Violet Pillows Breast Care Oil. The Cult of Flowers.


Violet Pillows Breast Care Oil is a serum + massage oil made for fibrous breast tissue, PMS and inflamed/sore breasts, self-check care, moving lymph and breast and skin + tissue suppleness.

Violets have long been used as a traditional remedy for breast care in folk medicine. Violets and are a cooling, anti-inflammatory demulcent and have been used to break up lumps and fibrous tissue in the breasts with self-massage. Made with precious oils used to promote skin suppleness and firmness, and for massage care as an excellent ally for your regular self-check for breast lumps and for fibrous breast tissue.

Handcrafted with violet leaf and flowers infused in a blend of apricot kernel, sunflower, evening primrose, and fractionated coconut oils with sweet orange, black frankincense essential oils and rose de mai absolute.
50ml presented in a glass and bamboo bottle with a glass dropper. Use as often as you like.

This remedy is not a replacement for medical care. If you find a lump in your breast, always talk to a doctor.

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