NOCTEX. Crop Wrap Tee – Grey.


Unique little t-shirt that hugs the waist with a loop style. Features a flowy back panel.

First Model wears a size XS with a 24-25″ waist, 33″ Bust, 34″ Hip.
(Size Small was fit to an average of a 27″ waist, 34″ Bust, 36″ Hip)
Second Model wears a size Large with a 36″ waist, 42″ Bust, 46″ Hip


NOCTEX harmonizes between organic and man-made structure. Multi-wearable, unisex and shape shifting layers are the backbone to creating subtle diversity, as each garment takes it’s truest form when in motion with the wearer. Rooted in Deadstock textiles and produced in our hometown of Vancouver, Canada, NOCTEX embodies the global citizen who values form, utility and ethical design. Over 90% of NOCTEX garments are proudly made from Deadstock textiles.”