Femme Occulte. Seasonal Issues.


“Femme Occulte is created in the astral garden of a group of authors focused on the occult, magick, mysticism, and witchcraft. You will find here some advice for the seeking beginner, but above all chapters for the advanced practitioner who want a new deeper experience.

We write about things above and below, within and without. We deal with energies from the environment of our native Czech basin as well as worldwide magical techniques and systems. We direct the topics of the chapters not only to the sacred feminine but also into the hands of all practitioners who want to achieve full self-knowledge and understanding of the meaning of their existence in the world, who want to develop and move forward in their current sacred practice.”

Issue 1, Spring 2021 – Inspired by Knowledge, Air element, and Spring season.

Knowledge is the motivation and the main driving force of all world-seekers and possibilities beyond material reality. Fascinated by human history and the abilities of the mind, body and soul, we desire to acquire more and more wisdom, which often comes with age through not only intellectual but also essentially experiential cognition. Associated with the element of Air, knowledge becomes the first theme of 2021, the year of the magical pyramid.

Issue 2, Summer 2021 – Inspired by Courage, Fire element, and Summer season.

In the end, based on the research of many correspondence systems, we chose Courage as a side more related and in warm harmony with last year’s summer theme of Fire. Nevertheless – just as Fire and Water intertwined in previous issues and flames of the fire caressed the water surface – Courage and Will will blend slightly this year as well, therefore you can read about Will in several chapters already in this issue.

Issue 3, Autumn 2021 – Inspired by Will, Water, and Autumn season.

The year has slowly moved from hot summer days towards autumn. Evenings are already accompanied by storms announcing the coming harvest time. The Higher Will moves unstoppably through the cycle of life, which, at the height of its growth, tickles the heavens like the finest tips of tea leaves before embarking on its journey into darkness.

Issue 4, Winter 2021 – Inspired by Silence, Earth and Winter season.

this issue will warm you up on quiet winter evenings. To reach the peak and goal of the magical pyramid, all that remains in the ritual is to pass through its last side – the side of Silence, which may seem as dark and distant as the universe beyond the gates of Pluto. But as we read in the astrological chapters, darkness is often the space for new birth or rebirth.


100 pages

B5 (9.9 x 6.9 inch / 25 x 17.5 cm)

FSC certified paper

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Full-colour photography and illustrations