CRAVT Pop-Up. Writual Planner. November 20, 2021. 11-6pm.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

CRAVT Pop-Up is hosted at Ritualcravt, to bring exposure and attention to artists and craftspeople.  These Pop-Ups will showcase an individual maker in our storefront with their products, goods, art, and jewelry for a one day event! We will house local and non-local artists monthly. 🙂
Come by anytime November 20, 2021, 11-6pm to meet the maker/s who will have a generous selection of their work available for purchase. No tickets necessary.

This Pop-Up will be featuring Writual Planner {@writualplanner on ig}!

“Writual Planner was born when I just couldn’t find a planner out there that fit my tarot journaling needs. I yearned for a daily practice, but never seemed to stick to daily writing in a notebook and the tarot planners I could find on the market seemed either lack-luster or way too complicated to manage in the few short minutes I had available each morning. After endless searching I decided that I would make my own, to include everything I wanted for a simple, maintainable daily practice.

I shared the results with a few of my tarot friends and they were so excited about it I decided that maybe others would love it, too!”


{if you are interested in vending at one of our pop-ups, go to our website and scroll to the bottom of our homepage, then click “Be a CRAVT Market Vendor” for more details.}