Ritualcravt Santa Muerte Devotional Incense.


Handcrafted in-house by our very own witches.

Ritualcravt Santa Muerte Devotional Incense. Formulated by Loretta Ledesma (@thedeathwitch), one of our house witches and 20+ year devotee of Santa Muerte. Use this devotional incense to honor or work with Santa Muerte in all of her aspects and forms.

We recommend taking a pinch of this incense and burning it on a charcoal disk, adding more when desired.

Ingredients: black copal, copal oro, rose petals, patchouli, yerba santa, deer’s tongue herb, star anise, patchouli essential oil, and essence of marigold. Charged on Santa Muerte’s Altar.

You will receive one full ounce of incense in a sealed black envelope.

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