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Intuitive Guidance: Are you feeling sad, confused, or blocked creatively? Do you have trouble finding happiness or meaning, and struggle in relationships? Often along our soul’s journey we pass through deep states of contraction, you may experience a squeeze so tight that it can feel suffocating. These dark nights of the soul often prepare us for a powerful transformation. Through intuitive guidance you can deepen into the spirited messages from within and beyond that will take you forward, toward the fullest, most fulfilled, and utmost brilliant expression of yourself.

Dream Diving: Every night our psyche gifts us with potent images, precisely designed to bring wholeness and inspiration into our lives. Diving into these dream worlds helps us step out of our worn-out stories about who and what we are, and into portals of possibility that can bring our lives into creative connection and give us whole new avenues of understanding and awareness. Dreams are multi-dimensional and because they are not bound by space and time, they often have important messages for us from our past and future selves and our guides.

Oracle Card Readings: Artistic images reflected in physical space hold psychic energy. They are a creative medium with which spirit can speak directly to your intention, question, or presenting problem. The cards have the ability to communicate meaning and guidance through the language psyche loves most, images. Find out which energies are showing up, right here, right now. What is appearing in the shadow, the past, the self or the underworld? Similar to dreams, the cards can unveil the depths of your personal myths and magical direction.


Naomi Sangreal is an avid dreamer, teacher, artist and magical psychotherapist. She has been channeling prophetic dreams and making artwork as long as she can remember. Whether you need consistent guidance, a simple card reading, a dream diving session or a combination of all three, you can work with Naomi to choose the approach that best fits your needs. She is guided by her keen intuition, a lifetime of research and experience with dream work, as well as her extensive academic studies of the deep psyche. Naomi graduated with her BA in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University with an emphasis in Transpersonal Counseling, Art Therapy and Visual Art. Naomi has been teaching dream and nightmare classes at Ritualcravt in Denver, CO for over 5 years and holds her Masters in Counseling and Depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. With one foot in each world, she brings together the healing power of psychology and the transformative wisdom of spirit to artfully guide you through life’s challenges. Naomi’s authentic presence and down to earth approach creates a genuine connection and safe space for compassionate healing.

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