Ritualcravt Lilith Devotional Incense.


Ritualcravt Lilith Devotional Incense. Made by our beloved house witches Brittany Drinnon (@overgrown_nightshade) & Zach Horton (@zachxhorton) who are both devotees of Lilith. Use this devotional incense to honor or work with Lilith in all of her aspects and forms. “The tree of knowledge in lore is believed to be a species of Datura; with this particular one I really wanted to honor Lilith by including each ingredient respectfully as an offering. The many layers of Lilith are rooted in the story of creation; although Lilith also represents the refusal to be submissive to man. Hail the night witch!”

Ingredients: Dragon’s blood resin, frankincense, myrrh, mugwort, cloves, rose petals, apple, red wine, tonka bean, cocoa essential oil, & datura flower essence. Charged with python ribs.

You will receive one full ounce of incense in a sealed black envelope.

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