Resurrection Fern. Jericho Rose. Rebirthing Spell.


Resurrection Ferns, otherwise known as Jericho Rose, have long been used in rebirthing spellwork. Each fern starts off brown, dry, and curled into itself. Place your fern in a shallow dish of water, and it will unfurl and open into a beautiful forest green plant. Traditionally these unique plants are used at a time when a new beginning is in order, on the New Moon, or when a “rebirth” is sought.

Put the fern in a shallow dish of water. Change water daily for up to a week, or until your Work is done. Remove from the water and let your fern close back up. Reuse when you need another new beginning. We have actually had customers come into our storefront and tell us they have had their fern passed down to them over several generations! A beautiful gift or addition to your spell craft.

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