Femme Occulte. 7 Seasonal Issues.


“Femme Occulte is created in the astral garden of a group of authors focused on the occult, magick, mysticism, and witchcraft. You will find here some advice for the seeking beginner, but above all chapters for the advanced practitioner who want a new deeper experience.

We write about things above and below, within and without. We deal with energies from the environment of our native Czech basin as well as worldwide magical techniques and systems. We direct the topics of the chapters not only to the sacred feminine but also into the hands of all practitioners who want to achieve full self-knowledge and understanding of the meaning of their existence in the world, who want to develop and move forward in their current sacred practice.”

Autumn 2021 – Inspired by Will, Water, and Autumn season.

The year has slowly moved from hot summer days towards autumn. Evenings are already accompanied by storms announcing the coming harvest time. The Higher Will moves unstoppably through the cycle of life, which, at the height of its growth, tickles the heavens like the finest tips of tea leaves before embarking on its journey into darkness.

Winter 2021 – Inspired by Silence, Earth and Winter season.

this issue will warm you up on quiet winter evenings. To reach the peak and goal of the magical pyramid, all that remains in the ritual is to pass through its last side – the side of Silence, which may seem as dark and distant as the universe beyond the gates of Pluto. But as we read in the astrological chapters, darkness is often the space for new birth or rebirth.

Spring 2022 – Inspired by sense of hearing, the sephiroth Malkuth, music and the Wheel of Cerridwen

Besides opening the door to new themes for 2022, our Garden has also opened its doors to the fresh scents of plants – seedlings who will share their magical practice with us. As the Czech land is where the cultures of many tribes and peoples have met in the past, this year, we will look at Germanic and Celtic magic alongside our stalwart Slavic magic.

Summer 2022 – As is customary, the Summer issue focuses primarily on the element of Fire and its associated correspondences.
This year, the magic of the senses rules our pages. Therefore, the Fire is related to sight, clairvoyance, and mind maps.

Should someone be burned by the flames, the beneficial power of the tree of immortality and rebirth, the apple tree, will come to their aid. More plants with a fiery spark in their bodies will not wait long, and other spirits will visit the hearth. The new illustrative guide will help us to decipher their footprints and broader meaning.

Autumn 2022 – After the fiery summer season, we are entering the waters of autumn through the river flowing from the garden of the occult woman into all worlds. An imaginary boat takes us high into the spheres of three sefirot, Chesed, Geburah, and Tifferet, over which the sun shines and watches the reign of two kings. It also keeps an eye on the adventurous development of the young Prince of Cups. He offers us a taste of the drink of immortality.

Winter 2022

“Welcome to the fourth and final season of the year. Once again, Femme Occulte texts and creations will gladly accompany it. Winter is a time of imaginary ending, transformation, and reflection, which is why most of our chapters conclude their year-long cycle at a natural pace.

This is particularly the case with the three main themes we opened this spring. We climbed the Kabbalistic tree of Sefirot to its crown, made up of the Sefirot Binah, Chokhmah, and Keter. In the wheel of Cerridwen, it became the time for one last transformation, reflection, shadow work, and contemplation, before its early spring restart. In Taoist magic, the last two trigrams, Earth and Fire, will care for us.”


100 pages

B5 (9.9 x 6.9 inch / 25 x 17.5 cm)

FSC certified paper

Digital print

Perfect-bound paperback

Full-colour photography and illustrations


Weight 0.5 lbs

Spring 2022, Summer 2022, Autumn 2021, Winter 2021, Autumn 2022, Winter 2022, Spring 2023


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