Tarotscopes | August 2022

TAROTSCOPES | August 2022

By Justin Taylor

Happy August everyone! This August is a little complex in the cosmos, many wins and challenges all at once. We start the month on a more serious note, with Mars conjunct Uranus from the first until the third. This transit makes for unexpected financial or physical fallouts. It would not be shocking to hear of natural disasters or finical blunders at this time. If you like to invest or play the market, maybe take this week off.

With that being said, the weeks to come have a much more playful energy once Venus enters Leo on the eleventh. Venus in Leo makes for love, values and pleasures to become much more lighthearted and dramatic. These themes will continue especially as the Aquarius full moon takes place on the same day. Full moons of course are endings in a particular area of life. With Leo being fun loving and artistic and Aquarius being cerebral and philanthropic this full moon shall make us drop any overthinking and put our own needs first.

On the twenty-third we have the Sun entering Virgo. This is a change of gears from the fun loving and hedonistic sign of Leo, into the stringent world of Virgo. Use this as a time to illuminate and remove anything that may be an unnecessary distraction in your life. Virgo is the season of harvest, taking inventory and applying discretion in a thoughtful manner.

Ultimately the month of August is a dance of what is serious and what is not. Taking things too seriously or not at all, will both have their consequences. Do what feels good, but will also support the future outcomes you are working toward.

The tarot card for the collective this August is The Magician! Start from anywhere, this is the wisdom of the Magician card. Magic and miracles can take place at any moment if we wish. As the first card of the tarot it is a reminder that simply believing something can transpire, is all we need to allow it to do so. To quote the famous writer Roald Dahl “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”



Aries – Seven of Pentacles

This month Aries, acknowledge all the hard work you’ve put into achieving your goals and know rewards are on their way. Especially, if coming out of a time of hardship there maybe fear around the fruition of what you have accomplished thus far. If this is the case, take inventory of all your worries at this moment and try your best to relish them. There is very few stories of those who’ve worked hard without any reward.

Taurus – The Hanged Man

You are at the end of a situation or relationship Taurus. This August, let it go and stop the cycle of behavior which is leaving you stagnate and confused. The act of surrender comes to mind when The Hanged Man comes up. If you’re currently feeling stuck or confused, maybe stop participating in scenarios that lead you to this emotion.

Gemini – Death

Death is one of, if not the most polarizing tarot card in the system. This month Gemini let it go. Such a potent card whatever first comes to mind is most likely what it is you have to surrender. Death in the tarot is not an ending but a new beginning. What is placed upon the altar is then altered. This is how the death tarot works. Whatever isn’t serving you anymore needs to be surrendered and repurposed in your life.

Cancer- Queen of Swords

As hard as change may be for you Cancer, embrace it. The Queen of Swords is the most watery and receptive of the sword cards. When she appears, it is the symbol separation from old patterns and roles that you no longer align with. This is okay, you should always be growing and expanding. Live your life for you, and not to appease anyone else.

Leo – Six of Cups

It is the peak of your season Leo, and the tarot is reflecting that. The Six of Cups is a peaceful and blissful existence. There isn’t much to worry or stress at this time. Enjoy the current comforts of your surroundings. Acknowledge and be grateful for how tough things have been in the past and hold on to what is now. Gratitude is the door in which more prosperity enters.

Virgo -High Priestess

Hold on to your independence Virgo! The High Priestess is a very intuitive and elusive card. When she comes up it is a sign that your intuition is to be supported and honored, listen to it closely. Take note of times when you feel like your independence is being impeded on. Trust your quiet, inner voice and apply it as often as you can.

Libra – Eight of Pentacles

You have planted a seed of what you wish to come to fruition, trust that it will. This card is your sign that you are currently going in a direction that will serve you in the long run. There is no reason for doubt at this time. Do nothing, the seed will grow by itself.

Scorpio – The Hierophant

Understand that reason and structure is what you may need at this moment. Traditionally, the Hierophant is a sign that a spiritual teacher or system may be needed to support you. If you feel like you have spent too much time living aimlessly and simply going through the motions, this may be true. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Take time to get back in touch with your spirit, in a way that feels best to you.

Sagittarius –Seven of Swords

There may be a surplus of doubts around you at this time. The Seven of Swords is nothing more than a symbol of fear and anxiety around a situation. If this rings true for you, work backwards. What is the outcome that is causing distress and what actions can you take to avoid it? Let this message guide you and not allow you to have more fear. You are in charge every step of the way.

Capricorn –Nine of Cups

Naturally achieving or succeeding your goals, this card should be of no surprise Capricorn. The Nine of Cups is symbolic of dreams coming true, and wishes being granted after a long journey. In short, there will be something to celebrate this August. You have worked hard for this success and should enjoy it the upmost possibility.

Aquarius -The Wheel of Fortune

Luck is turning in your favor this August. There is no downside when the Wheel of Fortune presents itself Aquarius. Fortune and luck is all around you at this time, lean into it. You may be feeling a sense of ease in the way things are happening for you. Look inward to see where you are wanting to feel expanded at this time. This will be the window where you can expect the biggest blessings.

Pisces – The Devil

Who is actually holding the chains you feel shackled by Pisces? Ask yourself this. The Devil in the tarot rules restriction and addiction but, ultimately it is us who restrict ourselves. Whatever seems to weigh you down, remind yourself of who you are, and that you can do without it. The devil to fear is in the mind and not a monster waiting for you on the other side.