Front Range Herb Seed Library Pop-Up.

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Seed saving is a cherished and time-honored practice everywhere that people have lived on earth. Selecting seed according to desirable traits has given us the ability to grow crops suited to unique bioregions, crops that resist diseases, as well as ones that become prolific producers. Seed libraries offer the chance to grow seeds harvested from local gardens and return a portion of those seeds for future gardens and gardeners. Each subsequent generation of seeds becomes more and more locally adapted, which is incredibly important in an era of increasing climate change. The Front Range has a number of challenges that gardeners face, and by selecting seeds from our toughest plants, we are passing resilient traits into our foods and medicines. The mission of this seed library is to focus on collecting and distributing seeds of medicinal, culinary, and useful herbs in and around the Front Range of Colorado.

Seeds will be available at no cost, but donation is appreciated. There will also be Herbal oils and other goodies provided by Roots Medicines Gardens available for purchase as well!

Stop by anytime 11-6pm, on March 6, 2021 no tickets necessary!

Marla Alexander is a born and raised Denverite who combines her passions for growing plants, high altitude gardening, and herbal medicine making with her business Roots Medicine Gardens. In the Fall of 2020 she formed the Front Range Herbal Seed Library to promote saving and passing on the seeds of locally grown herbs to gardeners of the greater Denver metro area and beyond.

Check out the lovely instagram accounts of the contributors to this event @herbseedlibrary & @roots_medicine_gardens .