The Spirit Of Japan. Festivals, Rituals and Everyday Magic. By Sean Michael Wilson.


The Spirit of Japan is an accessible introduction to Japanese spiritual practice, perfect for those who are curious about spirituality or Japanese culture and would like to know more.

Japan is sometimes called a ‘non-religious’ country, but this is only half-true. If we look closer, we find that ‘magic’ is very much a part of life in Japan! Japan is alive with magical festivals, practices and rituals – from marking the liminal time of new year with the burning of last year’s objects… to smiling at the rebirth of the sun and nature in spring festivals of admiring new blossoms… to respecting the dead ancestors via giving them offerings while chasing away demons. Many of these cultural practices are seen as mundane or normal, but they each express something sublime and numinous. Japanese rituals perform a powerful role in helping people deal with nature, time, seasons, aging and death – bringing a bit of everyday magic into everyday lives.

120 pages

Measures 6″ x 8″

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