Goldmining the Shadows. By Pixie Lighthorse.


Goldmining the Shadows is Pixie Lighthorse’s fifth book, and companion to Boundaries & Protection. We all experience hurts, especially early in our lives, that cause us to adapt for protection and emotional survival: that create our unconscious “shadows.” Yet the tendency in our culture is to suppress or ignore pain, which only fuels our shadows’ needs for domination or victimization. In this book, Pixie encourages us to shift perspective, and to see our shadows as frightened inner children, desperate to even out the imbalances of our developmental years.

By becoming intimate with our shadows, we can bring their influence to the level of consciousness. We can integrate our wounds into our conscious experience, and stop living out the repercussions of long-ago actions. Shadow work is an act of liberation—one with the potential to transform our lives and our culture for the better. Pain—both individual pain and collective pain carried for the earth—contains valuable wisdom. With loving compassion and a perspective rooted in deep experience, Lighthorse guides us to recognize and learn from our darkness.

158 Pages

5.5″ x 8.5″


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