Custom Flower Essence Potion.


Allow us to make a potion for you! Handcrafted in-house, our flower essence potion blends are made for your purpose. Send us a note with your order and let us know what your intention would be: protection, dreamwork, mental clarity, grief or loss, strength, integrity, opening to love or self-love, increasing psychic development… What do you need help with?

We will blend a custom flower essence potion for you from our large selection of flower essences. Flower essences are herbal infusions made from the flowering part of the plant, infused into water by the sun and made in ceremony. They are vibrational remedies made by the witch to infuse the plant’s spirit into the liquid. FE’s uniquely address the emotional and mental aspects of the plant’s healing properties, and are excellent tools for use in a gradual change in state of mind, magical being, and our spirit bodies.

FE’s are very safe! They can be taken internally, rubbed on pulse points or the third eye, or dropped on your pillow to allow the vibration to permeate while you sleep. Our potions contain only highly diluted plant essences (similar to homeopathics), brandy, and spring water. They are non-toxic, have no drug interactions, and have no effect on the body’s biochemistry. They do contain brandy- if you have a difficult relationship with alcohol we suggest taking 2 drops in a cup of tea or water instead, or not using flower essences at all.

We will generally create a potion with a combination of 2-3 flower essences depending on what you would like assistance with. We suggest 3-13 drops, 3-4x per day. We also suggest taking them with a mantra or magical words to reinforce the change you would like to see. We will include these with your potion but change the words to whatever feels best to you! These potions are a gradual shift, generally people notice over time that things “seem to have magically gotten better.”

Disclaimer: Our potions are not a cure for disease or sickness, mental illness, and we are not doctors. We do not diagnose or cure illness. Please see your doctor for anything of this nature.