The Cult of Flowers Teas.


The Cult of Flowers, crafted by your village völva in olde world Scandinavian tradition.
Ritualcravt owner M. Johanna Rhysing’s line of creations.

Organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs blended by hand with intention.

Cunning Woman’s Blend- crafted to support spiritual workers and practitioners by cleansing and soothing the physical and spiritual bodies, and for nutritive support. A blend of edible weeds and flowers, fruits, roots, and tonic plants that can be sipped daily or liberally when you need more support. Chock full of vitamins + minerals, and plant allies that are soothing to the systems and to the soul.
Oatstraw, nettles, chickweed, cleavers, tulsi, rose petals, calendula, rosehips, dandelion leaf and root, and mint.

9 Flowers For Dreaming- inspired by the Scandinavian lore to divine your lover on midsommar eve by placing 9 flowers under your pillow… This tea is crafted as a soothing evening brew of 9 flowers in a base of delicious lemon balm. An excellent tea for bedtime to relax into sleep featuring some of the most important flowers at midsommar in my tradition. A gorgeous blend for dreamwork and divination during sleep- speak your intentions into your brew and sip.
Lemon balm, red clover, linden leaf and flower, chamomile, calendula, rose, elderflower, yarrow, hibiscus, and lavender.

3oz by weight, presented in a white air-tight bag.
Infuse 1 tbsp of herbs per cup of water.

Not intended for use during pregnancy. Please know your allergies and read ingredients carefully. Consult with a doctor for any questions regarding herb safety.