Boundaries & Protection. By Pixie Lighthorse.


“Pixie Lighthorse is a genius at turning complex ideas and language into poetically potent yet straightforward sacred medicine that can be understood and used effectively by just about EVERYONE. That’s one reason why this book is so very important. It addresses the potentially scary concept of boundaries by compassionately taking you step by step through a process of understanding how to create bridges of protection between yourself and others using emotional intelligence, loving- kindness and deep respect.
~ Chris Zydel, Founder Of Creative Juices Arts”

“This book is motivated by love and infused with magic—the magic that comes from understanding the profound laws of nature. It is derived from personal and professional work with boundaries as a self-care practice. It was inspired by powerful conversations, healing shamanic journeys, and adventures in broken relationships.

Lighthorse received her training in western shamanism between 2003-2012. She was born in California, growing up among farms, ranches, animals and wildlife. She studied literature and art at Cal State Northridge and several other higher learning institutions. She is an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Feminine and earth-centered sensibilities are the cornerstones of her work.”

This book is highly recommended as it teaches and informs us on our relationships and the boundaries within those relationships.



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