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Tarotscopes | May 2022

April 28, 2022


By Justin Taylor

May 2022 is definitely packed full of interesting astrological transits, to say the least. We essentially start this month off with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 30th. The two signs of Taurus and Scorpio are the main characters for the next few months with eclipse season taking place here. Regardless if you have any planets in either of these signs, these eclipses will be felt by the collective. Both of these signs relate to possession and obsession, and these themes will be on full display again come the second Scorpio eclipse on May 15th. 

Lunar eclipses in essence are super charged full moons, where we are asked to release what is no longer serving us. During this time look closely as to what you have been fixated by and ask yourself if there is a better way to actualize it. There is a way to obtain your goals without becoming obsessed or consumed by it. 

On May 10th, Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Gemini until June 2nd. Notorious for all the mishaps and inconveniences, this retrograde shouldn’t be too awful. For those with Gemini or Virgo placements it will be felt more intensely. As always, don’t get caught up in all the disempowering pop-astrology and remember a retrograde is simply a time to rethink and redo. Annoying for sure, but not the end of the world. 

There is also great potential for growth around individuality and personal power this month. Aries, the sign of the individual and self assurance will have both Venus and Jupiter in its domain. The impact this will have on the collective will be largely felt. The ability to be confident in our actions and most importantly ourselves will be at the forefront. The only downside to this may be a tendency for impulsive reactions and decisions that create negative backlash. 

The tarot card for the collective this month is The High Priestess! With all that is transpiring in the cosmos for the month of May, this card is a great reminder to turn inward. When the High Priestess appears, it is a message to listen and honor your intuition. Look beyond what the conscious mind is telling you and listen to the small inner voice. There is a saying in some esoteric circles, that the ego mind speaks first and speaks loudest. Fight the instinct to go off of that alone and make sure your actions align with your true intent.



Aries – Queen of Pentacles

This May feel open to self care and the pursuit of activities that provide pleasure. As Venus will be in your sign this month, this is extremely aligned for you. This can always be seen as an invention to assess what is you value. The Queen of Pentacles wants you embrace all of these themes and make sure that your needs are being met. 

Taurus –Eight of Cups

Traditionally the card of apathy, the Eight of Cups can also be very enlightening Taurus. As previously mentioned you are center stage this eclipse season. Some questions to be asking yourself this month may be “What do I need to let go of to feel more fulfilled?” “In what ways am I holding myself back from being completely satisfied with my life.” Certainly heavier dialogue, but much needed. The stars are quite literally aligning to urge you forward into a space where things never felt as beautiful. Surrender all the past habits that have created any malaise you have with life, and embrace what is to come.

Gemini –The Magician

A great omen to get this May, Gemini! The Magician is the reminder that we have all we need to succeed. Take this month to draft your game plan and get going. Whatever it is you have your eye set on, it is more than achievable. The Magician is our ability to create magic at any point. All you need is in front of you, go for it.

Cancer- The Fool

A new adventure is unfolding in front of you Cancer. Unlike anything from your past, the fools journey is taking you somewhere unexpected. Even if you have no major plans to change things up, they will change regardless. No need to worry, unlike Death or The Tower, the Fool’s energy is playful and enjoyable. New love, new job, new depths whatever transpires will be something worthwhile.

Leo – The Lovers

Relationships are at the focus for you this month Leo. Single or partnered, the lovers card is about the duality we have within all our interpersonal relationships. Can this card be seen as an omen for new love, absolutely! But at its core it speaks much more for how we show up in our existing relationships. Anything lacking in these relationships is most likely something you are refusing to give. Forgiveness, understanding, intimacy the list goes on. Pay close attention to how you want to show up for those at this time. 

Virgo –Two of Swords

As a mercurial sign Virgo, it is time to tap into you keen sense of detail to power through this month. The Two of Swords is about inability to make a choice, to feel conflicted mentally. As mercury will be retrograde for the duration of the month this makes sense. Give yourself grace, and allow yourself to process things slower than usual. 

Libra – The Chariot

Literal movement or progression seems to be likely for you this month Libra. The Chariot is the card of transportation. It is a signifier of things needing to move in order to progress. So if you are not literally in the process of a big move, it can also be seen as something needing to progress. If you have been idle these past months get going on something you are passionate about. 

Scorpio – Seven of Pentacles

Like your opposing sign Taurus you have a lot in the stars for this month Scorpio. Themes of what you value may already be presenting themselves to you. The Seven of Pentacles is all about reaping the rewards of your investments. After what may haver been a challenging few months, or years even, your hard work has paid off. If not at that stage yet, take this as an indicator of the results that will come from the work you are putting in now.

Sagittarius –Knight of Pentacles

You may have the inclination to devote yourself to something around education, work or career this month Sagittarius. The Knight is about the pursuit, but in a steady way that will allow for maximum reward. So if you feel inclined to engage in a task with more effort than you would usually apply than proceed forward. Being in the suit of pentacles know it is about slow and steady wins the race.

Capricorn –The Moon 

The Moon is one of the most complex cards in the entirety of the tarot. Thematically it can be described as the subconscious mind; dark, complex and confusing. The duality here is that the moon is what lights the night sky. When this card appears it is ok to step back and evaluate your inner workings. Situations might arise or secrets about those close to you will come forward only to aid in your understanding. During this time try any activity that can get you more in touch with yourself. Art, journaling and meditation are all beautiful outlets for this form of energy. 

Aquarius –Three of Pentacles 

Teamwork makes the dream work for you this month Aquarius. The Three of Pentacles is here to remind you of the support already available to you, able to aid you in whatever goal you are seeking. Take inventory of those already in your network that may be able to help your pursuits. Naturally independent, this may be out of your comfort zone, but will surely get the job done in a more efficient way.

Pisces –Judgement

Reckoning with the past is what the Judgement card is all about Pisces. Finalizing one cycle and starting new. When this card shows up take it as an indicator for self evaluation. It is an awakening of all things that are possible through analyzing what has come before, and how you can change your future. With the information you uncover use it as a tool to create a new cycle that’s even more beautiful than the one before.