Tarot Reading


20 MIN | $45

30 MIN| $65

40 MIN | $85

Scopa/Italian Playing Cards


20 MIN | $40

30 MIN| $60


You will be booking an in-person reading unless otherwise selected!

Frankie Castanea (they/them) is a tarot & playing card reader, Italian American folk practitioner, and ancestral reconnecter. They have been on a journey of reconnection to culture and ancestral practices for almost four years now, but have been practicing tarot for seven. Frankie is a reader who is dedicated to creating space for their clients, offering practical methods of moving forward from obstacles that may appear and utilizing their knowledge of the tarot to assist you through a variety of matters.

They have been studying one of the many methods of reading Italian regional playing cards for the past year, a 400 year old divination method that utilizes cards designated for games such as scopa, calabresella, and have deep cultural ties to Italy. These cards differ depending on the region of Italy, including Spanish-influenced decks, Northern decks, German-influenced decks, and French-influenced decks. Similar to the folk magic of Italy, each family, person, and player reads their cards slightly differently and prescribes slightly different meanings, providing a unique experience focused on everyday matters and direct answers.

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