Tarotscopes | March 2022

TAROTSCOPES | March 2022

By Justin Taylor

Happy March everyone! The stars this month are working in our favor to promote growth on both the spiritual and material planes. March starts off strong with Venus and Mars conjunct in the sign of Capricorn. This transit is as if both these planets are holding hands and deciding to do their jobs together. Inspiring us to put our hard work and values to the test to get the results we want. Occurring in the etherial season such as Pisces, it is bringing a grounding element to such a dream like time.

On March 2, 2022 we should all be taking advantage of the New Moon in Pisces. This new moon is such a beautiful and benefic one as Jupiter the planet of luck, blessings and expansion will also be involved. This lunation will be magnifying and intensifying any wishes for self improvement. If you are wanting to up level your health, finances, relationships this is your time to get started. As we know a new moon is a new beginning, but with the amplification of Jupiter its as if we can erase and start fresh in a major way.

Toward the end of this month we have Venus conjunct Saturn on March 28th. This transit is not as encouraging as Venus conjunct Mars. Whenever Saturnian influence is in play expect delayed gratification and a need for self reflection. With Venus, we can assume a reality check around what is we are passionate about and why. Be open to getting realistic around current dreams and goals you have.

Lastly we will also be having a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo on March 18th. This full moon represents an ending and a cutting away of details we may be caught up in. If you have found yourself to be caught up in the minutia of an issue and not seeing the big picture, this is your wake up call. This full moon is asking you to let the small petty things go and collectively look at the ways you want to better yourself.

The tarot card for the collective this month is the Four of Wands! Echoing back to the astrology this month this card is all about harmony and creating balance. The Four of Wands is the card building the framework for our manifestation to come through. It signifies celebrations and collaborations ahead to make your dream a reality. This March shift your awareness back to where you want to grow on a personal level.



Aries - Seven of Cups

Typically quite decisive and straight forward, you may feel out of sorts this month Aries. The Seven of Cups presents a sense of daydream and whimsy into your world, which Pisces season may very well be exacerbating. Try to gain focus back on what it is you are actually wanting and don’t get too lost in the clouds of what could be. It is worth mentioning to allow yourself to dream, but don’t forget your strength is taking action.

Taurus - King of Cups

This March is bringing you into a very emotional space Taurus. The King of Cups wants you to think with the heart and project what you are feeling into your physical world. Allow all emotions both pleasant and unpleasant to wash over you. Classically grounded and pragmatic, loosen up and tap into your inner voice. This is a time to feel.

Gemini - Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is turning in your favor Gemini. What feels expansive to you? What areas of life do you wish felt more abundant? Whatever comes up for you when thinking about these questions is a good starting point. When this card shows up know luck is on your side. Either take your luck into your own hands and pursue what you want, or simply see what comes through. Something big is on the horizon.

Cancer- The Hanged Man

Stagnation and confusion might be the norm for you right now Cancer. The Hanged Man is a very neutral card, it presents a stuck point. While facing this be patient with yourself. It may be time to start a list of pros and cons of whatever life event is halting you. Knowing what you want is at least a starting point to create momentum.

Leo - Page of Swords

The mercurial nature of this card is one to behold Leo. The Page of Swords invites in a need to have your voice heard. Seeking collaboration with others, weighing out ideas and even debate could be themes for you. Allow your curiosity to flow freely and mingle. Take what you learn and apply it to your life in a meaningful way.

Virgo - Ace of Wands

Take action! The Ace of wands is the spark to get you started Virgo. You might feel the pings of wanting change or to start something new growing stronger. Trust yourself, don’t sit back on the sidelines, get in the game! Instead of analyzing in what could go wrong, motivate yourself by thinking of what can go right.

Libra - Ace of Pentacles

Getting serious about your financial or material circumstances could be a theme for you this month Libra. The Ace of Pentacles is an opportunity in this area of life to achieve something new. You may even find yourself entering into a new job or receiving a bonus. In whatever way growth around physical possessions enters your life, have gratitude for what is now to make space for its arrival.

Scorpio - King of Pentacles

You might be entering a state of realizing your long term goals Scorpio. The King of Pentacles is very much the archetype of the father, the business man. When this presents itself it is time to evaluate how to provide for yourself and those around you. What do you want to cement for yourself? What legacy do you wish to leave behind? Ponder this and get serious about how you can work toward it.

Sagittarius - Page of Cups

Your love of learning and self expansion are leading you to a more heart centered approach Sag. The Page is an invitation to feel inspired and open with how you are feeling. If artistically inclined, you might feel the muses dancing around you at this time, urging you to create. If this doesn’t resonate remember we all have the ability to create. Some create art, others create a myriad of outlets that allow for authentic expression.
How do you pour out your heart?

Capricorn - The High Priestess

Nurturing those close to you, or a quieting of the mind to fully immerse yourself may be ideal outlets Capricorn. The High Priestess is a very loaded card, but generally speaking its about caretaking. Maybe after a prolonged period of maintaining busy schedules and poor work life balance you are being called back into interpersonal relationships. Are there any people who you may need to check up on, reconnect with or nurture with your time? Spend time with those you love.

Aquarius - Temperance

When the angel of Temperance appears it is time to be still. Aquarius, this March enjoy the stillness of the moment. Sometimes the beauty of the present moment can be lost in your idealistic view of the future. Practice patience with all things. Restore balance in your month by not rushing or moving sporadically.

Pisces - Nine of Pentacles

What a great card to receive in your season Pisces! The Nine of Pentacles is the card of achievement and security. As this card is in the suit of pentacles it is speaking to success in material forms. After a lofty upward battle to achieve some type of success you will be rewarded. If looking for a new place to live or a new job opportunity this card could point to a very happy ending.