Lithomancy. By Jon Saint Germain.


For centuries, stones and crystals have been valued for their pretty colours and inherent magical qualities, and certain gifted individuals have employed them for divination. But unlocking the secrets of Lithomancy has been difficult and obscure, often requiring years of research and frustrating trial and error.

In this book, Jon Saint Germain, The Voice of the Crystal Silence League, guides you through every aspect of fortune telling with stones and coins, including how to:

Answer questions with common river rocks
Cast colorful gemstone readings
Divine with the Elder Futhark runes
Tell the future with Witch Stones
Use common coins for character analysis

Lithomancy: Divination and Spellcraft with Stones, Crystals, and Coins teaches you how to select your stones, train them for divination, and use them to read for yourself and others. Beginning with simple two and three stone castings, and working up to multiple-stone layouts, you ll soon gain expertise in this most rewarding method of divination.

96 pages.

Measures approx. 5″ x  7″


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