3rd Annual Spring Plant Sale with Oak and Hawthorn, May 5 6, 2018, 10-6pm.

Our treasured 3nd Annual Plant Sale takes place May 5 6! Local grower Michelle from Oak and Hawthorn has been busy growing medicinal, rare, and magical plants for our sale. Michelle will also be bringing some of her creations- art, straining cloths, witch’s candles, and more that will be available for purchase as well 🙂
RC store owner Missy Rhysing planted many of the plants from last year’s sale at her home and they have come back very strong and hardy this year- many are already thigh-high!
We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you this year. xxAbout Michelle:
Michelle VanderHouwen is an artisan and grower. Witch’s candles, herbal straining cloths, botanical block prints, sacred wood candle holders and besom making kits are just a few of the creations that take their turn on Michelle’s work table. Currently the studio is filled with grow lights and seedlings as Oak and Hawthorn provides all the plant babes for Ritualcravt’s annual plant sale.

Nature has always been Michelle’s church so it is no surprise that all her creations are inspired by her garden and Colorado’s wildlife. The symbolic traditions of her family’s Jewish and Catholic roots held Michelle’s interest, but her spirit never felt at home inside. When she needed comfort or guidance, even as a child, she’d head outside to sit beneath the trees.

A gardener her whole life and a Denver native, she is deeply knowledgeable about gardening in our arid climate and studied Shamanic Herbalism with Darcey Blue. With the heart and soul of a witch, she is no longer planting ‘pretty’. Michelle grows and designs by listening and loving. Her garden is one of giving. It’s purpose is not to please the eye but to honor the Earth, nurture the soil and to help heal her community.
Discover her creations at www.OakandHawthorn.com