English Rabbit Pelt. Ethically Sourced. 2 Variations.


English rabbit pelt that we source directly from the U.K. We understand that many people would like to use pelts in their practice or crafts, but are unwilling to support factory farms, fur farms, and other unethical sources for pelts. These have been sourced from two small free-range, cage free food-producing rabbit farms only. Both farms are inspected twice yearly by the renowned organization English Rabbit Fur to ensure ethical handling, free-range homes both indoors and outdoors, and healthy happy animals. This is the most ethical source we can find and are happy to bring these here to the U.S.

Measures approximately

18-20″ X 10-11″, size varies naturally. Reverse has been tanned. Choose from grey brown or grey white.

U.S. Buyers Only Please.

We have several pelts on hand and will select one for you from our current stock. We choose pieces based upon quality and consistency. Colors vary naturally.

Note: All of the items in our “FAMILIARS” section are obtained as ethically and/or sustainably as possible. See each listing for a description of how each item was obtained.