Psychic Self Defense with guest Marcella Kroll, Aug. 12, 2017, 3-5pm.


Please join artist and intuitive Marcella Kroll for this 2 hour workshop to learn about psychic self defense and some practical and basic techniques to protect yourself and your energy from psychic attack, negativity energy, entities, and psychic vampirism. No experience necessary. Please bring a notebook and writing utensil. Please bring your purchase receipt to the event as well.

Marcella Kroll is an artist, intuitive, contributing author, creator of the Sacred Symbols Oracle, the Nature Nurture Oracle, and the podcast Saved by the Spell.  She has been offering her guidance gifts for the last 20 years. While being able to dedicate the last 8 years full time to her private practice. She is a program director for the Los Angeles Public Library, leading public classes for teens on Tarot, and other Divination subjects.  While regularly holding healing circles, public ritual, lectures, and empowering workshops for Men & Women in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as traveling to other parts of the country and the globe to guide teach others.
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