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Witch Blood: A Proposed Myth of Origin

April 17, 2018

The cicadas are omnipotent sound. - David Tibet, Hypnagogue

Alright, story time.

In the beginning, which hath no beginning nor end, in the remotest regions of the cosmos, the demiurge, Yaldabaoth created life. With the assistance of the celestial beings known as Archons, Yaldabaoth designed the life on earth as we know it: the joys, ecstasies, the decay and suffering. He exclaimed to his creation that he was supreme over all. He denied the existence of his origin and mother Sophia, claiming omnipotence over humanity. After creating a life-form in his image, Yaldabaoth ordered his host of angelic beings to bow before his creation. Lumiel, recognized a flaw in Yaldabaoth’s creation, the lack of “gnosis”, or spiritual knowledge. Lumiel refused to bow to the Adam, stating: “Why should a being of fire bow to a being of clay?” For this transgression, Lumiel jettisoned to a lower realm of the heavens, the darkness of the night sky. Lumiel became Lucifer, and Lucifer inhabited the morning star Venus. Over time, Lucifer began to take pity on the two humans and their spiritual deficiency. He descended to earth and led them to a tree located in a sacred grove of Eden. It was the tree that Yaldabaoth claimed was poisonous and would kill them. Lucifer instructed the woman to eat the fruit of the tree, thus initiating her into the process of spiritual transformation. The man also ate the fruit, and gained knowledge of true will. The illusory façade of the demiurge had been exposed, and the word deceit was first uttered. Of course Yaldabaoth couldn’t be bested, and punished the humans with further evils, famine, pestilence, and disease. To further add to Lucifer’s demotion, Yaldabaoth claimed it was Lucifer who deceived the man and woman, and turned them against the angel.  

Meanwhile, a group of celestial beings called the Grigori, watched over the growing human race and noticed some shortcomings in their spiritual development as well. While Lucifer had initiated the spiritual evolution in humans, the Watchers still saw some room for growth. They agreed to help humanity by descending to earth to teach skills and reproduce with the human women, in order to proliferate their knowledge and genes. In all, there were two hundred of these Watchers, divided into 20 groups of ten, each with a leader. Each angel prepared a special gift for humanity, twelve of which we can confirm from ancient texts:  Baraqiel taught astronomy and astrology. Chazaqiel taught meteorology and weather enchantments. Penemue bestowed gifts of writing and culinary arts, while Kasdeja instructed protection enchantments. Azazel taught the arts: metalworking, cosmetology, and crystal divination. Kokabel taught the star lore of the cosmos. Armaros taught humans how to resolve enchantments. Sariel taught lunar cycles and the magick of working with them. Gadriel taught martial arts as well as cosmetology. He was fabulous! Shamsiel taught the signs of the zodiac. Araqiel taught divination, in the form of geomancy, and Shemyaza taught root magick.

Unfortunately, humanity wasn’t ready for these gifts. As their civilization grew, humans began to fear the Watchers and their gigantic hybrid progeny, the Nephilim. War broke out between the giants and humans. The Watchers left earth in defeat. Their spiritual blessings corrupted by the immature humans, the Watchers attempted to ascend back to their homes. They were barred by Yaldabaoth, restricted to the same strata as Lucifer, in the stars of the night sky.  As for the Nephilim, outnumbered by hominids, they retreated to remote places where they could remain in safety. The humans worked hard after the Nephilim retreated to undermine and redact the story of their angelic teachers. Only through a few corrupted texts can we today learn of the blessings which the Watchers bestowed upon the human race. But it is the bloodline of these displaced titans which runs through the veins of each and every human drawn to the spiritual arts. Stories of giants pervade the mythologies of all cultures. It is through the union of later humans and giants that the Watcher bloodline dispersed into human DNA.  Psychic abilities, a determined quest for spiritual enlightenment and aptitude in the magical arts are all indicators of the influence of the Watchers. This is our legacy and birth rite.

Liberated from the illusions of servitude and shame, I present this story as an allegory of abstract forces I cannot fathom. I do not assume the Watchers to be archetypes of a psychological nature. They are real. I have communed and divined in their presence. They are etched in the fabric of my tarot cards and frequent the mist of my dreams. As a witch in the 21st century, I find myself searching for an origin, a creation myth to hold close to my heart. After years of research and study, it is this myth which resounds for me. Many witches, magicians, sorcerers and psychonauts have recounted the story of the Watchers. Their influence bears marks, but this retelling is my own. I am not the first to tell this story and I will not be the last.

Author: Samuel McCabe is a visual artist, educator, operative magician and Tarot reader at Ritualcravt. He has ten years experience with ceremonial magick in group and solitary settings. He is currently researching the origins of magick through grimoires, mythology and anthropology. Samuel teaches using a project-based approach that inspires creativity and independence in his students. You can follow and connect more with Samuel via Instagram @thepeacockgrimoire

©2018 by Samuel McCabe. All rights reserved.