Tarot Reading


20 MIN | $40

30 MIN | $60

60 MIN| $85

Astrology Reading


30 MIN | $60

60 MIN| $85

90 MIN | $125


You will be booking an in-person reading unless otherwise selected!

Bea (she/her) is a reader, medium, healer, and seer. Since she was a child, she has had a connection to spirit, animals, and nature, and an ability to speak with those on the other side. Bea is driven by the desire to serve others and facilitate healing. She did not start her true spiritual journey until the unexpected loss of her lifelong best friend, Paige. For the first time in her life, Bea was able to understand the yearning and need for hope, and a belief in something bigger than oneself. Bea believes that her loved ones have guided her through this journey so that she can in turn help others who may be experiencing any type of grief or struggle in life. At all times Bea seeks to serve as a medium and messenger between Spirit and those who seek it. “Seek peace and pursue it.”


Tarot Readings

In a tarot reading, I will utilize a mix of tarot, oracle cards, and intuition. I ask spirit to provide you with the messages you need to move forward with strength, clarity, and peace. We can ask spirit what the most important messages are for you to hear, ask questions, or dive deep into any specific area of your life for guidance.

*Astrology Readings: please leave date of birth, town of birth, and time of birth (if possible) for all associated parties to the reading in the notes section when booking.

Natal Birth Chart Readings

In a natal birth chart reading, we will explore your planetary placements and their house significations through the story of your life via the lens of your birth chart. We will need your birth information (date of birth, town of birth, and time of birth if possible). Astrology does not mean that your fate is entirely destined, but it does showcase how we are connected to not only the planetary bodies in our universe, but also the people hanging out down here with us as well. Astrology can act as a guide and aid for understanding yourself and the world around you.

Synastry Relationship Reading

In a synastry reading, we will look at the effects two people have on each other, how they may be compatible, and what tension may arise between the two. We will need birth information for both parties (date of birth, town of birth, and time of birth if possible). The synastry chart focuses on the dynamics both consciously and subconsciously playing out between the interactions of two individuals. Exploring a synastry chart can help one understand how they may inadvertently trigger, best show up for, and compromise with another. In the 1 hour appointment, we will also explore the composite chart of the relationship shared, looking at the broad scheme of the relationship experienced as a whole.

Solar Return Reading

In a solar return reading, we will pull the solar return chart to explore how your year of life between birthday to birthday will play out. The solar return represents when the sun returns to the same degree/place that it was in the moment you were born, which is what you see as the sun’s placement in your natal birth chart. The solar return chart pulls the chart of the moment, when the sun returns to that exact degree of your natal each year around your birthday. This chart tells the story of your upcoming year, from one birthday to the next. We will explore the planetary placements and their house significations to give you a heads up on what to expect.