The Cult of Flowers Swede-ish Bitters.


The olde traditional “Swedish Bitters” formula is perhaps the most well-known bitters formulation in the world, dating back to the 15th century. My Swede-ish Bitters is an extraction of 7 roots and herbs with nods to ancestral plants from my tradition. Bitters are used to activate the digestive system and stimulate the appetite, enhancing the production of digestive juices in the body, stimulating movement in the digestive tract, and assisting in breaking down food and nutrient assimilation. Other benefits include: promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal flora, and stimulating bile production which assists the liver in breaking down cholesterol and environmental toxins. Bitters have also been used historically to alleviate anger and repressed emotions.

Bitters are activated by taste- it’s important to taste the bitter flavor of this potion to receive the benefits! Take 6 drops in the mouth 20 minutes before meals, or if you forget- immediately before or after food.

Bitter and aromatic bitter plants in this blend: burdock root, dandelion root, dandelion leaf, angelica root, chamomile, yarrow, and orange peel extracted in Colorado vodka.

30ml presented in a frosted glass and bamboo bottle with glass dropper.

These remedies are allies and are not meant as a replacement for medical care. Always seek medical or mental health care when needed. This blend is not for use in pregnancy. Be aware of any allergies you may have to herbs and read the ingredients carefully.

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