Tarot Readings with guest Pleasant Gehman, Aug 24, 2017, 12-6pm.

Join us for a tarot reading with guest Pleasant Gehman August 24th from 12-6! Call the shop to book your time.

A gifted Tarot reader and psychic healer, Pleasant’s forte is not just her intuitive skills but also the compassionate way she relates to her clients. Her interpretations are intelligent and honest; her unique way of explaining the cards and offering counsel- often with a touch of gentle humor- puts her clients at ease. Pleasant’s readings have been called “ the most spot on I’ve ever had” “ sensitive and accurate”, and full of “clarity and perspective”. Her energy healing abilities are unparalleled…but the incredibly positive things her many clients have said sadly can’t be repeated on a bio… because they’d sound like false claims!

Interested in the metaphysical and the occult since she was a child, Pleasant saved her babysitting money to buy her first deck of Tarot cards at the age of thirteen and never looked back. Since then, her life has always been filled with synchronicity, odd coincidences, insight, dreams that came to pass and unexplainable phenomena.   When she isn’t  engaging in her “woo woo” side, Pleasant is a writer with eight published books to her credit and and a professional dancer who teaches and performs worldwide. Look for her forthcoming book, co-written with Crystal Ravenwolf, “Walking The Tarot Path” for release around  Halloween 2017. Her mission is to share her gifts, knowledge and passions with others, helping them to live the most magickal lives they possibly can. www.pleasantgehman.com

30mins $40, 60mins $75. Call to reserve your time 303-458-1459