Intentional Sugar and Salt Wands. By Flower & Fin.


Kitchen Witchery at its finest! These intentional 1 ounce sugar and salt wands are a great addition to any practice. Add these sugars and salts to various recipes to add extra magic into your cooking.

“For centuries, humans have forged a deep bond with plants. Flowers and herbs can heal us, not just physically, but spiritually. As a firm believer in the spiritual and magical properties of plants, I take their attributes into consideration in order to create a mindful approach to baking and cooking.
Creating a meal or a dessert is an act of love in itself, but I aim to dive deeper and create with an intention that goes beyond taste. It is my hope that anything created in my kitchen will help to manifest positivity throughout your daily lives and serve as a reminder that when you are feeding yourself, and others, to do so with a compassionate heart.”

Self Love Sugar Wand – This all organic cane sugar infusion induces self love. It contains Calendula for consistency. Hibiscus is added for passion, because who says we can’t be passionate about ourselves? Rose petals are for love and appreciation.

Stress Relief Sugar Wand – This all organic cane sugar mixture will help release negativity while evoking tranquility and productivity. It contains orange peel, lavender, and mint. Orange is said to communicate the joy of positive spirits and helps release obsessive thoughts. Lavender is an antidepressant that promotes peace, clarity of thought, and relaxation. Mint promotes calmness and self confidence by banishing negative thinking. For brain fog, mint aids in mental alertness.

Spirit Guide Sugar Wand – This all organic cane sugar blend includes herbs and spices that help in communication with higher spirits and connecting with our intuition. Cinnamon is infused for clairvoyant energy and clearing out negative energy. Sage is used for wisdom and manifesting wishes. Roses can help in unmasking mysteries and raising psychic energy. Lavender boosts psychic awareness, creativity, clarity, and focus. This is the perfect sugar to stir into tea before working with divinatory tools, working with ancestors or guides, or taping into ones own intuition.

Banish the Bad Salt Wand – This sea salt infusion is a combination of basil, lemon peel, and cayenne. Basil is used for protection, prosperity, and promotes tranquility. Lemon peel removes unwanted negative energy. Cayenne pepper offers protection, strength, and courage.

Protect Yourself Salt Wand – This salt blend consists of black sesame seeds, rosemary, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Black sesame attracts abundance, especially in business endeavors. Rosemary dispels jealousy, cleanses energy, and keeps away nightmares. Nutmeg brings good luck and encourages favorable decisions. Cinnamon protects the home.