Clymene Moth Necklace. By Arcana Obscura.


“Haploa Clymene is a North American species in the tiger moth subfamily. When its wings are closed, their patterns align to create the image of a petrine cross in black against a white background.

I hand-sculpted this pendant in soft wax and had it cast in solid sterling silver that I have partially oxidized to enhance and darken the wing pattern. Partial oxidation is achieved by hand painting the areas to be darkened, then gently heating the piece (which catalyzes the oxidation process) and finally polishing by hand the unoxidized areas in order to enhance contrast.
In order to maintain the dark finish, please avoid polishing or bathing/swimming with this piece.

Necklace hangs on a patterned oval sterling silver chain.”

Moth measures 1 1/8″ long by 3/4″ at its widest point. 18″ chain.

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