Author Talk With Mathias. Nordic Animism: Rethink Your Relationship With The World.

Join us for an Author Talk with Mathias Nordvig, Friday June 4, 2021 at 7pm!

No tickets necessary!

Animism is a way of thinking about the world. As an animist, you build relationships with the land, plants, and animals. In Northern Europe, this way of thinking about the world was never fully exterminated by Christianity and industrialization. In fact, when Scandinavia began to modernize in the 19th century, we also doubled down on the last remaining cultural elements of animism in our world, making laws to protect ancient mounds, sacred rocks, trees, and natural features, even entire landscapes. This is what translates to a distinct Nordic type of environmentalism today. Nordic animism can be used by anyone to establish relationships with their world. The Nordic tradition, often called Nordic or Norse paganism, Asatru, or heathenry, is well-established through mythology, folklore, and a vast body of research by scholars and enthusiasts alike. By working with Nordic animism you can rethink your relationship with the world and other humans through an accessible and open tradition that has been with us for at least 2,000 years.

Dr. Mathias Nordvig has a PhD in Nordic mythology from Aarhus University in Denmark. He was born in Denmark and lived part of his childhood in Greenland. He has also lived and studied in Iceland. He is the director of Nordic studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder where he has taught subjects on Nordic mythology, Vikings, Scandinavian folklore, witchcraft, and magic, and Arctic cultures since 2015. He was raised as a heathen and has been a practitioner of Nordic heathenry (Asatru) all his life. In 2020, he published the book “Asatru for Beginners: A Modern Heathen’s Guide to the Ancient Northern Way.”



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