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Ritualcravt was born online in early 2015, and as of Oct. 31, 2015 we became a brick and mortar shop. We strive to serve the community by bringing handcrafted, ethically sourced provisions to assist in the spiritual processes. We have searched the world for artisans who create with intention, ceremony, and tradition. Our brick and mortar shop carries candles, incense, jewelry, books, crystals, animal items, art, resins, herbal products, antiques, and many found objects such as bones, shells and special talismans. We offer a full apothecary of over 200 herbs, resins and curios. Every visit to Ritualcravt is unique and we are always sourcing new and unusual pieces. The storefront is home to a group of incredible House Witches who are available during shop hours to consult about your magical needs- as well as a variety of tarot readers, astrologers, healers, and dozens of highly vetted teachers at our School.

Via our owner, Missy Rhysing:
I opened RC as an alternative to new age and metaphysical stores as I was having trouble finding goods that applied to my folk magic practices. I believe in sustainable and ethical sourcing, small batch making and handcrafting, and reclaiming traditional spiritual methods. Ritualcravt is an alchemy of all of those things, curated especially for dark hearts who understand the liminal nature of our world. My hope is that this endeavor gives everyone who finds it an opportunity to explore olde spiritual traditions and all that is possible when we go back to ways of working magic that is rooted in all cultures: folk magic and animist ways of healing and viewing the world. Ritualcravt is grateful and humbled to serve you.

{front cover of Nathaniel Drake by Wandering Wetplates, styled by Jessica Rowell}

Missy Johanna Rhysing is an American woman practicing traditional Nordic folk spirituality and magic on lands currently known as Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her people hail from Scandinavia, Bohemia/Czech Republic, France and England. She places great importance on honoring and reclaiming our root cultures as a means of remembering {especially for Americans}, reweaving, and practicing the olde ways of our ancestors for magical and healing purposes. Missy's trainings include Swedish massage, soul parts retrieval, a variety of spellwork services and divination methods, trolldom, meditation, past life work, shiatsu, ritual tattooing and art, and folk herbal and nutritional support. She has developed her own small-batch line of creations called The Cult of Flowers, available at Ritualcravt exclusively. Forever a student, Missy is currently continuing trolldom studies as well as deepening and applying her knowledge of the traditional nordic animist cycle of the year and the folk traditions of her ancestors from northern Europe. She has been offered the name Völva, or staff-carrying cunning woman, and holds that close to her heart with great honor. She carries immense gratitude for her teachers, ancestral council, and community peers for the doors that have been opened to her and for the personal healing she has received as a result of these teachings and practices. - Missy Johanna Rhysing