Tarotscopes | July 2022


By Justin Taylor

Happy July everyone! As you are reading this it is most likely Cancer season, and the astrology for the rest of the month, just gets more and more Cancerian. In essence Cancer season puts an emphasis on emotions, our loved ones and how we nurture what we value. These themes will run throughout the entirety of this month as multiple planets will be entering this sign.

An astrological transit that could be felt very heavily by the collective comes on July 13th through the 14th, which is Venus square Neptune. This transit is an interesting one as it will exacerbate current mindsets or feelings. Neptune rules dreams, the subconscious and hidden emotions. As Neptune will be in Pisces at this time, it can make for a wild ride. Most comparable to a psychedelic trip, you may recognize intrusive thoughts spurring from seemingly nowhere. I would encourage all to engage in self reflection, journaling, or a creative project. When met with this perspective it can turn into something beautiful instead of a tantrum or an abrupt meltdown.

On the 23rd, Leo season begins and things become much more lighthearted and jovial. At this time both the sun and mercury will be be in Leo, making for the perfect time to start a new creative project, network, or put yourself out there. These themes will be even more heightened on the 28th for the Leo new moon.

The month ends with Jupiter stationing retrograde in the sign of Aries, and cycling all the way back into Pisces come October. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck and blessings; so look at the Aries portion of your chart and see where you can tailor and perfect whatever has expanded for you. Unlike other retrogrades, which can be challenging, Jupiter retrograde is more focused on refinement.

The early Summer astrology is always the most invigorating as the astrology is always about value, nurturing and most importantly expression. This July be cool, be kind, and let those close to you know how much you love them.

The card for the collective this month is The Chariot! A perfect card for the collective, as this is the card of Cancer! The Chariot speaks to being victorious through any obstacle and moving through challenges with ease. At this time a clear plan and desire are all you need to navigate any detours that may be in your way.


Aries – Seven of Wands

A very fitting card for the sign of Aries, the Seven of wands is all about defending and protecting. If you are in the process of something and feel unsure, don’t back down stand your ground. Ultimately, this card is about trust. Trust yourself enough to affirm your position no matter what others may think.

Taurus – Seven of Cups

How do we turn dreams into reality? This is what the Seven of Cups is all about, Taurus. The card of irrational ideas and childlike day dreams, can be an invitation to apply logic to make those dreams come true. At this time ruminate and list on how you’d live your dream day or experience. As an Earth sign your ability to materialize this will be fairly simple once you choose to.

Gemini – Eight of Pentacles

Focus on yourself this July Gemini. The Eight of Pentacles signals to being immersed in what you are trying to accomplish. Visualize as if you are planting the seeds now to grow what is you truly want. It is not selfish to perfect and tend to what brings you joy.

Cancer- Nine of Wands

After many challenges in the recent past you are on the precipice for success. Set backs and struggles have not delayed you but have made for an even more meaningful win. Whether it is emotional, material or financial you will succeed no matter the odds. It is YOUR season after all.

Leo – The Hermit

Very anti Leo, the Hermit card is all about navigating your own path and going it alone. After looking closely, you will see that the Hermit is carrying a small lantern, depicting that you are the provider of your light. Knowing this, remember this is true for you as well. Do things that are unique to you, let your light shine and refuse anything that makes you feel small.

Virgo –Nine of Cups

Letting the good times roll is all you have to focus on Virgo. You have worked hard and now are about to reap the rewards. One of the most joyful cards in the tarot, the Nine of Cups is about abundance. Positivity, love and wishes come true are spilling out of your near future. Whatever the success is for you personally, enjoy it to the fullest.

Libra – The Magician

July is a reminder that you can always start anywhere Libra! The magician is the first card of the tarot and the start of a new cycle. If you have been contemplating something new, jump in and start now. The magician does not wait, knowing he can create magic from nothing. The same is true for you.

Scorpio – Knight of Swords

When the Knight of Swords appears, it’s a signifier that nothing will stand in your way when fixated on a particular goal or achievement. This is a great sign if you are considering a new undertaking, but be mindful when only looking ahead that you may miss some details or necessary steps. Simply put, take extra consideration of refinement and details to make sure everything goes smoothly. You’ve got this Scorpio!

Sagittarius –The Moon

Wait for more information. The energy of the Moon Card is that of a magical darkness where everything is illusionary at best. Just as the moon brings light to the night sky, wait for clarity and details to cast out any uncertainty. If you were planning any major changes this month, make sure you know exactly what’s expected before engaging.

Capricorn –The Star

Time to shine Capricorn! This July might be a tad awkward for you as Cancer season opposes your sign, forcing you to show up in ways you are unfamiliar with. The Star card is here to make you remember that its ok to process emotions as they come up, and let yourself be seen. The depiction of the water bearer is symbolic of Aquarius who traditionally avoids emotional conflict. Especially with a full moon in your sign this month, there might be a lot of things to shine light on and bring to the surface. Let it all in and let it all go.

Aquarius -The Emperor

All or nothing this July, Aquarius. The Emperor shows up when we need to work a little bit harder on achieving a certain goal. As a fire card this is usually more actual work not just symbolism. Take real action to get what you need done, otherwise you may miss the opportunity. Keep your eye on the prize.

Pisces – Page of Cups

Open your mind to new ideas, inspiration and follow them through Pisces. The Page of Cups is all about letting inspiration and intuition guide you no matter how seemingly difficult. Already idealistic you should have no problem being guided by an invisible force urging you to create. If single, this card could also be an invitation to be open to the love someone is waiting to give you.


Tarotscopes | June 2022


By Justin Taylor

Happy June everyone! After a very chaotic past two months the sky is calming down for a much more uplifting spring. The first astrological event to take note of happens early this month on June 4th, Saturn retrograding in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, restriction and consequences. So this retrograde will be a personal assessment of how we restrict ourselves and an invitation to rethink our own boundaries.

This event may be more apparent later on in the month when Saturn aspects Venus, making us rethink values and our relationships with budgeting and money.

On June 14th we have a beautiful full moon in the sign of Sagittarius which is uplifting and optimistic. The key word around this lunation would be optimism. As frequently mentioned full moons are all about release, so this could be a great day to assess pessimism and look for happier results.

Lastly, we have a new moon in the sign of Cancer on June 28th. This will bring great harmony to end of this month as a majority of the planets will be in their own sign. Making for a smooth and peaceful ending to the month.

The tarot card for the collective this June is The World. The World card is harmonious and signifies the end of a cycle. It is a harbinger of wholeness and community and happier times to come. After many stressful weeks that have passed us this is a beautiful card to initiate the second half of this year. I hope you all have the most beautiful month.



Aries - Four of Cups

This June Aries, take it slow. The Four of Cups is card associated with apathy and melancholic themes, but ultimately it is an invitation to slow down and listen to yourself. Take note of what currently is not bringing you joy and then find ways to change it. This card illustrates a cup being gifted from the clouds, which is symbolic of the new blessings awaiting you after you get clear on what it is you need.

Taurus -Two of Pentacles

After a heavy eclipse season in your sign you might be in your feels this month as things settle down. The Two of Pentacles is all about the balancing act. Whatever situations you are balancing, you are being called to finally prioritize one thing more than the other. This is not to say drop the ball completely, but rather redirecting yourself into the aspect that is calling for more attention.

Gemini - Justice

The Justice card is perfect for your season Gemini. Ultimately this card is about balance and fairness. Its appearance for you in the month June symbolizes an assessment of your actions. After any conflicts of disputes that have transpired in the recent past you will be rewarded for your good behavior. On the opposite end if you feel as if you might owe someone an apology take this card as a signifier to make amends.

Cancer- Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is already a card that screams Cancer energy. Her appearance for you this month is all about diving into your emotions and letting them empower you to help others or help yourself. Depending on the current circumstances you or a loved one might be in an emotionally heightened space where aid and support are needed. If you have somebody to love give that love today.

Leo - The Star

The Star card is a special one, it is a reminder that we are all we need in this current moment. After what might have been a tough go of things, the cards are reminding you that something to celebrate is near. Whether you want a new career, romantic partner or a new adventure take this as an invitation that all you need is your unique star power, and some courage to make it happen. All the lights are on you.

Virgo -Three of Pentacles

Teamwork and pooling support are what could make the impossible possible for you Virgo. The Three of Pentacles is a reminder that you are not facing any issue alone, but instead are surrounded by a network of support that is willing to help. As an Earth sign you are more likely not to ask for help, but not only will it make things more efficient, it will let those who care show you how much they really do!

Libra - King of Pentacles

Security and abundance are the priority for you this June, Libra. The King of Pentacles speaks to an increase in financial security and generosity. Take this as an omen that the more you have the more comfortable you are being generous with others. Whatever security either literally or financially you have achieved has put you in a position of comfort and ease this month.

Scorpio - Nine of Cups

Such a joyful card, the Nine of Cups is telling you wishes do come true. A card of success and fulfillment, take this moment to be grateful for all you have currently and all the blessings that are still on their way. After many ups and downs in your recent past be joyful that things are coming to a happy resolution.

Sagittarius -Nine of Pentacles

After a period of hard work, the rewards are starting to show up this month Sag! Nine cards in the tarot are all about rewards and success. In this case it is financial and tangible rewards due to laborious activity. So if you have a fitness or monetary goal those achievements will be given! Pat yourself on the back and celebrate all the amazing work you put into this.

Capricorn -Three of Cups 

Gather your friends around this month Capricorn for there is reason to celebrate. The month of June is set to be a very social active month for you according to this card. Take this an invitation to not take things so seriously and actually enjoy life. The Three of Cups is a reminder to spend time with those we love, and to smell the roses while we do it.

Aquarius -Ace of Swords

Already a heavily cerebral sign Aquarius, you’ll find a change of perception will change your trajectory. This card is an indicator of new information coming your way making you able to act accordingly. If you have been a period of rest or not knowing what to do next, this is your break through. Keep an open mind at this time so that inspiration can make itself known.

Pisces - The Lovers

A deepening of relationships could be in store for you this month Pisces. The Lovers card is heavily layered. It can be an indicator of new romantic love, but it is also about the duality and the deeper layers of the relationships we currently have. How are you currently showing up for those you love? How are those you love showing up for you? The duality and the balance of love are called for examination with this card presentness itself.