Ritualcravt Dark Moon Handcrafted Tea.


Handcrafted in our small Denver witchshop, our Dark Moon Tea is helpful for working through things you want to remove from your space or spirit and harnessing the dark moon energy. The tea aids you while you access your shadow self and move beyond fears and things that hold you back from becoming your true self. Embracing the darkness is necessary to receive light. Please see ingredients below and be aware of any allergies to herbs.

Directions: Use one tablespoon of herbs per 8 oz of water for tea.

Ingredients: elderberry, chicory root, rooibos, burdock root, cinnamon, cloves, ginger root , and orange peel.

Once finished, the tin can be repurposed for other herbs or treasures.

You will receive approximately 4.7 oz net wt.

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