The Cult of Flowers Rare Flower Essences.


The Cult of Flowers, crafted by your village völva in olde world Scandinavian tradition.
Ritualcravt owner M. Johanna Rhysing’s line of creations.

Rare flower essences of plants mindfully collected according to my tradition, prayed over, and captured in brandy and spring waters. Flower essences are plant spirit medicine, they act on the spiritual and emotional bodies and when taken over time, can be powerful allies in shifting our emotional states, perspectives, thought forms, and can assist us in spiritual processes. Take 3, 6, or 9 drops orally 1-3x times a day, repeating a formula or phrase that reinforces what you are working on. Take orally or topically as long as you need. You may also anoint yourself, your objects, use in spellwork,  and more. These remedies do contain brandy; if you have a difficult relationship with alcohol you can avoid these or you can take in tea or other liquids if that feels ok for you.

White Bleeding Heart FE- a remedy for emotional co-dependence, for when we are entangled in fear within relationships, for neediness. Love others unconditionally, open the heart, gain emotional freedom. Made with 3 blossoms young, full, and waning, on Saturn’s Day, from a luscious garden tended by a couple who has been together for 33 years, in Minnesota glacial water from 700 ft. below the surface.

Cherry Blossom FE- a remedy to ease the healing and integration of childhood and adolescent traumas and hardships. Bring back youthful joy, feelings of exuberance, and openness. Multiple blossoms collected during a most powerful spontaneous sun shower, on Freya’s Day, in Minnesota glacial water from 700 ft. below the surface.

Pink Dandelion FE- a remedy to assist when we are overextended, have become rigid in our thoughts, when tensions are high. Find balance in work and play, in our current cultural climate, inner ease in the mind and body. A self care and self love ally. Made with 3 blooms young, full, and waning, on Freya’s Day, Walpurgis, May Day Eve in pure Colorado spring water.

Lily of the Valley FE- a remedy to reconnect to the divine {to the gods, our ancestors, guides, and helpful spirits} when we feel lost, to overcome fear and despair. See the good in people and the world, remember ourselves as spiritual beings. 9 blooms covered in morning dew, collected in May {their month}, and soaked in Minnesota glacial water from 700 ft. below the surface.

15ml presented in a glass and bamboo bottle with glass dropper. Brandy, spring water, sunshine, prayers, and a dilution of plant material.

These remedies are to assist in processes and are not meant as a replacement for medical or psychiatric care. Always seek medical or mental health care when needed.