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Tarotscopes | February 2022

January 31, 2022

TAROTSCOPES | February 2022

By Justin Taylor

It is February and the unique cosmic weirdness that is both Aquarius and Pisces season is upon us. A time to project out from our myopic world view and get things done from a new perspective. This month is all about breaking down current structures and learning to get things done in a more innovative way.

Starting on the first of this month we have a new moon in Aquarius. This lunation is here to push us into actually creating a sustainable and efficient way to achieve what we want for the rest of the year, more so than any new moon this year. I say this because as of Thursday, February Third, all planets will be direct in the sky. This intentional, retrograde free energy will be with us until late April. It is officially go-time.

Whatever goals or visions we seek to create can be more easily achieved with this concentration of energy, so use it wisely. I don’t even see a reason to list other astrological transit for this is as good as it gets.

Aside from such great news, we do have a Leo full moon on February 16th. A time to celebrate and allow ourselves to be seen. Ending a cycle of doubts around our plans and creating more optimistic feelings around pursuing them. Around this time we will have Mercury, the planet of communication entering Aquarius as well. Making for more open minded dialogue and harmonious discussions.

Venus also being direct in the sign of Capricorn allows us to feel more free around spending both time and money on things that bring us pleasure. Adornment, events and expressing yourself might seem more worthwhile and appealing than before. This is also because for the majority of this month Mars will be conjoined with Venus as well which will heighten this pursuit of pleasure. This could make for either destructive or empowering means depending on how you wield it.

The tarot card for the collective this month is the Ace of Cups! I am beyond excited to share this as it is my personal favorite card in the tarot. The Ace of Cup speaks to an abundance of joy, love and blessings overflowing in your life. It is also a great reminder that when our cup is full it is easier to offer to fill up someone else’s. With all the planets being direct for the majority of the month I can already feel this magic at work. Send love to everyone you know, and those who you haven’t even met yet. The cup is flowing over.



Aries – Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups showing up for you this month is something to take notice of Aries. This card is a symbol to let it go, and to walk away. Whatever stagnate situation you’re struggling with is not yours to fix anymore. Make peace with it and move on.

Taurus – The World

An exciting omen for you this February Taurus. The World card is all about the ending of a cycle, a new beginning. Especially after what might have been challenging past months they are over now. You’ve learned what you need to do now to make for a better future.

Gemini – King of Wands

February makes for a very action oriented month for you Gemini. The King of Wands is about taking the inspiration and doing the work toward whatever goals you currently have. If you find yourself staying idle and planning, take action instead and refine the details later.

Cancer- Ten of Wands

What is overwhelming you at this time? That is the question to ponder currently Cancer. The Ten of Wands is about burdens and having too much going on. What can you eliminate from your to do list to make space for a healthier mind space? Whether the problems are yours or someone else’s only take on those which are of upmost importance.

Leo – The Fool

The Fool is here to tell you to tap into your curiosity this February. Naturally creative and insightful Leo, use these abilities to feel free with life. Put yourself out there, take that class, go to that restaurant. This month challenge yourself to do new things because you never know what it could lead to.

Virgo – Three of Pentacles

Two minds are better than one sometimes Virgo. The Three of Pentacles is the card of teamwork. Collaborate with friends or coworkers to achieve whatever the goal may be. Asking for help is not something to avoid, but to encourage when this energy presents itself. Delegating tasks can bring more downtime and less stress into your daily life.

Libra – Ace of Swords

Inspiration, clear thinking and decision making are things to aspire for Libra. Stereotypically, your ability to make decisions is not always your strong suit, challenge this. Keep your desired outcome of any situation present and act effectively towards it. The Ace of Swords is all about forward movement, and cutting the rest away.

Scorpio – Ten of Cups

A conclusion that is emotionally enriching and kismet is here for you this month Scorpio. The Ten of Cups makes for heart filling success to things you currently desire. Watch your relationships both romantic and otherwise flourish. Enjoy yourself by spending time with those you love. Celebrate all the love existing in your life and know it is abundant.

Sagittarius – Strength

When the Strength card appears it is a reminder of how we can tame any situation and bend it to our will. This February you might have to remind yourself of your power Sagittarius. Whatever is bringing you doubt can easily be remedied by remembering all the hardships of your past, and how you overcame them. What is making you doubt this ability now? Ruled by Jupiter, luck is always on your side. You got this.

Capricorn – The Chariot

Naturally striving to achieve your goals, this card is a reminder to keep your momentum Capricorn. The Chariot is the card of forward movement. With any current undertaking keep a progressive and determined approach. You will be rewarded when you don’t let yourself stray from your current course of direction.

Aquarius – Justice

When Justice makes an appearance it is usually when we have doubt surrounding the outcome of a situation. Trust the process of divine compensation this month Aquarius. Justice will make sure the scales balance back out to something that is fair for all. Trust the truth, and get back in tune with the balance of cause and effect.

Pisces – Six of Wands

Seemingly elusive Pisces, it is time to stand in the spotlight. The Six of Wands is the card of acclaim and audience. Look around to see those who support and cheer for you this February. Accept the warmth of others who want to remind you of all the good you are doing. With all the validation you receive from other, remember to do the same for yourself.