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Time is Not Thee Enemy

April 3, 2018

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

So what do you get from magick? How does it improve your life? When can I expect results from a magical working? These are some of the many questions that people ask me during any given week. All of them are valid questions, and I believe at some point, all magical practitioners should ask themselves some serious questions regarding their practice. From time to time, a magician should evaluate their progress toward spiritual attainment and if the progress is really getting them closer to enlightenment, or not.  It’s one thing to buy a green candle and put a coin underneath it, and another thing to organize your finances and set the intention to save money for that vacation. While the latter may seem like just the responsible adult thing to do, there’s always room for magick in any mundane-world endeavor. As for that green candle, if that’s the extent of magick you plan to do, you’re only skimming the surface of magick, and the return on that candle is likely to help you find a dollar in the parking lot.

Magick works on a subtle level, and it’s an investment of time, energy, and resources. That’s not to say it isn’t potent. The results of magical operations do have the potential to yield astonishing results, but if all we’re looking for is love, money, and ritual thrills, what are we truly gaining? The word “Lashtal” comes to mind. Aleister Crowley dissected the meaning in Liber Reguli, but the most succinct definition can be found in The Book of the Law: “For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.” — AL 1:44.

Lashtal is honoring our true will, by doing the work of improving our personal lives, without the lust of result. This means living in the present. We honor our true will when we accept responsibility for our choices. No one can make us doing anything against our will. We have the power to change our lives by being present in every moment. Mindfulness is a state where the opportunity of possibility is truly activated. Our senses are alert, and we are open to what the multiverse is presenting us. Each and every action, thought and word we speak becomes an intentional manifestation of our true will. Yes, I am willing this apple into my shopping cart, and later experiencing each juicy bite. But isn’t it a waste of time to labor over every step in sustaining the health of our bodies? Honestly, what could be more important?

We don’t have time for magick. We have daily responsibilities like families, partners and careers, and these things should have the priority we give them. However, we work way too long for the little we make and on top of that we have screens. The prevalence of screens and the things they distract us from is deceitful. How many beautiful moments on this planet have we wasted mouth-breathing the fungus of consumer culture.

Let’s look at our precious gift of Time. In ritual, Time is critical in determining favorable astrological moments for performing magical workings. Time is needed in preparation of sigils and tools, the reading of books, and in recording information into our magical diaries. Time is necessary for macerating herbs in alcohol for tinctures, and for incubating our desires into manifestation. We must devote time for magick. We do this through time management, and we can start with punctuality. The argument that time is a relative, human construct may be your excuse for being late for work, social meetings, or *gasp* group ritual meetings, but Time is the currency of opportunity. Being on-time for life through time management is a sign of a dependable person. Punctuality builds trust between people. Good time management creates time for our spiritual growth. The old, New Age joke about “pagan time”, is just that- old. The first time I heard this joke was while working the register at a metaphysical store, after having told two tarot clients that their reader was running late. Let’s all abandon this joke just like we’re divorcing the patriarchy. We owe it to the people who depend on us as magical practitioners.

Time management may sound like keeping a tight schedule and relying on a planner to dictate your life. That’s a pretty extreme method. Perhaps another method would be to experience each moment and its physical and emotional sensations as an opportunity to learn patience or acceptance. When we are mindful, we internalize time. Have you ever noticed those instances when you know the exact time before checking your watch? Call it intuition, but I would argue that this is an example of internalizing time and being present in the moment. Punctuality is a byproduct of mindfulness. When you’re mindful of time, you are prepared and responsible for your true will. Opportunities are more likely to present themselves as results of your spiritual practice, because you’re present, centered and grounded. You will find that you feel less rushed and have more time for magick, your loves and your life. Who could argue with having more time for that?

Love is the law, love under will.

Author: Samuel McCabe is a visual artist, educator, operative magician and Tarot reader at Ritualcravt. He has ten years experience with ceremonial magick in group and solitary settings. He is currently researching the origins of magick through grimoires, mythology and anthropology. Samuel teaches using a project-based approach that inspires creativity and independence in his students. You can follow and connect more with Samuel via Instagram @thepeacockgrimoire

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