Tarotscopes | April 2022

TAROTSCOPES | April 2022

By Justin Taylor

Happy April everyone! After what seemed like a tidal wave of stagnate emotion and a very watery Pisces season, fire is back in the sky. The astrological new year has taken place and we find ourselves in Aries’ domain. The incendiary cardinal sign, Aries is all about rushing in not waiting for permission; this will be the theme for the month.

This energy will be very clear on the first of the month during the Aries new moon. This new moon will be the starting point for many of us, where we decide to stop standing idly by and take action in a real way. As new moons typically represent new beginnings in a certain area of life, use this energy to jump start your plans and burn away indecision.

The Aries new moon isn’t the only lunation with this energy, we will experience something similar again on April 16th with a libra full moon. Unlike the new moon, it is less about launching yourself into something new, but more about releasing fear.

Libra notoriously has a reputation for indecision and uncertainty. When met with Aries we will be shown the situations in our life where we need to decide. Let go of the fear and realize a “bad” decision might serve us better than total inaction.

On April 4th Venus enters Pisces! To help balance out all the aggressive tendencies fire signs can stir up in the collective I love to see this transit. Venus is exalted in Pisces, acting its best. This means ease while engaging with interpersonal relations, and flow in all things travel and money.

Towards the end of the month eclipse season begins in the sign of Taurus. On Sunday, April 30th we will have a solar eclipse in Taurus. A supercharged new beginning, which we will see the effects of over the following six months. In the sign of Taurus it will most likely involve finances, possessions and tangible goods. Personally, I think this speaks more for the world at large more so than on an individual level.

The Tarot card for the collective is Judgement! Beyond fitting for this month Judgement brings about a sense of renewal. As we start over the astrological year, reckoning with the past is essential. Let this Aries season allow you to burn away any and all elements that have kept you stuck in your past cycles. The judgement card invites you to look at things for what they are, apply kind eyes to what you see and let it go.



Aries - Page of Wands

As wands are the suit of fire, this card is perfect for you this season, Aries. The Page of Wands wants to take action and initiate something new, but at times may be too impulsive. There is a tendency to not know exactly what outcome it is you are aiming for when this card appears. Evaluate where you can take the initiative but plan ahead for the best outcome.

Taurus - Death

Don’t fear the reaper! The death card is nothing to fear Taurus. Be open to new possibilities as you venture through this April. What do you need to let go of? What changes have you been avoiding? Ask yourself these questions and surrender what is no longer working in your life. The death card only severs when we avoid the change instead of leaning into it. Accustomed to routine I know it may be difficult, but the reward is worth it.

Gemini - The Emperor

Proceed forward this month Gemini. The Emperor is the card most associated with Aries, so seeing it here is quite auspicious. Take this as an invitation to use this Aries season to not hold back and to take action. With your mercurial mind it might be easy to talk yourself out of doing something, but not this month. Allow yourself to act without overthinking.

Cancer- The Hierophant

The Hierophant is here for you this month, Cancer. Symbolizing the embrace for tradition and following suit of what has been done before, you may feel safe here. It might be time to just continue with life as it is when this card appears, but can also be an omen of creating ceremony around daily life. Take full presence into the moment Cancer. Whatever passing thought you have a tendency to worry about, will only rob you of what is happening now.

Leo - Four of Cups

The Four of Cups is not the norm for you Leo. Neither good or bad the Four of Cups speaks to apathy and discontentment. This is a sign you should check in with yourself and see where you have lost vision of what could be. Start a quick list of how you would spend your ideal day and if possible either make it happen, or let it remind you of how you’d like to feel. Things are not always exciting, but your flare will light you up once again.

Virgo - King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the provider, just like you Virgo. When this presents itself it is time to evaluate how to provide for yourself and those around you. What do you want to cement for yourself? What long term goals do you have in place to create what it is you want? Questions like these might be on your mind this month. Allow the Aries fire to light the way as to how.

Libra - Five of Wands

This Aries season might highlight conflicts for you Libra. Known for your passive nature this probably isn’t the news you’d like to hear. The Five of Wands means conflicting interests, these can be either external or internal conflicts. Whichever they may be, know conflict and upset is sometimes necessary to meet the ideal outcome.

Scorpio - Ten of Pentacles

After what seems like an upward battle you will have a win Scorpio! The Ten of pentacles is the card of success. Success is personal and doesn’t always look the same for everyone, but as you read this take note of all victories both big and small you encounter this month. The more we practice gratitude in this way, we expand our belief of what is possible and allow for bigger wins in the future.

Sagittarius - Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is here to strengthen your trust muscle Sagittarius. Naturally optimistic, you know how to look for joyous outcomes. This card is all about putting the work in and not losing faith even if you can’t see the rewards quite yet. Whatever you are currently working toward or looking for is also looking for Sag, don’t lose hope. This card means it’ll happen soon enough.

Capricorn - Six of Cups

A beautiful card to receive, the Six of Cups invites a sense of nostalgia and bliss into your current orbit Capricorn. Take this card as a reminder to connect with something you have been reminiscing about and enjoy it. Phone a friend you havant seen in a while, go to lunch at a restaurant you haven’t frequented in a moment. Reconnect with an old passion or hobby. Take your favorite elements of the past and incorporate them into your current life.

Aquarius - Two of Wands

You are taking advantage of this Aries season Aquarius! The two of wands speaks to planning ahead before fully taking action. Feeling inspired to create change on some level, you are evaluating all your options before making an impulsive choice the way Aries energy invites us to. Know you will be rewarded for this when the actionable step approaches.

Pisces - Nine of Wands

Don’t give up! Pisces this card is here for you as a reminder that success is on the horizon. Times might feel like they are getting tough but your dream is almost a reality. The Nine of Wands is encouragement that not all is lost even when we feel off balance or as if things aren’t working in our favor.