The Cult of Flowers Botanical Perfume Oils.


Organic and sustainable essential oils, absolutes, and butters in fractionated coconut oil. These dilutions are perfume strength.

Gilded- warm skin, white florals, baked earth. The scent of walking through the garden district in the French Quarter on a hot summer day. My most tenacious floral blend. Mature patchouli, sandalwood, petitgrain, labdanum, jasmine and white roses. Feminine.

Lay Me Down In Violets- midsummer greens, meadow, cool. The scent of daydreaming in a bed of violets on a breezy day. A light blend perfect for those that do not want to wear heavy perfume. Sandalwood, orris butter, violet leaf, carnation, rosewood, and benzoin. Leans feminine.

Kyrkogården Dirt- the cemetery dirt in Swedish. The scent of spellwork in the cemetery- dirt, mossy, roots, and incense. A gorgeous and potent blend. Oakmoss, spikenard, lavender, clove, geranium, and galbanum. Genderless.

Blue- the scent of the color blue. Earthy, resinous flowers and woods. A mystical quality yet very wearable. Ylang ylang, spikenard, dark patchouli, black frankincense, cedarwood atlas, blue chamomile, blue cypress, and lavender. Genderless, possibly leans feminine.

10ml presented in a glass and bamboo bottle with deluxe steel roller ball. Oil colors will vary depending upon natural plant material colors. Shake to blend before use.

Please know your allergies and read ingredients carefully. Always test new perfumes on a small part of the inner arm and check for itching or irritation.

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