Rainbow Pup Aura. July 23 & 24th, 2022. 11-6pm.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

AURA Weaver is excited to announce aura portraits for your favorite four-legged friend with our sister company RAINBOW PUP Aura on July 23 & 24! Does your pupper transmit an empathetic and intuitive purple? Or a creative and artistic orange? Find out at your doggo’s aura portrait sitting.
Do we photograph cats?
Alas, no. We are still perfecting our technique to interest our feline friends in standing on the metal plates for the necessary five seconds required to transmit the aura.
How does the process work?
To prepare for the portrait, we position your dog’s paws on two metal plates. These plates read the energy field of your pet and transmit it to the AuraCloud 3D Camera. At the sitting, you will receive a 4”x6″ photograph, and afterward, we will email the image to you.
What is an aura?
An aura is a visual representation of your dog’s astral body through color. Each color has its own representation and meaning, guiding you to an understanding of your dog’s energy field.
What does each session include?
4″x6″ Print of your Dog’s Aura
Color Interpretation Guide
Energetic Reading of your Dog’s Aura
How are these sessions different from human aura photographs?
We take aura portraits of our human patrons with a Polaroid camera, the AuraCam 6000. The sessions with the doggos is the AuraCloud 3D Pro, a digital imaging camera. Make sure you take a look at the pictures of our animals to make sure it is what you are expecting!

Please join us for this two day pop-up in our large classroom!

This will be 11-6pm each day!

Please book your session online here: