Ritualcravt Celestial Messenger Herbal Smoking Blend.


Handcrafted in our small Denver witchshop, our Celestial Messenger Smoking Blend was crafted for the pleasure of smoking, as well as connecting with the divine above us. This blend has a Mullein and Yerba Santa base with added herbs for a fragrant, soothing smoke. Smells divine. Could also be used as tea or burned with resins as incense. Tobacco free. Made for witches by witches.

You will receive 1/2 ounce of smoking blend in a recycled paper bag lined with a compostable film made from plant material. You must be 18 years of age to purchase this blend. Please read ingredients below and be aware of any allergies to herbs.

Ingredients: yerba santa, mullein, coltsfoot leaf, uva ursi leaf & peppermint.


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