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“Flower essences embody a living tradition of magical herbalism. In use since the early 1900s, flower essences are not tinctures but diluted cold water infusions of the fresh flowers which are harvested in a mindful ceremony and prayed over. Developed by Doctor Edward Bach in the early 1900s, they are meant to be ingested in homeopathic amounts to help with emotional pain such as fear, uncertainty, loneliness, oversensitivity, burnout, sadness, and trauma. Flower essences made from poisonous plants are safe to ingest and can be used for spiritual cleansing, magical rituals, anointing, and plant spirit communion.

Ask the plant spirits for aid and guidance through rough times. Don’t forget to leave an offering to the plants after they have helped you and the circle of giving is complete. Fitting offerings include incense, honey, wine, art, music, or growing them in your garden.”

Amanita Muscaria “Fly Agaric” Mushroom Essence:

Fly agaric mushroom essence is used for understanding microcosms and macrocosms when we are stuck in myopic views. It can help people emotionally recover from sexual abuse, emotional pain, rejection, and other insecurities. It can enhance creativity, self-expression, visual art, dance, music, poetry, writing and other valuable arts. Fly agaric can enhance our ability to connect with the sacred, the otherworld, the spirit world, nature, and the ancestors. It is a bridge between worlds. It is the World Tree as a mushroom.

Instructions: To go start a healing journey with fly agaric, take three drops of the mushroom essence under your tongue 1-3 times a day for a period of 3, 6, or 9 days, weeks, or months depending on your situation. To use this mushroom essence for magic and ritual, take three drops before performing ceremonies of working with ancestors, plant spirits, animal spirits, or deities.

Ingredients: Mother essence of amanita muscaria, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.

Belladonna Flower Essence:

Belladonna flower essence is used to remove illusions from our lives so we can see clearly and cut the things out of our lives that harm us; negative habits, behaviors, thoughts, unhealthy relationships, and careers that crush the soul. Flower essences are sympathetic magic. Live atropa belladonna plants can remove toxins from water and the atropine extracted from belladonna is used to treat people exposed to chemical warfare. Belladonna can help clean the mind and spirit of toxins in an act of purification/spiritual cleansing.

Ingredients: Atropa belladonna flower mother essence, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.

Datura Inoxia Flower Essence:

Datura flower essence is used to cleanse and purify oneself of negative energies whether they are coming from external forces or from yourself. Datura doesn’t judge, it cleanses anyone who needs it, even if you broke a taboo or your actions caused harm. Flower essences are sympathetic magic. Live datura plants can remove even heavy contaminants from soil and the alkaloids extracted from datura are used to treat people exposed to chemical warfare. Datura can help clean the mind and spirit of toxins in an act of purification / spiritual cleansing – internally as well as in our external lives.

Ingredients: Datura inoxia flower mother essence, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.

Henbane Flower Essence:

Black henbane flower essence can be used to connect with the ancestors and aid in healing ancestral lines of curses and breaking harmful patterns that span generations. It is a protective plant who can purify people, places, and objects of evil energy, spirits, and intentions. It is also an ancient herb of initiatory rites that feature the symbolism of death and rebirth making it useful for those who need to shed their skin like a snake and start anew. Henbane may be poisonous, but it is also an important medicine used continuously by humans from prehistory to modern day. Flower essences are sympathetic magic, ingest this essence to aid in healing from trauma of the body, mind, and spirit.

Ingredients: Hyoscyamus niger flower mother essence, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.

Witch Flight Flower Essence:

Using four famous nightshade herbs, our witch flight flower essence mimics the recipes of historical flying ointment recipes and can be used to aid in astral travel, lucid dreaming, trance work, divination, seership, shape-shifting, ecstatic ritual, and communicating with ancestors, plant spirits, animal guides, and deities. It is a sympathetic and homeopathic alternative to using our ointments as witches’ flying ointments. These four witch herbs are very purifying, protective, and healing. Use their aid to overcome obstacles in your life, to heal from trauma or grief, or to see through illusion and cut out the harmful things and people from your life.

Ingredients: Mother essences of atropa belladonna, datura inoxia, datura stramonium, hyoscyamus niger, and mandragora autmnalis flowers preserved with aquifer water and distilled grape alcohol.

Foxglove Flower Essence:

Foxgloves are used in Bach flower essence therapy to help resolve feeling confused, lost, directionless, and stuck. It helps those who see no way out of a bad situation by separating emotions from your difficulties so you can see clearly and cut through the brain fog to a solution or strategy. It can also help those who have no drive, no motivation, and has no idea what to do about it. Foxglove won’t give you magical motivation, but it can help you see why you lack it and what emotions are really interfering with your desires. In folk magic foxgloves are used for protection from witchcraft and the evil eye. Poisons are often thought to be the strongest herbs for magical protection.

Ingredients: Mother essence of digitalis purpurea flower, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.

Destroying Angel Mushroom Essence:

Destroying angel mushroom essence is used for understanding death and bringing one’s spiritual energy closer to death to better work with the ancestors and chthonic deities of death and the underworld. Working with this mushroom spirit can help ease the fear of death for yourself and for your loved ones. It can be used to soothe the heart and soul of the dying, those who are losing or have lost a loved one, and those with careers who regularly encounter death.

Ingredients: Mother essence of amanita bisporigera, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.

Wolfsbane Flower Essence: 

Wolfsbane is used in Bach flower essence therapy to help overcome our fears and protect ourselves emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In folk magic wolfsbane is used in protection and “don’t perceive me” spells. In Greek mythology it is sacred to Hekate and Saturn and in its creation myth it sprouted from the poisonous drool of Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of the underworld.

Ingredients: Mother essence of aconitum flower, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.

Mandrake Flower Essence:

Mandrake flower essence can be used to build better connections between humans and plants and aid in communication with spirits and deities. Mandrake is the little world tree; part human, part plant, and thus an indispensable guide to travelling between our world, the otherworld, and the underworld. It is a shape-shifter and teacher of transformation as one of the plants in folklore said to turn people into beasts. Mandragora is also a potent muse who enhances lust, creativity, visionary flow, psychic ability, divinatory prowess, as well as one’s overall confidence and energy. On an emotional level mandrake helps get to the root of our problems so we can root out the harmful things in our lives and make the changes necessary for positive transformation.

Ingredients: Mandragora autumnalis flower mother essence, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.

Lily Flower Essence

Lily of the valley is used in Bach flower essence therapy to reconnect to the divine when we feel lost and to regain child-like innocence and trust after being wounded. It is used to help children overcome trauma and be children again and for adults to regain a child’s sense of wonder and awe. It’s medicine can potentially help overcome the feelings of betrayal and despair over the lies of society that conceal hatred, racism, xenophobia, and inequality and to help see the good in people and the good things people are doing to help each other.

Ingredients: Mother essence of convallaria majalis flower, aquifer water, and distilled grape alcohol.


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