CRAVT Pop-Up. Elegance in Method.

Saturday, September 04, 2021

CRAVT Pop-Up is hosted at Ritualcravt, to bring exposure and attention to artists and craftspeople.  These Pop-Ups will showcase an individual maker in our storefront with their products, goods, art, and jewelry for a one day event! We will house local and non-local artists monthly. 🙂
Come by anytime September 4, 2021, 11-6pm to meet the maker/s who will have a generous selection of their work available for purchase. No tickets necessary.

This Pop-Up will be featuring Elegance in Method {@elegance_in_method on ig}!

“Her work is also strongly influenced by Nature and the language of the universe, mathematics. These themes are not a direct visual association but are relayed through metaphor. A main theme in Tracey’s work is the use of animals as metaphor and representation of different archetypes through each species’ specific characteristics and behaviors and exploring what that offers the human realm.”

{if you are interested in vending at one of our pop-ups, go to our website and scroll to the bottom of our homepage, then click “Be a CRAVT Market Vendor” for more details.}