Living the Signs. Zodiac Workbook. By Britten LaRue.


A collaboration between astrologer Britten LaRue and creative director Angela George, In Case of Emergence creates life-changing tools that are consistently smart, unexpected, and deep in order to nurture your self-healing and liberate your truth. Each and every workbook is a gift to inspire your mind, nourish your heart, and enchant your spirit with ancient symbols for a modern world.

Astrology is a language that helps us talk to ourselves more lovingly, compassionately, and thus effectively. The language of astrology encourages us to awaken and remember what is wondrous, glorious, funny, poignant, and heroic about our human 6 experience. When we Live the Signs, as I like to say, we shake life into all the facets of who we are here to be. We come home to who we are on a spirit level.

12 Zodiac signs available. Please select one zodiac workbook for your order.

130 pages.

Measures approx. 6” x 8”