Limpias (Spiritual Cleansings) For the New Year. January 19, 2020 12-5pm.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

No appointment Necessary
Donations Appreciated

In order to be open to receive we must first let go of all the holds us back.

Leading up to and for a couple of weeks after the start of the New Year, it’s common practice in
many traditions to cleanse our environments and ourselves by doing and/or receiving limpias or
spiritual cleansings. The intention is to release thoughts and feelings of worry, regret, fear or
doubt- remove mal puesto (bad luck), mal ojo (evil eye) or envidia ( envy/jealousy) or shift
energy from the previous year so that we can move forward into the new year free from
energetic heaviness..
After a new year’s limpia, it’s important to continue to the next step! We now can set new
intentions, call in prosperity, health and happiness and even reignite the fires of creativity. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is with a candle that has been fixed with herbs, oils and intention. The burning of the candle puts everything in motion and brings energy to our intention slighting the way for the new year to come in strong.

On January 19th, 2020, from 12pm to 5pm Lisa Martinez and Samuel Nez will be offering limpias
as practiced in traditions of curanderismo. They will be utilizing a variety of options including
eggs, flowers, herbs and copal. There will be no appointment necessary, you can walk into the
large classroom and they will be there ready to assist you in preparing for the new year.
After your limpia you can purchase a New Year novena candle fixed with intention by the
wonderful house witches at Ritualcravt.