Experience the magic of aura photography with Aura Weaver! Not only does your aura surround you, it also weaves in and out of all aspects of your life. Aura photography captures a unique reflection of your energy and gives you a road map of your present moment. Aura photos shine a mirror onto your one-of-a-kind light.



Although appointments are recommended, we sometimes have availability for walk-in clients. Saturday-Monday 12-5pm.



Hi! Aura Weaver is Judah & Charlie!

We are artists and musicians who are fascinated by all things related to the magical and supernatural sphere. Charlie, a professional fine arts photographer and sound healer, currently is expanding her skills with doctoral studies in occupational therapy. Judah, certified as a meditation teacher by David Nichtern at Dharma Moon, is a magical circus performer, having traveled throughout the United States with the Splatter Time Players to bring twisted fairytales to Renaissance fairs.

Two years ago, Dottie the Auracam 6000, a camera invented in the 1970s, came into our lives. Since then, together we have photographed more than 5,000 auras. Weaving aura photography through our lives has resulted in a beautiful dovetailing of art and magic.


  • One Polaroid Print of your Aura
  • A Color Interpretation Guide
  • An Energetic Reading of your Essence

The aura is the bio-electromagnetic field surrounding our physical bodies. Each aura has many layers and colors, which when understood, give us a snapshot into the present moment.

We photograph with the AuraCam 6000! Created by Dr. Guy Coggins in the 1970s, the AuraCam 6000 gathers data from you via hand sensors that take electro-dermal and temperature readings to create your aura portrait! Our camera goes by Dottie, and she came to us through a serendipitous estate sale.

Currently, we are unable to offer a refund or reschedule your aura photo. However, you are welcome to send someone in your place. Just forward your confirmation to them. If you have an emergency or have been exposed to Covid, please email

If you can hold the baby or child in your lap, you are welcome to book an appointment for them. We only offer solo images of children who are 5 or older. Why? The hand sensors we use to capture a person’s aura are too large for children under 5.

Unfortunately, at this time, we DO NOT photograph the auras of dogs or cats. Please check out the offerings of our sister company, Rainbow Pup, coming in 2022.

Yes! Private aura photo parties are as fun for us as for you and your guests. Shoot us an email with your idea or request: