7th Annual Spring Plant Sale with Oak and Hawthorn. May 21st & 22nd, 2022.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Join us for our highly coveted 7th Annual Spring Plant Sale with Michelle of Oak and Hawthorn! Michelle has been growing medicinal, rare, magical and baneful herbs and plant babies for our sought- after plant sale since we opened. This year, in order to provide you with even more plants, Michelle will be joined by fellow growers Marla Alexander of @RootsMedicineGarden and Stephen @field_and_table. We are so excited to offer this again this year! We plan to facilitate the sale in our new back parking lot to give us lots of space to spread out.

RC store owner Missy Rhysing has personally been growing Michelle’s plants at her home for the last few years with much success. There will be lots of plant babes to go around, but the poisonous plants and goth ornamental flowers tend to go first! Sale will begin May 21st at 10am until 6pm, and the next day from 11am to 6pm. Please bring your own baskets and boxes. Check out @oakandhawthorn on instagram for previews of the plants Michelle will be bringing for this year’s spring sale.

Michelle VanderHouwen is the owner of Oak and Hawthorn, provides the plant babies for Ritualcravt’s annual plant sale and curates the RitualCravt School subscription BlackBoxes. Throughout her years, Michelle has studied art as a window into Spirit and the psyche, and Nature has been her church. Michelle believes that our hands are magnificent communicators. When we let them dig, sculpt, draw, scrape, tie and sew, we are sending messages to and from Heart Center. Our hands, full of sensation but devoid of reasoning, can create pure, honest prayer. In Michelle’s classes she teaches, with a variety of tools, different ways of accessing Spirit using our hands and hearts. Her goal is to help us all access the knowing we had at birth. Michelle is deeply knowledgeable about the spiritual wisdom of nature, studied Shamanic Herbalism with Darcey Blue, and walks with the soul of a Witch. oakandhawthorn.com