted with any opposition this month remember to put your love for the other person, or for yourself first and not get caught up in petty fights. As emotional harmony is the true purpose for the battle you are fighting.


Tarotscopes | August 2022

TAROTSCOPES | August 2022

By Justin Taylor

Happy August everyone! This August is a little complex in the cosmos, many wins and challenges all at once. We start the month on a more serious note, with Mars conjunct Uranus from the first until the third. This transit makes for unexpected financial or physical fallouts. It would not be shocking to hear of natural disasters or finical blunders at this time. If you like to invest or play the market, maybe take this week off.

With that being said, the weeks to come have a much more playful energy once Venus enters Leo on the eleventh. Venus in Leo makes for love, values and pleasures to become much more lighthearted and dramatic. These themes will continue especially as the Aquarius full moon takes place on the same day. Full moons of course are endings in a particular area of life. With Leo being fun loving and artistic and Aquarius being cerebral and philanthropic this full moon shall make us drop any overthinking and put our own needs first.

On the twenty-third we have the Sun entering Virgo. This is a change of gears from the fun loving and hedonistic sign of Leo, into the stringent world of Virgo. Use this as a time to illuminate and remove anything that may be an unnecessary distraction in your life. Virgo is the season of harvest, taking inventory and applying discretion in a thoughtful manner.

Ultimately the month of August is a dance of what is serious and what is not. Taking things too seriously or not at all, will both have their consequences. Do what feels good, but will also support the future outcomes you are working toward.

The tarot card for the collective this August is The Magician! Start from anywhere, this is the wisdom of the Magician card. Magic and miracles can take place at any moment if we wish. As the first card of the tarot it is a reminder that simply believing something can transpire, is all we need to allow it to do so. To quote the famous writer Roald Dahl “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”



Aries – Seven of Pentacles

This month Aries, acknowledge all the hard work you’ve put into achieving your goals and know rewards are on their way. Especially, if coming out of a time of hardship there maybe fear around the fruition of what you have accomplished thus far. If this is the case, take inventory of all your worries at this moment and try your best to relish them. There is very few stories of those who’ve worked hard without any reward.

Taurus – The Hanged Man

You are at the end of a situation or relationship Taurus. This August, let it go and stop the cycle of behavior which is leaving you stagnate and confused. The act of surrender comes to mind when The Hanged Man comes up. If you’re currently feeling stuck or confused, maybe stop participating in scenarios that lead you to this emotion.

Gemini – Death

Death is one of, if not the most polarizing tarot card in the system. This month Gemini let it go. Such a potent card whatever first comes to mind is most likely what it is you have to surrender. Death in the tarot is not an ending but a new beginning. What is placed upon the altar is then altered. This is how the death tarot works. Whatever isn’t serving you anymore needs to be surrendered and repurposed in your life.

Cancer- Queen of Swords

As hard as change may be for you Cancer, embrace it. The Queen of Swords is the most watery and receptive of the sword cards. When she appears, it is the symbol separation from old patterns and roles that you no longer align with. This is okay, you should always be growing and expanding. Live your life for you, and not to appease anyone else.

Leo – Six of Cups

It is the peak of your season Leo, and the tarot is reflecting that. The Six of Cups is a peaceful and blissful existence. There isn’t much to worry or stress at this time. Enjoy the current comforts of your surroundings. Acknowledge and be grateful for how tough things have been in the past and hold on to what is now. Gratitude is the door in which more prosperity enters.

Virgo -High Priestess

Hold on to your independence Virgo! The High Priestess is a very intuitive and elusive card. When she comes up it is a sign that your intuition is to be supported and honored, listen to it closely. Take note of times when you feel like your independence is being impeded on. Trust your quiet, inner voice and apply it as often as you can.

Libra – Eight of Pentacles

You have planted a seed of what you wish to come to fruition, trust that it will. This card is your sign that you are currently going in a direction that will serve you in the long run. There is no reason for doubt at this time. Do nothing, the seed will grow by itself.

Scorpio – The Hierophant

Understand that reason and structure is what you may need at this moment. Traditionally, the Hierophant is a sign that a spiritual teacher or system may be needed to support you. If you feel like you have spent too much time living aimlessly and simply going through the motions, this may be true. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Take time to get back in touch with your spirit, in a way that feels best to you.

Sagittarius –Seven of Swords

There may be a surplus of doubts around you at this time. The Seven of Swords is nothing more than a symbol of fear and anxiety around a situation. If this rings true for you, work backwards. What is the outcome that is causing distress and what actions can you take to avoid it? Let this message guide you and not allow you to have more fear. You are in charge every step of the way.

Capricorn –Nine of Cups

Naturally achieving or succeeding your goals, this card should be of no surprise Capricorn. The Nine of Cups is symbolic of dreams coming true, and wishes being granted after a long journey. In short, there will be something to celebrate this August. You have worked hard for this success and should enjoy it the upmost possibility.

Aquarius -The Wheel of Fortune

Luck is turning in your favor this August. There is no downside when the Wheel of Fortune presents itself Aquarius. Fortune and luck is all around you at this time, lean into it. You may be feeling a sense of ease in the way things are happening for you. Look inward to see where you are wanting to feel expanded at this time. This will be the window where you can expect the biggest blessings.

Pisces – The Devil

Who is actually holding the chains you feel shackled by Pisces? Ask yourself this. The Devil in the tarot rules restriction and addiction but, ultimately it is us who restrict ourselves. Whatever seems to weigh you down, remind yourself of who you are, and that you can do without it. The devil to fear is in the mind and not a monster waiting for you on the other side.


Tarotscopes | July 2022


By Justin Taylor

Happy July everyone! As you are reading this it is most likely Cancer season, and the astrology for the rest of the month, just gets more and more Cancerian. In essence Cancer season puts an emphasis on emotions, our loved ones and how we nurture what we value. These themes will run throughout the entirety of this month as multiple planets will be entering this sign.

An astrological transit that could be felt very heavily by the collective comes on July 13th through the 14th, which is Venus square Neptune. This transit is an interesting one as it will exacerbate current mindsets or feelings. Neptune rules dreams, the subconscious and hidden emotions. As Neptune will be in Pisces at this time, it can make for a wild ride. Most comparable to a psychedelic trip, you may recognize intrusive thoughts spurring from seemingly nowhere. I would encourage all to engage in self reflection, journaling, or a creative project. When met with this perspective it can turn into something beautiful instead of a tantrum or an abrupt meltdown.

On the 23rd, Leo season begins and things become much more lighthearted and jovial. At this time both the sun and mercury will be be in Leo, making for the perfect time to start a new creative project, network, or put yourself out there. These themes will be even more heightened on the 28th for the Leo new moon.

The month ends with Jupiter stationing retrograde in the sign of Aries, and cycling all the way back into Pisces come October. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck and blessings; so look at the Aries portion of your chart and see where you can tailor and perfect whatever has expanded for you. Unlike other retrogrades, which can be challenging, Jupiter retrograde is more focused on refinement.

The early Summer astrology is always the most invigorating as the astrology is always about value, nurturing and most importantly expression. This July be cool, be kind, and let those close to you know how much you love them.

The card for the collective this month is The Chariot! A perfect card for the collective, as this is the card of Cancer! The Chariot speaks to being victorious through any obstacle and moving through challenges with ease. At this time a clear plan and desire are all you need to navigate any detours that may be in your way.


Aries – Seven of Wands

A very fitting card for the sign of Aries, the Seven of wands is all about defending and protecting. If you are in the process of something and feel unsure, don’t back down stand your ground. Ultimately, this card is about trust. Trust yourself enough to affirm your position no matter what others may think.

Taurus – Seven of Cups

How do we turn dreams into reality? This is what the Seven of Cups is all about, Taurus. The card of irrational ideas and childlike day dreams, can be an invitation to apply logic to make those dreams come true. At this time ruminate and list on how you’d live your dream day or experience. As an Earth sign your ability to materialize this will be fairly simple once you choose to.

Gemini – Eight of Pentacles

Focus on yourself this July Gemini. The Eight of Pentacles signals to being immersed in what you are trying to accomplish. Visualize as if you are planting the seeds now to grow what is you truly want. It is not selfish to perfect and tend to what brings you joy.

Cancer- Nine of Wands

After many challenges in the recent past you are on the precipice for success. Set backs and struggles have not delayed you but have made for an even more meaningful win. Whether it is emotional, material or financial you will succeed no matter the odds. It is YOUR season after all.

Leo – The Hermit

Very anti Leo, the Hermit card is all about navigating your own path and going it alone. After looking closely, you will see that the Hermit is carrying a small lantern, depicting that you are the provider of your light. Knowing this, remember this is true for you as well. Do things that are unique to you, let your light shine and refuse anything that makes you feel small.

Virgo –Nine of Cups

Letting the good times roll is all you have to focus on Virgo. You have worked hard and now are about to reap the rewards. One of the most joyful cards in the tarot, the Nine of Cups is about abundance. Positivity, love and wishes come true are spilling out of your near future. Whatever the success is for you personally, enjoy it to the fullest.

Libra – The Magician

July is a reminder that you can always start anywhere Libra! The magician is the first card of the tarot and the start of a new cycle. If you have been contemplating something new, jump in and start now. The magician does not wait, knowing he can create magic from nothing. The same is true for you.

Scorpio – Knight of Swords

When the Knight of Swords appears, it’s a signifier that nothing will stand in your way when fixated on a particular goal or achievement. This is a great sign if you are considering a new undertaking, but be mindful when only looking ahead that you may miss some details or necessary steps. Simply put, take extra consideration of refinement and details to make sure everything goes smoothly. You’ve got this Scorpio!

Sagittarius –The Moon

Wait for more information. The energy of the Moon Card is that of a magical darkness where everything is illusionary at best. Just as the moon brings light to the night sky, wait for clarity and details to cast out any uncertainty. If you were planning any major changes this month, make sure you know exactly what’s expected before engaging.

Capricorn –The Star

Time to shine Capricorn! This July might be a tad awkward for you as Cancer season opposes your sign, forcing you to show up in ways you are unfamiliar with. The Star card is here to make you remember that its ok to process emotions as they come up, and let yourself be seen. The depiction of the water bearer is symbolic of Aquarius who traditionally avoids emotional conflict. Especially with a full moon in your sign this month, there might be a lot of things to shine light on and bring to the surface. Let it all in and let it all go.

Aquarius -The Emperor

All or nothing this July, Aquarius. The Emperor shows up when we need to work a little bit harder on achieving a certain goal. As a fire card this is usually more actual work not just symbolism. Take real action to get what you need done, otherwise you may miss the opportunity. Keep your eye on the prize.

Pisces – Page of Cups

Open your mind to new ideas, inspiration and follow them through Pisces. The Page of Cups is all about letting inspiration and intuition guide you no matter how seemingly difficult. Already idealistic you should have no problem being guided by an invisible force urging you to create. If single, this card could also be an invitation to be open to the love someone is waiting to give you.


Tarotscopes | June 2022


By Justin Taylor

Happy June everyone! After a very chaotic past two months the sky is calming down for a much more uplifting spring. The first astrological event to take note of happens early this month on June 4th, Saturn retrograding in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, restriction and consequences. So this retrograde will be a personal assessment of how we restrict ourselves and an invitation to rethink our own boundaries.

This event may be more apparent later on in the month when Saturn aspects Venus, making us rethink values and our relationships with budgeting and money.

On June 14th we have a beautiful full moon in the sign of Sagittarius which is uplifting and optimistic. The key word around this lunation would be optimism. As frequently mentioned full moons are all about release, so this could be a great day to assess pessimism and look for happier results.

Lastly, we have a new moon in the sign of Cancer on June 28th. This will bring great harmony to end of this month as a majority of the planets will be in their own sign. Making for a smooth and peaceful ending to the month.

The tarot card for the collective this June is The World. The World card is harmonious and signifies the end of a cycle. It is a harbinger of wholeness and community and happier times to come. After many stressful weeks that have passed us this is a beautiful card to initiate the second half of this year. I hope you all have the most beautiful month.



Aries - Four of Cups

This June Aries, take it slow. The Four of Cups is card associated with apathy and melancholic themes, but ultimately it is an invitation to slow down and listen to yourself. Take note of what currently is not bringing you joy and then find ways to change it. This card illustrates a cup being gifted from the clouds, which is symbolic of the new blessings awaiting you after you get clear on what it is you need.

Taurus -Two of Pentacles

After a heavy eclipse season in your sign you might be in your feels this month as things settle down. The Two of Pentacles is all about the balancing act. Whatever situations you are balancing, you are being called to finally prioritize one thing more than the other. This is not to say drop the ball completely, but rather redirecting yourself into the aspect that is calling for more attention.

Gemini - Justice

The Justice card is perfect for your season Gemini. Ultimately this card is about balance and fairness. Its appearance for you in the month June symbolizes an assessment of your actions. After any conflicts of disputes that have transpired in the recent past you will be rewarded for your good behavior. On the opposite end if you feel as if you might owe someone an apology take this card as a signifier to make amends.

Cancer- Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is already a card that screams Cancer energy. Her appearance for you this month is all about diving into your emotions and letting them empower you to help others or help yourself. Depending on the current circumstances you or a loved one might be in an emotionally heightened space where aid and support are needed. If you have somebody to love give that love today.

Leo - The Star

The Star card is a special one, it is a reminder that we are all we need in this current moment. After what might have been a tough go of things, the cards are reminding you that something to celebrate is near. Whether you want a new career, romantic partner or a new adventure take this as an invitation that all you need is your unique star power, and some courage to make it happen. All the lights are on you.

Virgo -Three of Pentacles

Teamwork and pooling support are what could make the impossible possible for you Virgo. The Three of Pentacles is a reminder that you are not facing any issue alone, but instead are surrounded by a network of support that is willing to help. As an Earth sign you are more likely not to ask for help, but not only will it make things more efficient, it will let those who care show you how much they really do!

Libra - King of Pentacles

Security and abundance are the priority for you this June, Libra. The King of Pentacles speaks to an increase in financial security and generosity. Take this as an omen that the more you have the more comfortable you are being generous with others. Whatever security either literally or financially you have achieved has put you in a position of comfort and ease this month.

Scorpio - Nine of Cups

Such a joyful card, the Nine of Cups is telling you wishes do come true. A card of success and fulfillment, take this moment to be grateful for all you have currently and all the blessings that are still on their way. After many ups and downs in your recent past be joyful that things are coming to a happy resolution.

Sagittarius -Nine of Pentacles

After a period of hard work, the rewards are starting to show up this month Sag! Nine cards in the tarot are all about rewards and success. In this case it is financial and tangible rewards due to laborious activity. So if you have a fitness or monetary goal those achievements will be given! Pat yourself on the back and celebrate all the amazing work you put into this.

Capricorn -Three of Cups 

Gather your friends around this month Capricorn for there is reason to celebrate. The month of June is set to be a very social active month for you according to this card. Take this an invitation to not take things so seriously and actually enjoy life. The Three of Cups is a reminder to spend time with those we love, and to smell the roses while we do it.

Aquarius -Ace of Swords

Already a heavily cerebral sign Aquarius, you’ll find a change of perception will change your trajectory. This card is an indicator of new information coming your way making you able to act accordingly. If you have been a period of rest or not knowing what to do next, this is your break through. Keep an open mind at this time so that inspiration can make itself known.

Pisces - The Lovers

A deepening of relationships could be in store for you this month Pisces. The Lovers card is heavily layered. It can be an indicator of new romantic love, but it is also about the duality and the deeper layers of the relationships we currently have. How are you currently showing up for those you love? How are those you love showing up for you? The duality and the balance of love are called for examination with this card presentness itself.


Stop Making Sense: Dionysian Mysteries, Counterculture, and the Liberatory Power of Ecstasy

Stop Making Sense: Dionysian Mysteries, Counterculture, and the Liberatory Power of Ecstasy

By Connor Marvin

Dedicated to the memory of Wilhelm Reich, P.B. Randolph, and all those who have kept the Light of Dionysus lit through our dark age.

“We have to create culture, don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you’re worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, then you are disempowered, you’re giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you want to dress like X or have lips like Y. This is sh*t-brained, this kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and your friends and your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told ‘no’, we’re unimportant, we’re peripheral. ‘Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that.’ And then you’re a player, you don’t want to even play in that game. You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world” (Terence McKenna).

Since the lunar nodes have moved into the same position they were in leading up to the Summer of Love in 1967, and because of the astrological signatures of the upcoming eclipse on April 30th, I have felt it important to release a much-expanded version of this piece which was initially published before the Summer Solstice of 2021. The south node is in Scorpio, the sign of (among other things) trauma, darkness, intensity, and the shadow, while the north node is in Taurus, the sign of sensory pleasure, material abundance, fertility, luxury, and bodily joy (and, yes, sometimes stubbornness). The north node is, in older understandings of astrology, “gluttonous” – it has a head but no body, an appetite but can never be full. The north node or head of the eclipse dragon is often seen, in the birth chart, as the karmic direction towards which the soul wants to move over the course of its incarnation.
The south node, on the other hand, is ascetic – it has a body but no head, therefore cannot eat, and is seen in the birth chart as the karmic direction the soul wants to evolve out of. Collectively, nodal shifts tend to purge themes from the south node and move towards themes from the north node. Release naturally follows tension, as drawing the bow-string back is only half of archery. The amount of tension that has been built by the pandemic and (mostly intelligent) restrictions on our lives and movement for over two years, in addition to all the tension from all the other critical issues and movements in the world, cannot be overstated. This article is meant to suggest one possible direction we might point the arrow of our collective energy, perhaps a more useful direction than whatever bull’s-eyes we are given by the dominant American culture and its messaging apparatus. Let the arrow fly.
On April 30th, our first Taurus North Node eclipse will occur close to Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change. Sextile by sign (though not in direct aspect) on the same day will be the exact conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces. These are the two benefics, the planet of joy, wisdom, generosity, expansion, wisdom, and abundance meeting with the planet of love, harmony, beauty, and art, in Pisces, the sign of oceanic nondual merging. Venus is exalted in Pisces (think of the myth of her birth from the ocean foam), and Jupiter is in rulership. As this will be a solar eclipse, the moon (exalted in Taurus) will be new, and the ruler of the sign the new moon occurs in “rules” the lunar cycle until the next new moon. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the importance and relevance of her (in one of the most auspicious placements possible at that moment) is highlighted even more. In short, this looks good. There is massive potential to reorient the collective towards love, harmony, and beauty, which is clearly lacking in our social structures, systems of governance, and economic system.
I will be discussing the historical “Hippy” movement, and I ask that you set your resentments and judgments aside for the moment. I see much of this common distain as based in misreadings of history. The incredibly visible but statistically small Hippy movement of the late ‘60s laid the groundwork for the resurgence of witchcraft and the occult we are seeing today. In fact, the explosive popularization of Tarot cards, Astrology, and various forms of meditation today are a direct parallel and result of that cultural upheaval. Countercultural movements in the 1960s produced social and political change on a scale that goes largely unacknowledged, in part because we take it for granted, in part because much of it was un-done during the Reagan era. This emergence of liberationist ideology mixed with interest in direct experience, psycho-social authenticity, and consciousness expansion was incredibly dangerous to the status-quo. Despite how new and sudden the movement in the 60s seemed, it bore marked similarities with movements and traditions throughout time and place, all of them dangerous to established power structures. It may lie dormant for decades or centuries in any given culture, but will erupt when it is needed. IO DIONYSUS IO.
The Hippie counter-cultural movement of the late 60s has been deliberately painted as unintellectual and naïve, its revolutionary potential and accomplishments reduced to juvenile aesthetic. The reality was far more interesting. The problems and downfalls of the Hippie movement are myriad, and outside the scope of this article; in short, the movement was torn apart when the community of idealistic young runaways was beset by predatory pimps and pushers on one hand and police and state counterintelligence on the other. Much has already been written on the shortcomings of the movement; instead, I wish to connect that movement, and movements like it, to ancient Pagan, mystic, and indigenous lineages and provide keys for doorways by which one might further enter into that eons-old tradition of ecstatic, transgressive liberation movements.
“A tree arose. O pure transcendence!
O Orpheus sings! O tall tree within the ear!
And all was silent. Yet in that silence
pulsed new genesis, new signaling, new change.”
(Sonnets to Orpheus I.i, Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Edward Snow)

The Diggers of the 60s, who named themselves after a 17th century English Christian-Communist movement of reclaiming public land for agriculture and sharing food and property, were community anarchists who organized street theater, free stores, and other community projects. Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane played at their events. One Diggers-organized action was driving a flatbed truck full of naked belly dancers through the financial district of San Francisco, inviting the wealthy black-suited normies to climb aboard and abandon their jobs. This gives a good indication of the energy they brought. Thousands of youth flocked to San Francisco in 1967 during the “Summer of Love,” many of them runaways (the lunar nodes moved into the same position they are now earlier that same year). Flyers were posted around the city by concerned parents begging their children to call or return home. Hundreds slept in Golden Gate park that summer, fed for free by the Diggers and other groups.
Established psychedelic-left community organizations and individuals were tasked with “turning on” these young people, who were drawn as if by a magnet to the brightness and freedom of the emerging Hippie movement but who had very little experience living on their own and often no articulate sense of what they were doing. The philosophy of the Hippies was similar to that of Thelema’s “do what thou wilt will be the whole of the law” – in essence, if everybody “does their thing,” if we all embody our fullest authenticity and withhold judgment of others, we can be free. In order for this to work, people must withdraw their projections and assume that those around them (at least those in the movement) are doing their best to embody their Dharma, Tao, or True Will. With this was combined a radical compassion and love for others that more closely resembled the teachings of Christ than the dour, bigoted, joyless manifestations of various Churches that bear his name. This potent combination of devotion to both individual liberty and service to others is likely as old as humanity, visible in the artworks of prehistoric peoples clearly showing reverence for the human (as self and other) as well as the environment.
White radical Hippies asked the Black Panthers what they could do to support the movement, and were told to start a parallel organization, the White Panthers. Their demands included total abolition of private property, police and jails, and money. An excerpt of a White Panthers statement reads, “Our program of rock and roll, dope and fucking in the streets is a program of total freedom for everyone. We are totally committed to carrying out our program. We breathe revolution. We are LSD driven total maniacs of the universe. We will do anything we can to drive people crazy out of their heads and into their bodies.” The Pink Panthers were also formed, a group of queer radicals who dressed in pink and provided community defense for other queer people in an environment where violence from both police and straight society was commonplace. The Hippie movement was largely aligned with various queer, feminist, and racial liberation movements, as well as the anti-war and anti-nuclear movements (the “peace symbol” comes from the semaphore nautical flag code for “ND,” Nuclear Disarmament, within a circle).
The Hippie protest tactic of “love-ins” or “be-ins” was particularly disorienting to the establishment. Instead of ordinary protest, which police were and are more than happy to demolish with violence, Hippies would gather high out of their minds and just socialize. A loud and colorful crowd of freaks gathered in front of the courthouse giggling and laying in the grass to protest the arrest of someone for giving oral sex on a park bench in broad daylight. By using non-ordinary protest tactics, Police were forced to grapple with the reality that their ordinary antidemocratic tactics might not be suitable for the job. The Hippies were often welcomed by the mostly Black neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury – they didn’t drive up housing prices, because straight white society didn’t want to live next to Hippies. They were overwhelmingly poor, often cramming roommates into small apartments and supporting themselves by selling zines or countercultural paraphernalia on the street. The Hippies were not homogenously white, though that was the majority. Despite this, white Hippies were routinely targeted, harassed, and beaten by the police. By marginalizing themselves, they stepped towards solidarity with their Black neighbors.
The idea was to refuse to participate in or contribute in any meaningful way to mainstream society. Not in some grim, dour, cynical, nihilistic way, but ecstatically, joyfully. Attraction rather than promotion – people were drawn to the movement not by intellectual logic or appeals to a sense of shame, but because the Hippies really looked like they were having a better and freer time than mainstream American culture offered. Dropping out really meant it – abandon middle-class success culture. Spend your days sitting in the park, “doing nothing.” Get high and make art. Make love, not war. Drop acid, not bombs. Burn your draft card and risk prison. If you have some money, buy a plot of land and deny access to it to no one. Less critique, more creation. Abandon Puritanism in all its forms – sexual, moral, rational, political. Strike at the jugular of the Machine, with an ecstatic smile on your face.
“Spring has come again. The earth
is like a child who knows poems by heart;
many, so many!… For the work
of such long learning, she wins the prize.”
(Sonnets to Orpheus I.xxi, Rilke, tr. Snow)

The Dionysian Mysteries are at least 5,000 years old, and likely a continuation of an older tradition. The cult thrived in matriarchal Minoan culture, and spread across the Mediterranean. Hellenic Greece by contrast was aggressively patriarchal – there were laws in many places that dictated the types of sounds women were allowed to make in public. Local Dionysian Mystery cults, on the other hand, were often women-only or women-majority, and both the Greek and Roman state considered them a threat to stability and state control. Greek and Roman attempts at controlling or banishing the Dionysian Mysteries failed for centuries. It was only the forced Christianization of the Roman Empire that eventually led to the Mysteries falling silent – which is ironic, considering the similarities between early Christian and Dionysian rites. In the centuries after Christ, there is ample documentation of Gnostic Christian sects having orgies to celebrate the eucharist, with menstrual blood taken to be the wine and semen taken to be the bread.
The Mysteries of Dionysus were rural, egalitarian, and decentralized. People of all classes, including enslaved people, were welcomed as initiates. So serious was their dedication to egalitarianism that people were turned away if their clothing was too expensive or their hair was braided in a fashion indicating higher class. Initiates took vows of silence, so little is known of the techne (method) of ritual initiation. What is known are the effects – Greek philosophers and historians describe initiates as coming to an unwavering peace and loss of any fear of death. It was said that to die without ever experiencing the mysteries would be like never having lived at all. To experience and therefore conquer death while still in a living form was the common aim of the ancient Mysteries (mutu qabla an tamutu, “die before death,” is also the motto of the Sufis, which will be discussed later). Fearless people are always a problem to Authority. Euripides’ play The Bacchae describes the god leading his bands of Maenads (female devotees) into the hills to observe the mysteries, who would tear apart any man who stood in their way. The Maenads were feared by “straight society” in Greece, as they would go into an ecstatic frenzy during religious holidays, and Dionysus was a god of liberation, not state dogma. This was not the stoic intellectualism of the urban elite, but an anarchistic (an-archos means without rulers, not without order), orgiastic cult of rural and common people. Most scholars agree that these initiations involved drinking wine spiked with some entheogenic psychedelic from a kantharos (drinking vessel). Many myths and references also describe Dionysus’ travels through Asia, and Cannabis Indica was burned as an offering to Dionysus in areas where Greek and Indian culture mingled.
In Plato’s Phaedrus, he differentiates ordinary mania (madness) from theomania (divine madness). He delineates four types of theomania – Poetic, Telestic, Mantic, and Erotic. These gifts from the gods liberate the experiencer, as opposed to ordinary mania / madness which is psychologically destabilizing. Poetic theomania is inspired by the Muses – Plato goes so far as to explicitly say that sane people cannot write good poetry. They must be possessed, god-mad, and only then can they serve as a channel for true poetry. Mantic theomania is a prophetic state, inspired by Apollo – again, the prophesy does not come from the human but rather through them. Erotic mania, inspired by Eros or Aphrodite, is the divine madness of love. This is not ordinary infatuation, which also has the ability to induce ordinary madness, but rather a sublime, ecstatic state. Eros and Dionysus share an epithet or title – Eleutherios, “the Liberator.” Telestic theomania refers to the divine madness induced by initiation, and is specifically associated with Dionysus and his mystery cults. It was this madness that gripped the Maenads and Bacchantes and so terrified the Greek and Roman states that they spent centuries unsuccessfully trying to eradicate the Dionysian mysteries. Let us prove that their repression was a failure.
“Will transformation. O be ravenous for the fire
in which a thing boastful with change forever eludes you;
that designing Spirit which plots earth’s flourishes, –
it loves most in the figure’s energy the moment of turning.”
(Sonnets to Orpheus II.xii, Rilke, tr. Snow)

Greek historians identified Dionysus with Shiva, who was accused in the Rig Veda of teaching mystical secrets to the lowly and of leading a band of young delinquents who mocked normative society. Shaivist Tantra is the earliest organized manifestation of Tantra in India, and Tantric devotees (bhaktas – notice the similarity to Bacchantes) of Shiva walk a path just as transgressive and ecstatic as those of Dionysus. Shaivist Tantra (more commonly known as Kashmir Shaivism) is a living tradition practiced by hundreds of thousands of sadhakas today. Dionysus is also identified with the Roman Liber (the etymological root of “liberty”) as well as Osiris, another dying-and-rising god associated with beer.
In addition to various lineages of Tantric Yoga, another tradition that has clearly inherited remnants of the Dionysian current is Sufism. Pir Zia Inayat-Khan describes how in India, to this day around the urs (“wedding,” meaning anniversary of the death of a Sufi saint, the day they went to meet their Beloved) of a famous saint wild dervishes will emerge from the jungle, puffing chillums of hashish, long dreadlocks swaying in the humid heat, and make their way to the grave-shrine of the saint. For days before the urs, the Sufis will gather at the shrine, often without sleep, and go into a God-intoxicated trance of drumming, music, singing, and ecstatic dancing. After the urs, they will make their way back into the jungle. Like Plato, Sufis differentiate two forms of madness – majnun describes one who is struck with ordinary madness, while majzub describes one who is God-intoxicated, and appears drunk in their state of ecstasy and union with the divine Beloved. Traditional names for Sufis – dervish, fakir, salik, even the term Sufi itself – were originally disparaging terms meaning something like “bum” or “vagrant.” These were and are people who truly tuned in, turned on, and dropped out. As Kabir, the famous Indian poet who was likely both a Sufi and Shaivist Yogi said, “I have burned my house down. Follow me, and I will burn your house down as well.”
The politics of the Sufis also mirror those of the ancient Dionysians and modern eruptions of that ecstatic current. Chishti Indian Sufis were so committed to not going to the courts of kings (not bowing to or waiting on worldly state power) that one saint, Nizamuddin, refused to bow to the king even under threat of death. The king was away on a military campaign and sent word that when he returned to Delhi all the Sufis would be killed. Nizamuddin’s murids (students) were frightened, but every time they would suggest fleeing he would reassure them, saying, “Delhi is still a long ways off.” The night before the king would have arrived in Delhi, his tent collapsed, killing him instantly.
“Delhi is still a long ways off” is still a saying in India, a reminder not to bow to worldly power, for the true sovereignty is an awakened heart before which even powerful kings should bow. There are many stories of kings going to study with Sufi sheikhs and being turned away, because the worldly power and influence was understood to be such a corrupting force, no matter the purity of the king’s intention. The idea is that, instead of courting worldly power, we can use spiritual power to establish paradise here and now, in our own communities, instead of waiting on the state to fix the problems it created. Most Chishti darghas (grave-shrines of saints) serve food to hundreds or thousands of poor people in India every day. Anyone familiar with Rumi or Sufi poetry in general will be familiar with the use of wine and drunkenness as a central metaphor for the ecstatic state of union with the Divine, another thread connecting them to the Dionysian mysteries.
I hope you don’t take all this to be glorifying psychedelics as the path to liberation, though they do have the tendency to liberate people from conditioned patterns of thinking and acting. Consciousness expansion without a stable container and orientation towards service to others lead to all kinds of neurosis. I have over 11 years sober, and my experience with both Sufism and Tantra (within the traditional container of teacher and lineage) has proved that the incredibly powerful ecstatic states and experiences described by the saints and poets of various traditions are not always indicative of some hidden “entheogen.” This experience is not exclusive to these traditions, and is clearly evident in the historical record of European Witchcraft. Most lineage traditions of the world hold the keys to this experience, even when they are covered up by dogma or colonialism. These states are accessible to us, and they are part of the birthright of humanity.
Many traditions have initiation rituals involving things that, without a ritual container, would otherwise be traumatic (sensory deprivation, fasting, isolation, ritual burial etc.). It is my experience that ecstasy as I have spoken of it here is the opposite of trauma, and can bring a healing and transformative sacred container to those moments where we felt the sacredness of our being was demolished. From the Hippy movement to the Dionysian mysteries, people entering into a direct experience of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all being causes changes not only in how you feel and think, but how you act – instead of theory, instead of being held as a cognitive object, ecstasy is embodied belonging and connection. Various protest and liberation movements in the modern era (the environmental movement being the most visible and obvious) have arisen specifically from the ground of the ecstatic experience produced by psychedelics, ecstatic spiritual practices, or both. There are some experiences you can’t un-have. You cannot objectify a landscape into a dollar amount or resource to exploit if you have heard its voice and felt its breath. This isn’t “New-Age,” this is animism, this is the primordial tradition.
“Torn open by us again and again,
the god is the place that heals.
We’re jagged, because we want to know,
but he is scattered and serene.”
(Sonnets to Orpheus II.xvi, Rilke, tr. Snow)

I am calling on Dionysus. Pleading, wild-eyed, dancing, pounding on the gates of Paradise begging for the Waters of Life to flush the world. We are so used to playing defense, so numb to the onslaught of atrocity, that we forget what it would feel like if we were winning. Yes, the situation is grim. All life hangs in the balance, and a tide of war, authoritarianism, and biosphere collapse seems poised to snuff out this beautiful experiment of life on earth. The human species needs to evolve, and quickly. Those interested in the psycho-spiritual evolution of humanity are hopelessly outnumbered, but we are not fighting alone. The joy-denying fast-food megachurch of hate commonly masquerading as Christianity in this country makes frequent use of spiritual means to effect political and social change. If the political situation is any indication, it seems to be working for them. I suggest we try the same, but – instead of mass prayer to elect the most right-wing candidates imaginable as dictated by the hierarchy of the church and motivated by fear and hate – autonomous ecstatic ritual to bring liberation to all as dictated by the desire of the individual and motivated by love, harmony, and beauty. I see no evidence that cynicism is productive, and I see no reason to aim for anything less than wild utopia.
Feel the ecstatic potential of this cultural moment. Widespread political and social repression, disconnection from body, community and nature, the bow has pulled back, the tension increasing by the day. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of Peace. Paradise is our birthright, and damned be any who stand in the way of Love. There are so many books on magic and so few of them contain anything directed towards collective liberation, and even fewer that mention the ecstatic experience or how to get there. How many long for the sublime touch of bodily presence, thirsty for one drop, one moment of actually being here on purpose and loving it? How much of the animal, the explosive ecstatic surging life-force within us, is straining at the bit as the reigns begin to fray? What titanic copulations are waiting to be unleashed? As we move deeper into spring and eclipse season, may the receding tide of paranoia, alienation, and restriction be swallowed by an even greater wave of Love, reveling, and liberation. I imagine naked poetry readings howling at the moon from the rooftops; I imagine trauma survivors gathering to collectively invoke pleasure, safety, and rest, marinating our nervous systems in the ambrosia of what we thought was taken from us; I imagine a Summer of Love less naïve, more informed by grounded political and psychological theory than that of 1967. The masculine-colonial cult of rationalism has had its time and failed, we must put Ecstasy back on the throne. DIONYSUS ELEUTHERIOS, may all beings be free.
“Quiet friend who has come so far,
feel how your breathing makes more space around you.
Let this darkness be a bell tower
and you the bell. As you ring,

what batters you becomes your strength.
Move back and forth into the change.
What is it like, such intensity of pain?
If the drink is bitter, turn yourself to wine.

In this uncontainable night,
be the mystery at the crossroads of your senses,
the meaning discovered there.

And if the world has ceased to hear you,
say to the silent earth: I flow.
To the rushing water, speak: I am.”
(Sonnets to Orpheus II.xxix Rainer Maria Rilke, tr. Joanna Macy)

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Revolution (1967), a documentary filmed at the height of the (first) Summer of Love in the heart of Height-Ashbury, San Francisco, available for free on YouTube.


Tarotscopes | May 2022


By Justin Taylor

May 2022 is definitely packed full of interesting astrological transits, to say the least. We essentially start this month off with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 30th. The two signs of Taurus and Scorpio are the main characters for the next few months with eclipse season taking place here. Regardless if you have any planets in either of these signs, these eclipses will be felt by the collective. Both of these signs relate to possession and obsession, and these themes will be on full display again come the second Scorpio eclipse on May 15th. 

Lunar eclipses in essence are super charged full moons, where we are asked to release what is no longer serving us. During this time look closely as to what you have been fixated by and ask yourself if there is a better way to actualize it. There is a way to obtain your goals without becoming obsessed or consumed by it. 

On May 10th, Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Gemini until June 2nd. Notorious for all the mishaps and inconveniences, this retrograde shouldn’t be too awful. For those with Gemini or Virgo placements it will be felt more intensely. As always, don’t get caught up in all the disempowering pop-astrology and remember a retrograde is simply a time to rethink and redo. Annoying for sure, but not the end of the world. 

There is also great potential for growth around individuality and personal power this month. Aries, the sign of the individual and self assurance will have both Venus and Jupiter in its domain. The impact this will have on the collective will be largely felt. The ability to be confident in our actions and most importantly ourselves will be at the forefront. The only downside to this may be a tendency for impulsive reactions and decisions that create negative backlash. 

The tarot card for the collective this month is The High Priestess! With all that is transpiring in the cosmos for the month of May, this card is a great reminder to turn inward. When the High Priestess appears, it is a message to listen and honor your intuition. Look beyond what the conscious mind is telling you and listen to the small inner voice. There is a saying in some esoteric circles, that the ego mind speaks first and speaks loudest. Fight the instinct to go off of that alone and make sure your actions align with your true intent.



Aries - Queen of Pentacles

This May feel open to self care and the pursuit of activities that provide pleasure. As Venus will be in your sign this month, this is extremely aligned for you. This can always be seen as an invention to assess what is you value. The Queen of Pentacles wants you embrace all of these themes and make sure that your needs are being met. 

Taurus -Eight of Cups

Traditionally the card of apathy, the Eight of Cups can also be very enlightening Taurus. As previously mentioned you are center stage this eclipse season. Some questions to be asking yourself this month may be “What do I need to let go of to feel more fulfilled?” “In what ways am I holding myself back from being completely satisfied with my life.” Certainly heavier dialogue, but much needed. The stars are quite literally aligning to urge you forward into a space where things never felt as beautiful. Surrender all the past habits that have created any malaise you have with life, and embrace what is to come.

Gemini -The Magician

A great omen to get this May, Gemini! The Magician is the reminder that we have all we need to succeed. Take this month to draft your game plan and get going. Whatever it is you have your eye set on, it is more than achievable. The Magician is our ability to create magic at any point. All you need is in front of you, go for it.

Cancer- The Fool

A new adventure is unfolding in front of you Cancer. Unlike anything from your past, the fools journey is taking you somewhere unexpected. Even if you have no major plans to change things up, they will change regardless. No need to worry, unlike Death or The Tower, the Fool’s energy is playful and enjoyable. New love, new job, new depths whatever transpires will be something worthwhile.

Leo - The Lovers

Relationships are at the focus for you this month Leo. Single or partnered, the lovers card is about the duality we have within all our interpersonal relationships. Can this card be seen as an omen for new love, absolutely! But at its core it speaks much more for how we show up in our existing relationships. Anything lacking in these relationships is most likely something you are refusing to give. Forgiveness, understanding, intimacy the list goes on. Pay close attention to how you want to show up for those at this time. 

Virgo -Two of Swords

As a mercurial sign Virgo, it is time to tap into you keen sense of detail to power through this month. The Two of Swords is about inability to make a choice, to feel conflicted mentally. As mercury will be retrograde for the duration of the month this makes sense. Give yourself grace, and allow yourself to process things slower than usual. 

Libra - The Chariot

Literal movement or progression seems to be likely for you this month Libra. The Chariot is the card of transportation. It is a signifier of things needing to move in order to progress. So if you are not literally in the process of a big move, it can also be seen as something needing to progress. If you have been idle these past months get going on something you are passionate about. 

Scorpio - Seven of Pentacles

Like your opposing sign Taurus you have a lot in the stars for this month Scorpio. Themes of what you value may already be presenting themselves to you. The Seven of Pentacles is all about reaping the rewards of your investments. After what may haver been a challenging few months, or years even, your hard work has paid off. If not at that stage yet, take this as an indicator of the results that will come from the work you are putting in now.

Sagittarius -Knight of Pentacles

You may have the inclination to devote yourself to something around education, work or career this month Sagittarius. The Knight is about the pursuit, but in a steady way that will allow for maximum reward. So if you feel inclined to engage in a task with more effort than you would usually apply than proceed forward. Being in the suit of pentacles know it is about slow and steady wins the race.

Capricorn -The Moon 

The Moon is one of the most complex cards in the entirety of the tarot. Thematically it can be described as the subconscious mind; dark, complex and confusing. The duality here is that the moon is what lights the night sky. When this card appears it is ok to step back and evaluate your inner workings. Situations might arise or secrets about those close to you will come forward only to aid in your understanding. During this time try any activity that can get you more in touch with yourself. Art, journaling and meditation are all beautiful outlets for this form of energy. 

Aquarius -Three of Pentacles 

Teamwork makes the dream work for you this month Aquarius. The Three of Pentacles is here to remind you of the support already available to you, able to aid you in whatever goal you are seeking. Take inventory of those already in your network that may be able to help your pursuits. Naturally independent, this may be out of your comfort zone, but will surely get the job done in a more efficient way.

Pisces -Judgement

Reckoning with the past is what the Judgement card is all about Pisces. Finalizing one cycle and starting new. When this card shows up take it as an indicator for self evaluation. It is an awakening of all things that are possible through analyzing what has come before, and how you can change your future. With the information you uncover use it as a tool to create a new cycle that’s even more beautiful than the one before. 


Tarotscopes | April 2022

TAROTSCOPES | April 2022

By Justin Taylor

Happy April everyone! After what seemed like a tidal wave of stagnate emotion and a very watery Pisces season, fire is back in the sky. The astrological new year has taken place and we find ourselves in Aries’ domain. The incendiary cardinal sign, Aries is all about rushing in not waiting for permission; this will be the theme for the month.

This energy will be very clear on the first of the month during the Aries new moon. This new moon will be the starting point for many of us, where we decide to stop standing idly by and take action in a real way. As new moons typically represent new beginnings in a certain area of life, use this energy to jump start your plans and burn away indecision.

The Aries new moon isn’t the only lunation with this energy, we will experience something similar again on April 16th with a libra full moon. Unlike the new moon, it is less about launching yourself into something new, but more about releasing fear.

Libra notoriously has a reputation for indecision and uncertainty. When met with Aries we will be shown the situations in our life where we need to decide. Let go of the fear and realize a “bad” decision might serve us better than total inaction.

On April 4th Venus enters Pisces! To help balance out all the aggressive tendencies fire signs can stir up in the collective I love to see this transit. Venus is exalted in Pisces, acting its best. This means ease while engaging with interpersonal relations, and flow in all things travel and money.

Towards the end of the month eclipse season begins in the sign of Taurus. On Sunday, April 30th we will have a solar eclipse in Taurus. A supercharged new beginning, which we will see the effects of over the following six months. In the sign of Taurus it will most likely involve finances, possessions and tangible goods. Personally, I think this speaks more for the world at large more so than on an individual level.

The Tarot card for the collective is Judgement! Beyond fitting for this month Judgement brings about a sense of renewal. As we start over the astrological year, reckoning with the past is essential. Let this Aries season allow you to burn away any and all elements that have kept you stuck in your past cycles. The judgement card invites you to look at things for what they are, apply kind eyes to what you see and let it go.



Aries - Page of Wands

As wands are the suit of fire, this card is perfect for you this season, Aries. The Page of Wands wants to take action and initiate something new, but at times may be too impulsive. There is a tendency to not know exactly what outcome it is you are aiming for when this card appears. Evaluate where you can take the initiative but plan ahead for the best outcome.

Taurus - Death

Don’t fear the reaper! The death card is nothing to fear Taurus. Be open to new possibilities as you venture through this April. What do you need to let go of? What changes have you been avoiding? Ask yourself these questions and surrender what is no longer working in your life. The death card only severs when we avoid the change instead of leaning into it. Accustomed to routine I know it may be difficult, but the reward is worth it.

Gemini - The Emperor

Proceed forward this month Gemini. The Emperor is the card most associated with Aries, so seeing it here is quite auspicious. Take this as an invitation to use this Aries season to not hold back and to take action. With your mercurial mind it might be easy to talk yourself out of doing something, but not this month. Allow yourself to act without overthinking.

Cancer- The Hierophant

The Hierophant is here for you this month, Cancer. Symbolizing the embrace for tradition and following suit of what has been done before, you may feel safe here. It might be time to just continue with life as it is when this card appears, but can also be an omen of creating ceremony around daily life. Take full presence into the moment Cancer. Whatever passing thought you have a tendency to worry about, will only rob you of what is happening now.

Leo - Four of Cups

The Four of Cups is not the norm for you Leo. Neither good or bad the Four of Cups speaks to apathy and discontentment. This is a sign you should check in with yourself and see where you have lost vision of what could be. Start a quick list of how you would spend your ideal day and if possible either make it happen, or let it remind you of how you’d like to feel. Things are not always exciting, but your flare will light you up once again.

Virgo - King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the provider, just like you Virgo. When this presents itself it is time to evaluate how to provide for yourself and those around you. What do you want to cement for yourself? What long term goals do you have in place to create what it is you want? Questions like these might be on your mind this month. Allow the Aries fire to light the way as to how.

Libra - Five of Wands

This Aries season might highlight conflicts for you Libra. Known for your passive nature this probably isn’t the news you’d like to hear. The Five of Wands means conflicting interests, these can be either external or internal conflicts. Whichever they may be, know conflict and upset is sometimes necessary to meet the ideal outcome.

Scorpio - Ten of Pentacles

After what seems like an upward battle you will have a win Scorpio! The Ten of pentacles is the card of success. Success is personal and doesn’t always look the same for everyone, but as you read this take note of all victories both big and small you encounter this month. The more we practice gratitude in this way, we expand our belief of what is possible and allow for bigger wins in the future.

Sagittarius - Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is here to strengthen your trust muscle Sagittarius. Naturally optimistic, you know how to look for joyous outcomes. This card is all about putting the work in and not losing faith even if you can’t see the rewards quite yet. Whatever you are currently working toward or looking for is also looking for Sag, don’t lose hope. This card means it’ll happen soon enough.

Capricorn - Six of Cups

A beautiful card to receive, the Six of Cups invites a sense of nostalgia and bliss into your current orbit Capricorn. Take this card as a reminder to connect with something you have been reminiscing about and enjoy it. Phone a friend you havant seen in a while, go to lunch at a restaurant you haven’t frequented in a moment. Reconnect with an old passion or hobby. Take your favorite elements of the past and incorporate them into your current life.

Aquarius - Two of Wands

You are taking advantage of this Aries season Aquarius! The two of wands speaks to planning ahead before fully taking action. Feeling inspired to create change on some level, you are evaluating all your options before making an impulsive choice the way Aries energy invites us to. Know you will be rewarded for this when the actionable step approaches.

Pisces - Nine of Wands

Don’t give up! Pisces this card is here for you as a reminder that success is on the horizon. Times might feel like they are getting tough but your dream is almost a reality. The Nine of Wands is encouragement that not all is lost even when we feel off balance or as if things aren’t working in our favor.


Tarotscopes | March 2022

TAROTSCOPES | March 2022

By Justin Taylor

Happy March everyone! The stars this month are working in our favor to promote growth on both the spiritual and material planes. March starts off strong with Venus and Mars conjunct in the sign of Capricorn. This transit is as if both these planets are holding hands and deciding to do their jobs together. Inspiring us to put our hard work and values to the test to get the results we want. Occurring in the etherial season such as Pisces, it is bringing a grounding element to such a dream like time.

On March 2, 2022 we should all be taking advantage of the New Moon in Pisces. This new moon is such a beautiful and benefic one as Jupiter the planet of luck, blessings and expansion will also be involved. This lunation will be magnifying and intensifying any wishes for self improvement. If you are wanting to up level your health, finances, relationships this is your time to get started. As we know a new moon is a new beginning, but with the amplification of Jupiter its as if we can erase and start fresh in a major way.

Toward the end of this month we have Venus conjunct Saturn on March 28th. This transit is not as encouraging as Venus conjunct Mars. Whenever Saturnian influence is in play expect delayed gratification and a need for self reflection. With Venus, we can assume a reality check around what is we are passionate about and why. Be open to getting realistic around current dreams and goals you have.

Lastly we will also be having a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo on March 18th. This full moon represents an ending and a cutting away of details we may be caught up in. If you have found yourself to be caught up in the minutia of an issue and not seeing the big picture, this is your wake up call. This full moon is asking you to let the small petty things go and collectively look at the ways you want to better yourself.

The tarot card for the collective this month is the Four of Wands! Echoing back to the astrology this month this card is all about harmony and creating balance. The Four of Wands is the card building the framework for our manifestation to come through. It signifies celebrations and collaborations ahead to make your dream a reality. This March shift your awareness back to where you want to grow on a personal level.



Aries - Seven of Cups

Typically quite decisive and straight forward, you may feel out of sorts this month Aries. The Seven of Cups presents a sense of daydream and whimsy into your world, which Pisces season may very well be exacerbating. Try to gain focus back on what it is you are actually wanting and don’t get too lost in the clouds of what could be. It is worth mentioning to allow yourself to dream, but don’t forget your strength is taking action.

Taurus - King of Cups

This March is bringing you into a very emotional space Taurus. The King of Cups wants you to think with the heart and project what you are feeling into your physical world. Allow all emotions both pleasant and unpleasant to wash over you. Classically grounded and pragmatic, loosen up and tap into your inner voice. This is a time to feel.

Gemini - Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is turning in your favor Gemini. What feels expansive to you? What areas of life do you wish felt more abundant? Whatever comes up for you when thinking about these questions is a good starting point. When this card shows up know luck is on your side. Either take your luck into your own hands and pursue what you want, or simply see what comes through. Something big is on the horizon.

Cancer- The Hanged Man

Stagnation and confusion might be the norm for you right now Cancer. The Hanged Man is a very neutral card, it presents a stuck point. While facing this be patient with yourself. It may be time to start a list of pros and cons of whatever life event is halting you. Knowing what you want is at least a starting point to create momentum.

Leo - Page of Swords

The mercurial nature of this card is one to behold Leo. The Page of Swords invites in a need to have your voice heard. Seeking collaboration with others, weighing out ideas and even debate could be themes for you. Allow your curiosity to flow freely and mingle. Take what you learn and apply it to your life in a meaningful way.

Virgo - Ace of Wands

Take action! The Ace of wands is the spark to get you started Virgo. You might feel the pings of wanting change or to start something new growing stronger. Trust yourself, don’t sit back on the sidelines, get in the game! Instead of analyzing in what could go wrong, motivate yourself by thinking of what can go right.

Libra - Ace of Pentacles

Getting serious about your financial or material circumstances could be a theme for you this month Libra. The Ace of Pentacles is an opportunity in this area of life to achieve something new. You may even find yourself entering into a new job or receiving a bonus. In whatever way growth around physical possessions enters your life, have gratitude for what is now to make space for its arrival.

Scorpio - King of Pentacles

You might be entering a state of realizing your long term goals Scorpio. The King of Pentacles is very much the archetype of the father, the business man. When this presents itself it is time to evaluate how to provide for yourself and those around you. What do you want to cement for yourself? What legacy do you wish to leave behind? Ponder this and get serious about how you can work toward it.

Sagittarius - Page of Cups

Your love of learning and self expansion are leading you to a more heart centered approach Sag. The Page is an invitation to feel inspired and open with how you are feeling. If artistically inclined, you might feel the muses dancing around you at this time, urging you to create. If this doesn’t resonate remember we all have the ability to create. Some create art, others create a myriad of outlets that allow for authentic expression.
How do you pour out your heart?

Capricorn - The High Priestess

Nurturing those close to you, or a quieting of the mind to fully immerse yourself may be ideal outlets Capricorn. The High Priestess is a very loaded card, but generally speaking its about caretaking. Maybe after a prolonged period of maintaining busy schedules and poor work life balance you are being called back into interpersonal relationships. Are there any people who you may need to check up on, reconnect with or nurture with your time? Spend time with those you love.

Aquarius - Temperance

When the angel of Temperance appears it is time to be still. Aquarius, this March enjoy the stillness of the moment. Sometimes the beauty of the present moment can be lost in your idealistic view of the future. Practice patience with all things. Restore balance in your month by not rushing or moving sporadically.

Pisces - Nine of Pentacles

What a great card to receive in your season Pisces! The Nine of Pentacles is the card of achievement and security. As this card is in the suit of pentacles it is speaking to success in material forms. After a lofty upward battle to achieve some type of success you will be rewarded. If looking for a new place to live or a new job opportunity this card could point to a very happy ending.


Tarotscopes | February 2022

TAROTSCOPES | February 2022

By Justin Taylor

It is February and the unique cosmic weirdness that is both Aquarius and Pisces season is upon us. A time to project out from our myopic world view and get things done from a new perspective. This month is all about breaking down current structures and learning to get things done in a more innovative way.

Starting on the first of this month we have a new moon in Aquarius. This lunation is here to push us into actually creating a sustainable and efficient way to achieve what we want for the rest of the year, more so than any new moon this year. I say this because as of Thursday, February Third, all planets will be direct in the sky. This intentional, retrograde free energy will be with us until late April. It is officially go-time.

Whatever goals or visions we seek to create can be more easily achieved with this concentration of energy, so use it wisely. I don’t even see a reason to list other astrological transit for this is as good as it gets.

Aside from such great news, we do have a Leo full moon on February 16th. A time to celebrate and allow ourselves to be seen. Ending a cycle of doubts around our plans and creating more optimistic feelings around pursuing them. Around this time we will have Mercury, the planet of communication entering Aquarius as well. Making for more open minded dialogue and harmonious discussions.

Venus also being direct in the sign of Capricorn allows us to feel more free around spending both time and money on things that bring us pleasure. Adornment, events and expressing yourself might seem more worthwhile and appealing than before. This is also because for the majority of this month Mars will be conjoined with Venus as well which will heighten this pursuit of pleasure. This could make for either destructive or empowering means depending on how you wield it.

The tarot card for the collective this month is the Ace of Cups! I am beyond excited to share this as it is my personal favorite card in the tarot. The Ace of Cup speaks to an abundance of joy, love and blessings overflowing in your life. It is also a great reminder that when our cup is full it is easier to offer to fill up someone else’s. With all the planets being direct for the majority of the month I can already feel this magic at work. Send love to everyone you know, and those who you haven’t even met yet. The cup is flowing over.



Aries - Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups showing up for you this month is something to take notice of Aries. This card is a symbol to let it go, and to walk away. Whatever stagnate situation you’re struggling with is not yours to fix anymore. Make peace with it and move on.

Taurus - The World

An exciting omen for you this February Taurus. The World card is all about the ending of a cycle, a new beginning. Especially after what might have been challenging past months they are over now. You’ve learned what you need to do now to make for a better future.

Gemini - King of Wands

February makes for a very action oriented month for you Gemini. The King of Wands is about taking the inspiration and doing the work toward whatever goals you currently have. If you find yourself staying idle and planning, take action instead and refine the details later.

Cancer- Ten of Wands

What is overwhelming you at this time? That is the question to ponder currently Cancer. The Ten of Wands is about burdens and having too much going on. What can you eliminate from your to do list to make space for a healthier mind space? Whether the problems are yours or someone else’s only take on those which are of upmost importance.

Leo - The Fool

The Fool is here to tell you to tap into your curiosity this February. Naturally creative and insightful Leo, use these abilities to feel free with life. Put yourself out there, take that class, go to that restaurant. This month challenge yourself to do new things because you never know what it could lead to.

Virgo - Three of Pentacles

Two minds are better than one sometimes Virgo. The Three of Pentacles is the card of teamwork. Collaborate with friends or coworkers to achieve whatever the goal may be. Asking for help is not something to avoid, but to encourage when this energy presents itself. Delegating tasks can bring more downtime and less stress into your daily life.

Libra - Ace of Swords

Inspiration, clear thinking and decision making are things to aspire for Libra. Stereotypically, your ability to make decisions is not always your strong suit, challenge this. Keep your desired outcome of any situation present and act effectively towards it. The Ace of Swords is all about forward movement, and cutting the rest away.

Scorpio - Ten of Cups

A conclusion that is emotionally enriching and kismet is here for you this month Scorpio. The Ten of Cups makes for heart filling success to things you currently desire. Watch your relationships both romantic and otherwise flourish. Enjoy yourself by spending time with those you love. Celebrate all the love existing in your life and know it is abundant.

Sagittarius - Strength

When the Strength card appears it is a reminder of how we can tame any situation and bend it to our will. This February you might have to remind yourself of your power Sagittarius. Whatever is bringing you doubt can easily be remedied by remembering all the hardships of your past, and how you overcame them. What is making you doubt this ability now? Ruled by Jupiter, luck is always on your side. You got this.

Capricorn - The Chariot

Naturally striving to achieve your goals, this card is a reminder to keep your momentum Capricorn. The Chariot is the card of forward movement. With any current undertaking keep a progressive and determined approach. You will be rewarded when you don’t let yourself stray from your current course of direction.

Aquarius - Justice

When Justice makes an appearance it is usually when we have doubt surrounding the outcome of a situation. Trust the process of divine compensation this month Aquarius. Justice will make sure the scales balance back out to something that is fair for all. Trust the truth, and get back in tune with the balance of cause and effect.

Pisces - Six of Wands

Seemingly elusive Pisces, it is time to stand in the spotlight. The Six of Wands is the card of acclaim and audience. Look around to see those who support and cheer for you this February. Accept the warmth of others who want to remind you of all the good you are doing. With all the validation you receive from other, remember to do the same for yourself.


Tarotscopes | January 2022

TAROTSCOPES | January 2022

By Justin Taylor

The new year is officially here, and the astrology for the month of January is aiding us on our journey for self improvement. This month’s theme is a tug of war between pragmatic realism and exuberant optimism.

We start this month off with Jupiter stationing direct in Pisces. This brings an optimistic day dreaming quality for the collective for the next few months. If there are any spiritual or artistic endeavors, now is the time to engage in them more fully.

Oddly enough the Capricorn new moon on January 2nd also amplifies this desire to set a clear intention with ourselves and chase it. Capricorn is go-getter energy that wants to accomplish the mission in the most direct and effective way. This accompanied with Jupiter’s benefic placement set the framework to really set and achieve any new years goals you may have.

Towards the end of the month we have Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto. This transit is a tad sinister to say the least. Mercury controls the mental faculties and communication, and Pluto is intensity and transformation. Paired together, these planets at best, are inviting us to deep self-evaluation.

Lastly, on January 29th Venus stations direct, having been retrograding for almost the entirety of last two months. This Venus transit will bring harmony to any relationships or financial struggles we might have faced in the recent past.

The card for the collective this month is the Six of Cups! The Six of Cups is the card of naive happiness and blissfulness. In some cases, this card can be a reimagining or a return to the past. Familiar places and faces may appear this month, or you might reconnect with an old passion or hobby. Nostalgia is running high this month.



Aries - Knight of Swords

This Knight of Swords is the fastest to take action in the tarot. It signifies rushing into something the moment you feel called to do so. This month Aries, your ability to act fast will serve you well. Make sure your actions are not too impulsive, but also know going after what you want will be rewarded.

Taurus - Queen of Pentacles

The month of January is taking you back to your skill of harnessing and creating beauty Taurus. The Queen of Pentacles is the card of self care, and comfort. Return back to the self this month, treat yourself to something that brings you joy. If the arts or decoration are something you feel called to participate in, incorporate them into your life at this time.

Gemini - The Empress

The Empress is the card of maternal instinct and nurture. What in your life needs to be nurtured at this time Gemini? Where can you slow down and apply more care in your life? Whether it is a person, a relationship or yourself, bring something into fruition.

Cancer- The Fool

A new beginning is right before you this month Cancer. The New year might have you even more inspired to start a new than usual. The Fool is all about starting from zero, and not knowing what is next. If feeling stuck or unaware of what to search for, inspiration will come when you do something out of your routine. Venture out alone, and see what happens next. Your new beginning can start at any moment.

Leo - Temperance

Balance is key for the month of January Leo. Temperance appears when the scales are off, and something needs to be centered. Whatever comes to mind in your life when you think of the term “off balance” is what you should adjust first. Naturally a fan of excess, this might be challenging to tone some aspect of your life down to a happy medium.

Virgo - Knight of Pentacles

This is the perfect card for you Virgo. Effortlessly meticulous by nature, this card is bringing out your ability to steadily perfect whatever it is you are undertaking. The Knight of Pentacles is all about reliability. This month don’t strain yourself by taking on too much at once, a slow and steady approach will serve you best.

Libra - Queen of Swords

Logical decision making is the muscle to build this month, Libra. The Queen of Swords is a reminder that not everything should call for emotional investment. If there are any large decisions you face this month do what truly serves you best and avoid any tendency to people- please. It is not selfish to take care of yourself for a change.

Scorpio - Three of Cups

A seemingly social month is present for you Scorpio. The Three of Cups is the card of celebration and gathering with close friends. The times we are currently living in may not call for large gatherings, but find away to nurture interpersonal relationships at this time. The comfort of a friend might be a pleasant distraction at this time.

Sagittarius - Page of Cups

If you are currently interested in any new artistic endeavors this should be your sign to go for it. The Page of Cups is all about following any intuitive or creative pings that may arise at this time. Keeping an open mind is key for you this month Sagittarius, say yes to anything that will make for new opportunity.

Capricorn - Two of Swords

A sense of feeling stagnant or stuck in a particular situation is forcing you to make a new choice Capricorn. When the Two of Swords presents itself it is a call for change. What ever part of your life currently has you feeling stuck or unsure know that there is a way out. Weigh out your options and trust you are making the right choice.

Aquarius - Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is a call for inspiration and a new way of thinking. This new year might spring forth new ideas or changes in your life Aquarius. What cycle are you ready to break and start new? This is an indicator that it is time to cut ties with something to let a new path emerge. You can’t take old ways of thinking into your new life.

Pisces - The High Priestess

Spiritual work is paramount for you this month Pisces. Meditation, prayer, a new practice anything to tap into you innate spiritual gifts. The High Priestess appears when we have to search inward for the answers. As she is the archetype for the divine feminine, when she appears it is to know that it is time to quiet the conscious mind and dig deep.


The Scented Zodiac

The Scented Zodiac

By Janine Hagal

Exploring the mysteries of plants on an astrological level can help deepen our relationship with the whole of the cosmos. Our universe is encapsulated in the natural microcosm all around us; one should only have to step outside and observe the nearest so-called weeds to begin. The connections unfold when we start to take note of botanical signatures by sight, herbal actions, and most notably in my practice, smell.

Scent is arguably our most primal sense, and studies have shown it is closely intertwined with memory and emotion in the brain. This is perhaps why it is woven into almost every culture’s magical practice, from incense to anointing oils. Astrology is no exception, and from older celestial texts such as the Picatrix, to Agrippa’s writings on planetary fumigations, scented plant and animal materia have been given cosmic correlations for at least a millennium.

Perfumery has evolved hundredfold since the 11th century, as have our fragrant associations, but many of the same materials are still used today. Focusing only on an modern roster of natural oils and absolutes can definitely help the mage or novice olfactor or find their bearings in an overwhelming world. Working with purely plant materials one is already familiar with can also add dimensions to understanding the green kingdom. A personal and even fulfilling place to start sleuthing fragrances can be your own Zodiac sign! I’ve compiled a list of a few aromatic associations for the 12 signs…

Aries - Pink Peppercorn
A piquant top note associated with Mars, the ruler of this sign and the planet corresponding with fiery quickness in spellwork. Herbes of Mars tend to be hot, spicy, dry, sanguine, and even sensual. Unrelated to Black pepper, the characteristics of a fresh pink pepper essential oil are less dark, more flirty, and at times smell like their rosy coloring. It can be as martially pungent as it is diffusive, so use in moderation.

Taurus - Vanilla
A gourmand note for the gormandizer of the zodiac. The creamy and soothing familiarity of Vanilla absolute is under the dominion of the Moon and Venus, which are respectively in its exaltation and domicile in Taurus. Paired with the aphrodisiac qualities from this Venusian vanilla bean, this fixative absolute is a perfect fit for the fixed sign. It doesn’t hurt the Taurean cause that true vanilla is also quite expensive- roughly $20/mL.

Gemini - Lavender Absolute

Culpeper states this flower is “owned by Mercury”, primarily for its actions on the nerves. Here, Gemini can correlate to the Mercurial actions of the mind, and Virgo to the body, (though with all things Mercury, this is constantly in flux.) Lavender will soothe the racing Gemini brain, which can tire from holding its mental luggage. In absolute form, this adds a jammy depth and functions as a “heart note” rather than the essential oil which dissipates quicker.

Cancer - Jasmine Grandiflorum
The lush, narcotic night blooms of this species of Jasmine are cultivated widely for their sweet and indisputably lunar aroma. Its smoothness rounds out a blend, and can even be used to “fix” a scent gone wrong. Used for all manner of dream magic, such as promoting astral travel or preventing nightmares. Much like the moon, its role in a perfume harmonizes the overall synastry of influences. One should only need to take a whiff to understand its Cancerian traits.

Leo - Saffron
A golden solar spice once used to dye the garb of royalty. A regal, leathery, and unique fragrance from the stamen of crocuses. Resembling a lion’s mane or the rays of the sun, its looks are on par with its Leonine association. It is incredibly labor intensive to harvest and with a low yield, so it is priced at about $5000 a pound in raw materials… a king’s ransom. If such a thing is possible, it even smells opulent.

Virgo - Bergamot
Clean, citrusy, and green. Bergamot is a Mercurial Digestif popularized in Earl grey tea, that also lends a touch of class and freshness to Parfum and Eau De Cologne style blends alike. Just like Virgo, Bergamot is (practically) always right. Even a hint of this essential oil can make for a sophisticated top note that fits almost anywhere.

Libra - Rose De Mai
Also referred to as “Cabbage Rose”, this absolute is a softer and more cost effective alternative to Rose Otto for those who want to capture the nectar of a fresh bud about to bloom. Libra not only correlates to the aesthetic beauty of this classical symbol, but the scent itself (under the dominion of Venus).

Scorpio - Cypress
The tree of death traditionally tends to fall in the jurisdiction of Saturn, but this was also before Pluto was discovered, which co-rules funerary herbes. Scorpio has many iterations of the self focusing on death, regeneration, and rebirth that can be represented by different facets of scent. This graveyard plant is very coniferous and almost martial, but with a shadow to it that other evergreens lack.

Sagittarius - Fir Absolute
Wild and fecund, the jellied fruit notes correspond to the expansive Jovian nature of this sign. When you’re looking to create a true evergreen blend, this is what you want at the heart, intertwined with essential oils of fir, spruce, or pine, to name a few. Not many scents pique wanderlust for the wilderness quite like this.

Capricorn - Labdanum
Traditionally collected by goats, using special leather straps that combed their fur for the resin, this tenacious fixative is in the dominion of the Mer-Goat and its ruler Saturn. Although it is no longer processed in this manner, hirsine notes may still linger in the imagination when smelling this balsamic, and almost animalic base note. Also sometimes referred to as Amber in perfumery, notably when mixed with other warm scents like Vanilla.

Aquarius - Coffee Bean
This stimulating scent culturally symbolizes awakening, figuratively and literally. Moving into the astrological “Age of Aquarius”, I cannot think of a better analogy, especially considering the shared experience of coffee. On its own, it’s a weirdo scent, with no real scent family to fit into, except for gourmand, (which is a strange place for a bitter bean).

Pisces - Lotus
Marine, meditative, and deep. True Lotus lacks the synthetic floral notes you may be expecting to find, thanks to the abundance of imitations on the market. Like many plants with a mutable roundness to them, that give the impression of juiciness, there tends to be a water connection. In the case of Pisces, traditionally governed by Jupiter (who holds dominion over fruits), and contemporarily by Neptune (ruler of illusion) the situation of a “fruit scent with no fruit” is too on the nose. But, for many already taking note of the astrological synchronicities, we see how much of what we used to think of as coincidence is something more cosmic indeed.  | @blackearthbotanica

What is Paranormal Awareness?

What is Paranormal Awareness?

By Kaedrich Olsen

Paranormal awareness is the ability to sense and perceive subtle energy and spiritual beings in the space around you.

It comes with the knowing that we live in a reality that intersects with various levels of existence and different types of energetic beings that live there.

This can include, but is not limited to, the spiritual realms of the afterlife. This is what we most commonly think of as a paranormal reality.

But there are many other layers to subtle reality that include the realms of nature spirits, ascended beings, interdimensional realities, and a plethora of creatures that defy categorization.

From birth we are all gifted with the ability to connect and interact with these subtle layers of existence. But through our upbringing, many of us were taught to suppress, ignore, and shun any sort of connections we made with subtle beings.

We carry this through our lives, gaining only small snippets of extradimensional contact. Only to shrug it off and admonish the silly notion that there is anything beyond our material plane of existence.

But perhaps you know differently. Perhaps you have seen little snippets of the beyond, even acknowledged that there is something more to our lives. And maybe, with that acknowledgment comes the curiosity to explore even further.

To help take you down this road of exploration we need to challenge the widely accepted notion that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. The more you delve into the complex reality of your being, the more you will find this simply is not true. The truth is far more complex.

We are spiritual and physical beings having a dynamic experience. The spirit and the flesh create each other through the experience of it. The more you experience your spiritual existence, the more you create it. What happens to one side of your existence affects the other.

Your spirituality and physicality are mutually connected.

With that understanding, we can begin to develop and hone your skills in paranormal awareness.

How do you know if you have paranormal awareness? Well, ask yourself these questions.

Have you ever sensed the presence of someone in the room with you? It can feel like someone is staring at you. Maybe it felt like someone was in the room next to you. Even feeling a touch or something moving your hair. But you cannot see anyone in the room with you.

Maybe you had a dream of a loved one who recently died. The experience felt so real, and the things they told you were comforting and gave you hope for their existence beyond the death of the body.

Was there a time you smelled something strange? Like the perfume of someone you once knew. The sudden burst of the smell of flowers, especially roses. Or even an awful smell. Accompanying the smell was a particular emotion or a memory.

How about catching the glimpse of a human-shaped form, only for it to disappear the moment you looked directly at it.

Identifying your Subtle Senses

All of these are examples of your clair-senses detecting subtle energy and conveying that information to your awareness.

Clair-senses include-
Clairsentience – the feeling of energy around you, like someone is nearby by, looking at you
Clairtangency – the feeling that someone touching you
Clairaudience – hearing subtle energy, like a sound or vibration
Clairalience – picking up the subtle smells around you, with a memory associated to it
Clairempathy – feeling the emotions of energy or beings
Claircognizance – receiving subtle communication, like telepathy or just “knowing”

Just as you have eyes to see, ears to hear, skin to feel, and a nose to smell, you have the subtle energy equivalent as a normal and natural part of your existence.

As a child, these senses may have been just as active as your physical senses. But over the years, you have learned that it is safer and easier not to acknowledge the reception of information from your subtle senses.

Believing is Seeing

Reactivating and developing your subtle senses is actually easier than you may think. But it does have its pitfalls.

There is a cycle of believing and seeing. If you at first can believe a little. That there is a paranormal reality around you, and that you have the capacity to perceive it. Then, you open your abilities, just a little.

The moment you perceive something, no matter how slight or subtle, acknowledge it for what it is. If you discount it and push it away, you may close your senses again. Just accept, for now that maybe you really did have a paranormal experience.

This acknowledgment and acceptance open your abilities, just a little bit more. So that the next time, you are even more aware of the paranormal experience. That opens your belief a bit more, enabling you to perceive even more.

The more you engage this cycle, the more you exercise your subtle abilities, and the stronger they get.

What happens next?

If at any time you feel fear, think that you are connecting to something dangerous, or have old fear-beliefs coming up about the scariness of the paranormal, I invite you to do a few little shifts.

If there is an entity you are connecting with. Instead of “OMG what are you going to do to me!!?”, think and feel, “Oh, I know you are there. Is there something I can do to help you?” Feeling this compassion changes the energy of your being and the nature of the connection you are forming. Of course, never agree to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

If your opening perceptions give you confirmation that there is indeed a subtle being in your presence, the moment you feel fear, shift it to awe and wonder. Let yourself express gratitude for perceiving this being. Then turn that into the notion of, “Oh wow! You are real! That is really cool! And I know you are there!”

These shifts in emotional energy will change the energy state around you, circumventing any potential negative interaction, and promoting positive perceptions of the paranormal reality around you.

Of course, you can always reach out to higher guidance, ascended beings, and protective entities to help assist in positive experiences with developing your paranormal awareness. They are always there to help you. All you have to do is ask in earnest.

No matter what, have fun with this process and happy exploring!


Connect with Kaedrich on instagram @kaedrich_olsen

Seasonal Support & Embodiment With the 4 of Cups

Seasonal Support & Embodiment With the 4 of Cups

By Davidia Turner

Spring is in full force and feelings of anticipation, excitement, regeneration and “opening up” are abound. After a year of social and physical distance, this Spring also brings with it the hope of reconnecting like never before. Sitting with folks in readings, having conversations with students and close friends, and during my own self reflections, a recurring theme has presented itself this season. “How do I honor and process the experience and events of the past year (personal & collective), while making way for the new?” Realizing the toll the pandemic has taken on a personal and collective level is just as important as cultivating new projects, fresh ideas and renewing our faith. And holding these two opposing spaces at once can feel daunting. After a major disruption of the routines and status quo, the prospect of finding sustainability and stability, both qualities of the number four, are on the horizon.

We can look to the energy of the 4 of Cups for emotional support and guidance as to how we can hold the past, the present and the future. The 4 of cups is an invitation to process, digest and evaluate previous experiences and actions, before taking on potential new opportunities and next steps. This is taking the time to choose wisely. It’s a chance to step back, step in and notice emotions, the body and the mind. This is about facilitating embodied connectivity to the choices and decisions we might be making at this time.

If the past year has activated your survival instincts, disconnected you from your body, or activated certain negative mental conditioning, the 4 of Cups can be a reminder to reconnect to self trust and your intuition. Intuitive listening allows us to honor our own timing, a view of this card I learned from my teacher Lindsay Mack. It asks us to make sure we aren’t pushing or persuading mind and body to leap into something we might not be fully ready for, or even really want. It can also show us how to address discontent, acknowledging outdated paradigms and inspiring us to build something new in its place. How have your priorities shifted this past year?

What matters most to you?
Have you taken time to steady yourself?

Name one thing that you are Excited to Begin and one thing You’re excited to Move on from; how are they connected?

Spring is an opportune time to implement supportive self-care practices that remind you to ground, center and reconnect before pushing ahead. Like the person sitting against the tree, taking in fully the three cups (emotional experiences) before them, while also contemplating what’s next (the cup presented by the disembodied hand), we can reflect on the past experiences we have had, and how they are disrupting or supporting any new habits and behaviors we wish to create.

The beauty of Spring is seeing the world wake up again. And many of us feel more than ready to get outside of ourselves, experience community and connectivity. The Four of Cups reminds us how important digesting and disseminating all that we have been through is to this process of re-emergence.

Simple Ways to Embody the 4 of Cups:

Give Yourself a Belly Massage
Sit/Lay or Place Feet on the Earth
Make a Cup of Ginger Tea

Connect with Davidia at or on Instagram @davidia.turner

Death, The Great Teacher

Death, The Great Teacher

By Kathryn Solie

When I wrote my previous Ritual Cravt article on the topic of death, I had no idea that by the time it came around to write my next, my beloved dog would have passed on.

While I’m probably more comfortable with death than many in our society, all of my trainings paled in comparison to the actual experience of his loss. I both was and wasn’t surprised by how bowled over I was by the experience. And although I know that pets are family members whose deaths are societally undervalued as impactful life events, I also know that when the time comes to lose my parents, or my partner, or my closest friends, the grief will likely be much greater. The power of this grief further cemented my belief in the importance of recognizing, contemplating, and doing processing work around death & dying - before, during, and after the experience of loss. One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and our loved ones is taking steps towards accepting and embodying this universal experience of death/change that truly awaits us all. It’s clear to me this is a lifelong practice and much more than an ideological crutch of “death optimism”.

The following are some thoughts I wrote down while in the midst of my recent period of grief.

Death is the greatest of all teachers. None can escape its impact. We can hide from it or open to it.

Death invites us to move slowly - so much more slowly than we’re accustomed to.
Deaths invites us to act from integrity and presence.
Death invites us to speak the truth.
Death invites us to listen to the soft song of the moment. That moment that tells us everything we need to hear.
Death invites us to acknowledge the preciousness of life. The beauty of it all.
Each hair on our beloveds head, every rain drop, every inhalation & exhalation - life becomes the temple.
The white noise of the refrigerator, the sound of cars driving by our window, even those never ending beeps from our devices become the mantra, the icaros, the sacred choir.
The depth in each moment becomes glaringly, gloriously obvious. How could we have ignored it all this time?

The more we resist the unwanted feelings death triggers in us, the more we long to hold onto the world we’ve known, the more we push away what wants to naturally occur - the more we inevitably suffer and miss opportunities to embody an emotionally transformative process.
These processes make way for true contemplation of death.

The sooner we begin to contemplate death, the sooner we can contemplate life. For what is it to live without the knowledge that this life will someday end?

We could in truth say that each moment is like a little practice death. Each and every point in time is fleeting. As Heraclitus said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”

The more we acknowledge death while we live, the more prepared we’ll be when the time comes for our loved ones and our own selves. And what is this preparation but opening to life?


Learn more about Kathryn at or IG @persephonespath

A Tarot Practice For Moving On

A Tarot Practice For Moving On

By Sterling Moon

How much energy do we waste stuck in time in our heads while the proverbial grass continues to grow under our feet? When a situation has exhaled its death rattle, it's time to get going. As we’re headed into the winter and the start of a new calendar year, it’s important that we figure out how to keep moving forward. Most of us ruminate over arguments long past or try to force old relationships into working better than they are designed to. Then there is the special type of liminal space that 2020 has brought us, which is unlike anything any of us have experienced in this lifetime. Usually when I write these pieces for Ritualcravt, I try to offer something that will be applicable no matter when the reader finds it. This month, that goal doesn’t feel authentic. What a year 2020 has been. We’re almost through an entire solar cycle of living with a pandemic. So many people have lost family members, had their source of income stripped from them, and face challenges to both their physical and mental health as a result. There is more collective awareness of racism and systemic oppression than ever before in the United States, where I live. There is also monumental work ahead and the question of whether most folks, particularly my own pale brethren, are up to the challenge of creating lasting change. We’ve just gone through a rather traumatic presidential election that yielded some great things at the state and local levels and drove record voter turnout, but also also highlighted some pretty gross truths about the value systems of many people in this country. To anyone who is reading this from outside the US, I am truly sorry you are all subjected to our news cycle. Please feel free to turn your attention elsewhere while we try to clean up this mess. Add to that the devastation of wildfires and catastrophic weather events related to climate change, the atrocities being committed in immigration detention centers, and military force being used against our own people...just this year alone! Did all of that make your chest seize up a bit? Me, too. It’s no wonder many of us are struggling. It is glaringly obvious that we have a lot of collective work to do, on top of the daily struggles we face, yet many of us are frozen with anxiety, fatigue, or just not knowing where to start. Never forget that we’re in this together, my friends. If you are here reading this, I believe that you are not someone who is afraid to do hard things. We’ve lived through a hell of a year and we are still here. That said, it’s time to turn the page to a new chapter because we have work to do.

This simple practice is meant to help you move past situations where there is nothing left to do or say; to reduce your attachment to the past; and provide some insight on how you can begin moving forward in the best possible way.

Tarot Practice for Moving On

Allow yourself 10-15 uninterrupted minutes to complete this practice. This was created with tarot or oracle cards in mind, but feel free to adapt to whatever divination tool works best for you. You may also want to have a journal and something to write with.

Notice yourself. Take a big breath and mentally scan your body from head to toe, noting how you feel. Observe the quality of air and light in the room. Take notice of your mood and thoughts.

Tune into the situation you want to move past. What does bringing your awareness to this particular issue do to the quality of your breathing or the sensations in your body? How does it impact your mood or thoughts?

Use the breath to let it go. Take a big, four-count breath. Hold at the top for two to four counts. Exhale for four to six counts and hold at the bottom for two-four counts. As you exhale, imagine that the situation you want to release begins misting away, disintegrating the impact on you and carrying it far, far away. Repeat this four times, envisioning that the situation gets smaller with each round until there is nothing left to exhale away. Check in with your body, mind, mood, and thoughts. If you have not experienced a release, repeat until you do.

Time to divine. Hold your tarot deck as you close your eyes and take one or two more gentle breaths to ground you. Envision that you are surrounded by a perfect circle of light, any color that comes to mind. Ask out loud for your guides, ancestors, and highest self to bring you guidance. Thank them in advance for their assistance. When you feel settled, shuffle your cards and begin. Lay the cards out however you wish.

Card 1: What can I learn from this experience?
Card 2: What do I need to let go?
Card 3: What is the next right step as I move forward?
Card 4: May I have one final card to represent what is needed for the highest good? (Note - this may be for you personally, but may also represent something needed in the collective.)

Sit with it. Allow your mind to be quiet as you reflect on your cards. Remember that spirit speaks through your tools. Take note of any additional messages, visions, or insight you receive. If any of the cards trigger a negative reaction, don’t discount it. This could offer insight into a potential silver lining, a suggestion of things to avoid, or an area that you need to switch your thought patterns.

Give thanks and move on. Check back in with the circle of light you created at the beginning. See it gently fall away. Thank your guides, ancestors, and highest self for their guidance. Take a big breath, stretch, and wiggle your body. Put your tools away and get going!

Seeing Persephone’s Face

Seeing Persephone’s Face

By Kathryn Solie

Most of us don’t begin to contemplate death until it’s right in front of us. When death does seep into our minds, it may show up as a distant thought laced with fear, avoidance, and apprehension; mentally relegated to a theoretical possibility requiring minimal to no contemplation.

Yet the truth is that death will one day greet us all, and there’s no guarantee it won’t be today.

An unfortunate side effect of our current cultural climate is that so many will view the previous sentiment as a depressing nod to the “inherent meaninglessness” of biological life. As if one of the most shared and profound of human experiences, death, is a morose concept and accursed truth. Perhaps many of our society’s ills have their roots in our inability to acknowledge the feelings of grief and dread which rise with the thought of our own impermanence.

Not all cultures, historically and today, feel this way about death. Likewise not all who accept death are merely hiding in culturally inherited fantasies about an afterlife; some are given the means to look beyond the material world and decide for themselves.

The Eleusinian Mysteries were an Ancient Greek rite tied to the story of Persephone and Demeter. These Mysteries were so well guarded that we have very little understanding of what happened there. What we do know, is that the mysteries were performed every year (except one) for at least 1,992 years, before being outlawed by the Roman emperor Theodosius as part of the campaign against “pagans”.

It is theorized participants drank of a sacrament derived, in part, from grain grown ergot that can elicit effects similar to LSD.

It was said that those who experienced the rites at Eleusis no longer feared death. Sophocles said, “Thrice happy are those of mortals, who having seen those rites depart for Hades; for to them alone is granted to have a true life there. For the rest, all there is evil.”

I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live in a time where the likes of Plato, Socrates, Heracles, and Marcus Aurelius would partake in these rituals alongside a wide range of people, regardless of class or gender. What would it be like to live in a society where a sizable portion of the population shared a spiritual experience that had the potential of bringing them to the realization that death was no longer a fate to fear? Of course, the Greeks were not perfect and their failings were plenty, but their openness to exploring the mysteries of life and death was surely amongst their greatest virtues.

Now more than ever our culture is in need of a new, rationally apprehended paradigm shift around death, for if we do not we are doomed to fear based survival behaviors, preached to us by the corporately influenced arbitrators of material reductionist “science”.

But even those of us who have yet to see Persephone’s proverbial face, can begin to change our relationship with death. We need only open to the mystery.

Further Resources:

The Road to Eleusis by R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofman, and Carl A.P. Ruck
The Immortality Key by Brian C. Muraresku
Being with Dying by Joan Halifax
The American Book of the Dead by E.J. Gold
Awakening Osiris by Normandi Ellis


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