Ritual Diffuser Blends. By Seagrape.


A magically charged blend of essential oils, flower essences, and hydrosols; these ritual diffuser blends are more than just a beautiful scent. Use these blends to set energetic boundaries, fill your space with sparkly energy before a ritual, and as a daily self-care practice and intention setting.

To use, add a few drops to water in an essential oil diffuser, or add a few drops to a reed diffuser. You can also use a few drops in an offering on an altar or to dress candles. Like any essential oil, please do not use directly on skin.

Loving Boundaries– Respond only to things that make sense, you don’t owe anyone your energy. Value your time and personal boundaries: say no when you need to – call your energy back, fill your own cup first. Self-care is a radical act!

A blend of organic essential oils: black pepper, cedar, blue cypress, yarrow, palo santo, & rosemary. Pink Yarrow flower essence.

Prism Vision– See beyond this dimension and bear witness to the complexity of the worlds. The many faceets that fuel your magic and amplify your vision. Trust the mystery, you are your own medicine and your ancestor’s vision of the future beaming hope! You see through the veil down to the truth, grounded in your own inner vision.

A blend of organic essential oils: mandrin, palo santo, inula, sage, turmeric, laurel leave, & lemon myrtle. Pulsatilla flower essence.

Head Witch- You are rooted and connected above and below. Magic runs through you and you embody abundance and inner connectedness. Stand in your power through the discomfort, guided from within, knowing exactly who you are and what gifts you’re here to share. You are ready for cosmic transformation, backed by your ancestors. Stand in your power.

A blend of organic essential oils: tobacco, fir balsam, treemoss, beeswax, & black sage. Angelica and magenta cholla flower essence.

Starstuff– You are a visionary. Let yourself dream big! Pulling from collective dreams, past lives, and pure ecstasy you are a star being of the universe. You deserve to be here, don’t hide your true nature. You have the vision and magnitude to shine bright and dream your dream in the world!

A blend of organic essential oils: cistus, juniper, mugwort, clary sage, devana, linden, red mandarin, & palmarosa. Pink primrose flower essence.