Ritualcravt Limited Edition Summer Solstice Tea.


Summer Solstice Sun Tea. This tea was formulated with the intention of connecting with the sun and summer solstice. You can serve hot or iced to your preference! Feel free to customize and add your own sweeteners, seasonal fruits, fresh herbs or spirits after making your sun tea.
Suggested preparation: Instead of heating water in a kettle; you can depend on the sun as your natural warming source*. You’ll need a clear glass container with a tight fitting lid or you can cover the top with cheesecloth; to keep your tea safe from summer bug friends. Pour distilled water into your clean jar or pitcher; we suggest using a generous scoop of the blend in a bag/diffuser while leaving enough room where it can be closed at the top. After covering the jar, place it directly in a sunny, safe spot! Let it steep for three to six hours; then place in the fridge to cool down. Remove the tea blend from the container and add any other extra elements of your choice. Enjoy over ice during the day or evening!

*If you live somewhere that is not consistently sunny during this time of year or for other reasons in which you cannot leave it in the sunlight; instead brewing on the stove is just as applicable! The herbs and plants in this tea are associated with the Sun.

Ingredients: {All Organic} Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Hibiscus Flowers, Ginkgo Leaf and Lemongrass.

You will receive one 6 oz reusable glass jar of Summer Solstice Sun Tea.

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