The Witches Cabinet. By Corinne Boyer.


Plant Lore, Sorcery and Folk Tradition.

As well as stories and superstitions, the oral traditions of plant folklore contain spells, recipes, taboos and spirit-attributions, as well as admonitions about the specific magical powers of herbs. A good deal of this lore relates to witchcraft: how a plant might protect one from witches or other users of malefic magic, or how it may have been used for cursing, conjuring spirits, or bringing dreams. The Witch’s Cabinet contains thirteen essays on the witchcraft attributes of plants, discussing how their powers were regarded historically, or used in operations of sorcery. Richly illustrated with the enigmatic drawings of artist Peter K hler, the book also contains an introduction by noted writer on occult herbalism Daniel A. Schulke

Measures approx. 6″ x 9″

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