Sankta Lucia Shrine & Community Candle Devotional. December 9th-13th, 2021.

Monday, December 13, 2021

St. Lucia’s Day was a prominent celebration during the holiday season for my ancestors. Olde calendars placed the longest winter night around Dec 12th- it was thought that on this night evil forces were afoot; animals were possessed and could speak and there was a dark undertow. Lucifer was perhaps wandering… My studies have suggested that as the church and the cults of saints came in, so did St. Lucia {originally an Italian saint} and the dark undertow faded into St. Lucia’s feast day on Dec. 13- a time when the light came back and there was hope and celebration during harsh northern winters. The St. Lucy tradition has endured and the day is filled with ritual, songs, and joy; a very prominent celebration in Scandinavia and also in my hometown where the diaspora is abundant. For me, St. Lucia shines her light in my darkness, she shows me things I cannot always see {she is the saint of the blind}, and she brings joy and luminous energy when I need it most. Her worship is a community offering- a time to send warmth, healing and resilience out to those who need it most.

Ritualcravt owner Missy Rhysing will be setting up her 100+ year old Sankta Lucia statue with traditional offerings at Ritualcravt from Dec. 9-13th.

Join us at the storefront any time during shop hours to light a candle or two for a community member, family or special person you know who could use some light in their life. You may also bring appropriate offerings for St. Lucy if you like.